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  1. Haha. As the guy’s username says he didn’t (doesn’t) matter, so it’s all good. You keep kicking ass, James and let the haters hate. You keep on creating awesome work and he?…Exactly, he disappeared into oblivion. So who is a one trick pony now ;-)


  2. Right on James. Negative people like that just try to pull good people down in the muck with them. They are toxic. I wonder where that guy is today? Guess it really doesn’t matter…

  3. I’m so glad you’ve kept on creating! Following your work for a few years now I’m still amazed and inspired by everything you do.

    I bet this guy was also one of those who believed the Internet would never make it. Short-sighted and no eye for beauty and the little details.

  4. Thanks gang. To clarify, I didn’t post this as some sort of self-fulfilling vengeance or to do any poo-slinging. Designers deal with this sort of senseless negativity constantly and 9 times out of 10 it’s from an anonymous source with zero opportunity for rebuttal or clarification. Just the way the internet is. I posted this as encouragement to those who might have their evening ruined by this kind of thing. Gotta dust off your shoulders and keep moving.

  5. Hey James,

    The way I read the comments in not in terms of the observed (you) but rather the observer. He/she is really voiceing their own fears of self, and they view their own judgement (the likeing of your work) as invalid and temporary. Such a person has a long road of self-doubt ahead, let hope five years later they are still likeing your work. Keep those Pans Flashing and thanks for the inspiration. -Rod

  6. I think all creatives constantly face these negative obstacles through out our lives. Success in our profession’s is measured by our creative skills, imagination and resilience.

    When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer “An Artist.”, was often met with cynicism and adversity from my classmates and even teachers. I’ve always know, as most creatives do, that this was the only path for me. It’s that voice inside that can’t be silenced. You can’t let the opinions of others get in the way of that inherit need to sketch, draw and make ridiculous projects come to fruition.

    Art is a lonely process, creatives live inside our heads more than most and when freelancing on your own it can become quite daunting to stay inspired. Especially with constant opposing opinions and negativity from outside sources. At the end of the day it’s up to us to take criticism or critiques and use what we can to our advantage. It’s good to see you turn this negativity into inspiration.

    Hold fast Sir James. Keep making art and slaying dragons.


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