5 Hours of Power: Recorded versions

• I'm pretty sure this is how Nick Campbell's broadcast went down.

Yesterday’s Five Hours of Power live event far surpassed all of my expectations with some great discussions and huge turnouts to see these guys in action. Justin Maller kicked things off at 2pm EST with Transmission II where he offered some great insight into his work, process, and the business side of things. Great broadcast with some great advice.

We then bounced over to Nick Campbell with his GSG Live Cast where he had a focus on design and design-related topics. Nick’s broadcasts are always great, well-spoken guy with very practical knowledge and advice in various fields which surely helps others in the creative community. Unfortunately we don’t have a recorded version of his broadcast, but the above image is a pretty accurate depiction of how Nick’s discussion went down. Helicopters and all. :)

Following Nick, it was my turn to kick off Signalnoise Broadcast 18. I didn’t have any specific topic so we had our typical Q and A period where I discussed t-shirts, my workflow, early design jobs and my favorite things about design in general.

The fourth hour brought us Fabio Sasso and his first live Abduzeedo Broadcast. It was wonderful to get so much insight into how Fabio started and runs his blog, the events leading to its conception, and the mechanics of how he keeps it fresh. He’s an ambitious guy and his broadcast is really inspiring, especially for those looking to start their own blog or design-related website.

And finally, at 9pm EST the crew at DesignChat finished off the 5 Hours of Power with a wonderful interview with Erin Loechner, freelance design blogger and editor of Design for Mankind. Erin offered up some wonderful advice about making it in the industry, how she did it, and how to use your confidence to achieve your goals. The talk isn’t online quite yet, but you can see all of the DesignChat discussions on iTunes.

In conclusion, I was floored by the amount of online support the creative community gave to this event. I’m a big fan of everyone who took part in the 5 Hours of Power and it was wonderful to catch so much inspiration and advice straight from these guys. I think we clocked an average of 400 viewers for each broadcast, peaking at about 550 at one point. It really felt like we had out own little television network made for designers like us, and that’s really cool. Thanks so much to the 4 guys who took part and made this thing happen and thanks to all of you who tuned in.

Will there be another event like this? Well, we all agreed it would be a lot of fun to do this again. Don’t change that channel, kids.






9 responses to “5 Hours of Power: Recorded versions”

  1. Ryan McGovern Avatar

    I’m super proud of what we all did yesterday. It didn’t occur to me until this morning (when I was bragging about it to my co-worker) how much of an international experience it was. Not only were participants from all over the globe, but we had Justin from Australia, James is Canadian, Fabio is from frickin’ Brazil, and then 2 jamokes from Chicago. How crazy is that?
    I think it really shows the scope of what we are participating in here, and what is to come. Imagine this experience 5 years in the future!

  2. BRA$E Avatar

    Yesterday was extremely inspirational and was a tremendous experience for everyone participating. I am glad I watched 4 of the 5 hours, or actually listened while working of course.

    It was exciting to have been a part of this and would like to see it grow and continue in the future. This is a great contribution to the creative industry and has inspired me to become more of a contributor in this wonderful sharing experience.


  3. Max Tarkhov Avatar

    haha, nice one on nicks video. was really really interesting to watch all you guys speaking, thanks a lot

  4. Tom Miatke Avatar

    Great presentation from all of you’s!! Really quite inspiring :)
    I really think that Fabio looks like James Franco, just with more crazy hair and semi-beard but I see some of Franco in there haha

  5. james Avatar

    Thanks for all of the kind words and reviews, everyone. This little event went off far greater then I ever anticipated, with a high level of viewers on really short notice. Absolutely thrilling. Just puts us one step closer to having our own designer television network.

  6. Brandon Houlihan Avatar

    James thanks for putting together all five of the videos. When this was live I was only able to listen to the last half of your broadcast and most of Fabio’s, so I appreciate being able to come here and watch all the broadcast in full.

    This was an awesome event. Damn, the online design community is tight!

  7. Tom Avatar

    There’s something you put up recently that’s making Chrome mark your site as malicious.

  8. Miguel Angel Gonzalez Canas Avatar

    inspiration for all! thank you!

  9. Miguel Angel Gonzalez Canas Avatar

    under the laws of SOPA… would Fabio get sued or shot down cause he said… “can you hear me now”?

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