72 Eindelijk Dynamo: reprise

72 Eindelijk Dynamo repriseLast night I saw down at my computer with the intention of exploring a few of the design themes from my previous work, while incorporating the typical elements that have showed up in my work for the past few months. The art always takes on a life of it’s own as I proceed due to my organic process of letting the elements bounce off of one another when different effects are added.

This new one, entitled 72 Eindelijk Dynamo reprise was supposed to be an extension of the previous piece until it veered off in an unexpected abstract avenue. I have always enjoyed certain pieces of abstract art (the complicated kind, not the lazy) and have been reading up on some abstract painters from the early and mid 1900s, like Mondrian, Rothko, Braque and a few of the Russian Futurist guys. This led me to experiment more with shapes rather then physical elements.






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