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  1. Hi James, I’ve heard about your works on Kanye’s blog and on that DT magazine, being a designer myself I’d like to thank you because you’re becoming a great source of inspiration for myself. I was wondering, did you ever reveal some of your techniques somewhere on the net? I’ve also read about that Forge program that you did, is it available somewhere?

    Best regards

  2. Hi Max, thanks a lot for the note. I’ve haven’t done any tutorials simply because I don’t have the time to do them, but I have been interested in writing a bit more on technique. Hopefully soon I can write something more on this. Forge is just a little program I built in Flash to help me generate random shape assortments on the fly. It’s very simple and crude (and even crashes Macs, I’ve heard) but it helps me out a lot.

  3. Please excuse me James while I let out a girlish squeel as result of this post (plus I am a girl so I can do so). Eeeek!!!!

    Ok I have composed myself now. I am so happy for you. Computer Arts is my own personal bible and I have been following your blog and work for a while. So I am very pleased to see that more people (graphic designers , web designers and fans of the digital arts alike) are becoming exposed to your work. And you authentically seem like a down to earth kind of guy so it’s great to see decent hardworking dudes like yourself get recognized.

    The other thing that I am exhilarated about is the addition of new works to the store. I have been patiently waiting to place my order so this is great that their will be new pieces. If I could I would purchase for myself and friends. But buying Computer Arts mags has left me quite poor.

  4. PKayne, thanks so much for the kind comments, I very much appreciate it. I follow Computer Arts pretty closely as well, and I get really excited when I see fellow designers I’m familiar with get published. Do you read IDn at all? It’s another one of my favorite design mags.

    As for prints, there are now four new ones to choose from :)

  5. Hey James. Actually I was turned on to IDN last year and now I have get that, Hi Fructose and Comp Arts anytime I head to Chapters. I may be in web design but they are a great source of inspiration and information. And they are helping me work up my courage as I am now trying my own experimental artistic creations after years of not doing any new artwork.

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