Sherlock Illustration

Sherlock by James White

Sherlock by James White

Sherlock by James White

Sherlock by James White

And if I were to ever do a print of this… it would be so I can go on the hunt for a big, tacky gold frame.

Sherlock by James White

After watching the second season of SHERLOCK (and almost immediately re-watching the first season) I decided a portrait of the title character was in order. So here he is, as portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch.

I’ve gotten into the habit of documenting my process a bit as I go, and posting the works-in-progress on my Instagram. It makes me analyze my process and gives my audience a glimpse into what the heck I’m up to. A keen eye will notice slight alterations and fixes as I move forward. Seen above are my rough pencils, inks, then the final colour in Photoshop. Real happy with how this one turned out, getting more confident swinging my brush pens around… that sentence sounded better in my head.

But here’s a weird bit… the final colours were actually aided by the ‘Mayfair’ Instagram filter. I don’t normally add filters to my work, but this one looked far superior.

Watch my Instagram for more of this action. Trying to sharpen my drawing skills, and having way too much fun doing so.






3 responses to “Sherlock Illustration”

  1. Barely Original Avatar
    Barely Original

    Amazing work, buddy! Those textures are frickin delicious!

  2. Maggie Avatar

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sell prints of this!!!!

  3. Erin Avatar

    Saw you at FITC Toronto. Very inspiring and love your work. This is super awesome!! You must see season 3, if you haven’t already.


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