Image mode: 8-bit to 16-bit

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  1. Fascinating! Thanks so much for posting this, man! I always try to work in 16 bit when I’m working on photos, but like you, I never realized that it would help with gradients too. Word up.

  2. Ive noticed that several features stop working at higher “bit levels” (CS3). Namely features in the filter menu like lens flare. Just something to watch out for.

  3. That’s odd. A true photoshopmaster like yourself didn’t knew that??

    I’m a newbie and I knew it from day one. Everytime you start a new document you can choose between 8/16/32 bit.

    BUT, I have to admit that sometimes when I want to use a certain effect, it doesn’t work in 16 bit or higher. Which is one thing ADOBE should work on. Really annoying.

    Anyway…keep up the very good work!! (In 16 bit. :P)

  4. Daniel, I first started learning Photoshop in college at version 2 and I don’t think bit modes were in existence at the time, or the instructor neglected to teach us about it. That being the case, I just continued on with my normal processes throughout the years as this situation never arose before :) Always nice to learn a new element that can change your workflow, even if it is something that has been around for a while.

  5. Excellent tip. I’m sure this will come in very handy. BTW, I love the site and your work. I’ve been visiting now for a few months. Thanks for the inspiration and great work.

  6. Sweet! I had this problem just the other day and it was driving me crazy. Thanks for the tip, James!

    Daniel, I didn’t know that 16 bit had that effect either…it’s just not something the professors ever mentioned when I was in school (a bit more recently than James).

  7. I knew that already but thanks anyway.

    But I had a strange problem a few days ago, I had those chunky gradients in 16 bits, then I went back to 8 bit and it was gone. Lol strange.

  8. Thanx, I tried this but it didn’t smooth out all my gradients. The gradient with dark greys is still very chunky, nothing changed. Why could it be? Maybe a bad monitor? I have Samsung SyncMaster T200

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