2013: A New Signalnoise

2013: A New Signalnoise

I’m back in the Signalnoise HQ after a fantastic holiday visiting parents and doing some general loafing. I always look forward to this time of year not only because of the gifts and great food, but because it gives me a time to sit back, reflect, ponder and assess what the heck I’m doing. More importantly, HOW I’m doing it. With a new year comes change and I took that bull by the horns.

I hit some serious snags last year with my company, the largest of which was my online presence and communications. For a while now I’ve felt very cluttered and scattered, a direct result of having too many online thingys that I was trying to maintain, update, laugh at, scoff at, freshen up, comment back, etc. In short, I’ve had enough. So I set up the laptop on my parents’ kitchen table and began shutting stuff down. Ditched some online services, unsubscribed from newsletters and feeds, shut down some social media options and unfriended about 50 people from Facebook. No mercy! Cleaned house.

But the biggest heap I needed to straighten out was Signalnoise itself. My website. It was feeling a bit bulky with a lack of focus. Somehow it wasn’t representing what I needed it to represent. It needed to be streamlined so I put in some serious hours over here.

So what you’re looking at is the new Signalnoise. At a glance it will look pretty similar in tone to the previous, but this is a completely new framework. I shuffled things around and brought a few items right to the forefront: Upcoming Talks and the Signalnoise Newsletter. Both of these areas will have significant use in 2013 as I amp up my communication and live appearances. There will also be more focused and related blasts through social media.

And all of this will revolve around getting my work out there. Gum Cards and movie posters will be amping up very soon and this new system will be playing directly into all those projects, keeping me in closer touch with those who are interested.

Fitter. Happier. More productive. Happy 2013 everyone. Let’s light this thing up.

PS. The mobile version of the site is still a bit weird. Cut me some slack, I’m new to this “responsive” jazz all the kids are talkin’ about.






19 responses to “2013: A New Signalnoise”

  1. Tom Miatke Avatar

    Looking good James!! Very clean design, even though the previous one was, this one is a bit more modern and stylish! Nice! :)

  2. Anthony Avatar

    The site looks great. Keep up the great work can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2013.

  3. Leukocyt Avatar

    Good change my good man. Cleaning up and focusing my online presence as well. All the best in 2013 James.

  4. Martin Staněk Avatar

    Nice and clean. Only the logo seem a bit too small in contrast to the type. For example the balance of logo and type in portfolio seems better to me… Not criticizing here, but since I like your logo, I would give it more space :)

  5. James Avatar

    Really appreciate the feedback everyone. I’m still tinkering with things, especially the mobile version which is completely new to me. You might see some stuff shifting around over the next few days as I sort it out.

  6. Take in Pixels Avatar

    Brilliant, love the new clean layout very user friendly.

  7. PJ Avatar

    Looks good.

    Have you still kept your Behance (and just done away with the social aspect of it)?

  8. Kyle Ische Avatar

    It looks awesome James! Love the minimalism! and the little “back to top” button in the corner! nice touch!!

  9. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Man, I totally understand. I feel the same about my online presence, especially my website. Good on ya for taking the time to build out a new framework! Seems like it’s both a code framework and a mental framework!

    I certainly noticed the different feel, tweaked layout, and more focused presentation. I never felt that the old version was unfocused, but your changes make sense after reading your thoughts.

    I hope 2013 proves to be your best year thus far, James! As always, thanks for taking us all along for the ride.

  10. Troy Lehman Avatar
    Troy Lehman

    Very slick. Amazing how just a little refinement can have such a fresh appeal.

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2013!

  11. Shelby White Avatar

    Clean! Well done man. Really liking it.

  12. Daniel Avatar

    Hay James:

    NICE, update! This kind of change is good. I like the “Beam me up!” tab in the lower right.


    Keep it up, man!

    ps. “Each headmaster has brought something new to this… historical school. But progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged. Let us preserve what must be preserved and prune practices that ought to be…prohibited! – Dolores Umbridge

  13. James Avatar

    Once again, thanks for the feedback everyone. Really appreciate it. I’m still going through the tweaking process, and probably will be for the next few weeks. The issues truly show while in use, so we’ll see.

  14. Derrick Lightcsy Avatar
    Derrick Lightcsy

    The picture definitely represents you are taking your design seriously for 13 and beyond. One of the handful of sites I frequent. keep producing awesome content.

  15. Andrey Avatar

    wow, look so slick James! I like the smooth rollover effect on the menu, so awesome! I’m glad you left the link to”Old broadcast page”, I love it!

    2013… I feel like tweaking me website as well, it feels so empty and silent right now.. hehehe

  16. Phantomkay Avatar

    Every now and then you have to clean out your house, and throw out the junk you’re not using. I really like the new clean site. Simple is the new simple…haha

    Stay Soulful,


  17. PJ Avatar

    Something I noticed just now; it’s a little difficult to go through past content. Yeah there’s a searchbar which is great, but if I know that X blog post is from July 2012 etc. it used to be a click away.

    Not sure if it’s an issue for others but something I noticed anyways.

  18. James Avatar

    PJ, hit the Archives button in the top menu. Everything you need.

  19. PJ Avatar

    Excellent, exactly what I was after :)

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