80’s Transformers Box Art

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  1. Excellent stuff. I am sure I have a Transformers sticker book cover somewhere with that great painted style. I think it was from the film/movie. I have the film on Blu-Ray and it really benefits from the improved colour palette.
    I love this era, you get some amazing covers to aid the imagination. Like the Capcom SideArms cover/arcade side art.

  2. I knew you’d be all over that one PJ, the race car ones were always favorites of mine. Chris, that sticker book is a perfect example of why the 80’s rocked. Miss those things.

  3. The leaping 80s cougar brings back memories – what was it called? Lockdown??? OK, I was a little girl so I only suffered through transformers because She-Ra was on right after. I appreciate so much of the detail now though (and I still love She-Ra, um hello cartoon that needs a hollywood film remake???)

  4. Oh yeah, I remember those. Is it the same artist who did the cover art for the comics? Does anyone know that?

    Well, cool as always Metalhead!
    See you buddy!


  5. I cry a little inside whenever my kids get the new stuff; no die-cast metal, poor quality plastic crap. Thankfully they’re blissfully ignorant of what they missed out on.

  6. Riley the leaping cougar in question was named ‘Ravage’. Dan the artist behind these awesome paintings is Jeffrey Mangiat, he also worked on G.I. Joe, Gobots, and a bunch of other great stuff back then.

  7. The artwork for the back of the box in 1984 was done by me, David Schleinkofer. I was given the battle scene to paint while fellow artist , Jeff Mangiat was given the singles to do for the front of the boxes.

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