‘A Lyric a Day’ by Luke Beard

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  1. Awesome work, and a great concept. For me, the hardest part about self-initiated projects is giving yourself a direction and something to focus on. This seems like a good method of solving that problem, and I love the high volume of output too.

  2. I think of poster ideas all the time that are based on song lyrics. There’s something about the beat, or the message that just really screams “You need to draw this!” But I never get around to it, haha. Maybe I could set a goal of doing one a month instead of one a day, haha. Definitely inspirational to see these kinds of projects though.

  3. I really love Luke’s style here, its amazing. I want to take that approach for one of my next pieces.

    I really love this idea. I’m doing something similar to Luke’s after reading the Smashing Magazine post of ‘design something everyday’ w/ cd covers http://newdough.tumblr.com/ if interested

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