5 Hours of Power, live broadcasts!

Today will be quite a special day when it comes to live broadcasts. After seeing Nick Campbell deliver his GSG Live Cast last year I thought it was such a wonderful idea for viewers and readers I decided to start my own Signalnoise Broadcast, which is now weekly. The live discussion format offers a wonderful, real connection to those who are interested in art and design and can provide some nice advice for those getting into the industry.

And now for the 5 Hours of Power! Not only are Nick and I going to be holding our own weekly broadcasts, but our good pals Justin Maller, Fabio Sasso and the Design Chat crew will all be broadcasting as well. We managed to combine all of these discussions into a schedule to provide a good 5 hours of industry talk. Here is the schedule:

• 2pm EST: Justin MallerTransmissionTune in
• 3pm EST: Nick CampbellGSG Live CastTune in
• 4pm EST: James WhiteSignalnoise BroadcastTune in
• 5pm EST: Fabio SassoAbduzeedo Broadcast Tune in
• 9pm EST: Design Chat with Ryan McGovernTune in

I’m a big fan of these other three guys, so I’m super excited to kick back and watch them sequentially live. The best way to follow the happenings would probably be via Twitter, which I linked to each individual in the schedule above. And since this is such short notice, if you could offer a tweet or a blog post to get the word out that would be very much appreciated. Hope to see you there!






5 responses to “5 Hours of Power, live broadcasts!”

  1. Brandon Avatar

    I shall be there. Love that font btw. Serif Gothic ftw.

  2. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    Well looks like this afternoon is a wash ha ha.

  3. james Avatar

    Brandon, I just bought it a few days ago. I can’t stop staring at it, love those slick serifs.

    Mat, we just bombed productivity.

  4. Brian Oz Avatar

    Bummer all of us with 9-5s are left out. Do this again on a sunday or something. Please!

  5. Colin Oakes Avatar

    This is going to be a great afternoon distraction!

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