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Here we go, part 2 of The Chronicle Herald post that went up yesterday.

The spine of this entire Herald project was the sprawling landscape illustration where all of the colours, elements, motifs and textures are brought together into a form that represents Atlantic Canada. The concept came straight from Sam at Revolve and was something I was real excited about right out of the gate. It needed to be easily recognizable, fun and unique. Given our proximity to the ocean, I knew there was no better element to represent our part of Canada. I wanted waves, flow, a real “liquid landscape”.

After I got the colours and form in place, it was then a matter of populating our invented landscape with people, animals, trees, buildings, vehicles and whatever else to represent our part of the country along with the sections of the newspaper. I pulled a bunch of those out to show you in the images above.

Lots of hours planted into this thing, real proud of the final product. This wasn’t about me, or my portfolio, or making it “cool” … rather this represents the east coast of Canada which has been my home for most of my life. Certain amount of pride comes along with creating something for us Atlantic Canadians.

If you look at the Herald website and their branding materials you can see bits and pieces of this illustration sprinkled in there, but I’m not sure if this was ever used to it’s fullest capacity. Aw well, one of those things.






9 responses to “The Chronicle Herald: Full illustration”

  1. hirs Avatar

    like allways – awsome!

  2. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    That would make an awesome mural

  3. Dave Behm Avatar

    Very nice! Flows together well!

  4. luca wist Avatar
    luca wist

    great as always james!

  5. Matthew Avatar

    Nice! If I remember, they use it with some prominence on their Facebook page, on the landing page and sidebar.

  6. Cameron Avatar

    Wow James this is Brilliant…You never cease to Amaze and it’s almost like there is no style of design that you can’t do…Every project, idea, and smallest detail is planned out in your work and the final product truly shows…Great Work…

    I would love to see a short ‘Process Video’ on this one just to get a more in depth look at your ideas.

    Keep the Great Designs Coming!

  7. Dave Avatar

    I’ll echo the sentiments here… this is good work! It almost has a retro-futuristic or Utopian quality to it. The scope of your design talent never ceases to amaze me… inspiring.

  8. nod Avatar

    love it, gotta have that on poster!

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