35 and still screamin’

35 years ago today my parents welcomed a new member into their little posse, and his name was … me!






17 responses to “35 and still screamin’”

  1. Simon H. Avatar

    Happy easter!

  2. John Avatar

    Happy Birthday James!

  3. Dave Behm Avatar

    Like a fine wine, we are getting better with age!

  4. Suman Saurabh Avatar

    happy birthday james !!

  5. Franz Jeitz Avatar

    I thought your name was James, not me… Happy Birthday!

  6. Joey Bergeron Avatar
    Joey Bergeron

    Happy Birthday Bro!!!!

  7. DAN_O_SAUR Avatar

    DUDE! Thanks for spreading your madness (and metal) all over this amazing community! Me and my family wish you all the best and pure berzerkness to your “new-member-of-the-posse” day ;-)

    See you soon buddy

  8. Ryan Edison Avatar
    Ryan Edison

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Banjo Mahoney Avatar
    Banjo Mahoney

    Happy Birthday!!! It’s my birthday, too!

  10. Joshua L Harris Avatar

    Happy Birthday James!
    And Thank You for sharing your many and astounding talents with all of us!

  11. Daniel Avatar

    Happy Birthday James ;)

  12. Szabolcs Gergely (szabiakanich) Avatar

    Happy birthday, James! Here’s to many many more! Have a great day. \m/

  13. George Lazaris Avatar

    Hey James, Happy Birthday and all the best! See you at Montreal Meets 2!

  14. Brad Durham Avatar
    Brad Durham

    Happy Birthday!

    Also, am I the only one who sees a phallus here? :p

  15. Kevin Stanton Avatar
    Kevin Stanton

    Another year of AMAZING design, inspiration, & honesty. Hope there’s at least 35 more still to come. sir!!!

  16. Fed Lang Avatar

    Happy happy belated birthday!

  17. Linda Nisbett Avatar
    Linda Nisbett

    Happy Belated Birthday :)

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