2010: The New Decade

2010: The New Decade by James White

Well, 2009 will be drawing to a close this evening in a flurry of fireworks and noisemakers, making way for the start of our brand new decade.

This is inevitably the time of year I think back on the events that happened over the past 12 months, what those events brought about and what they may lead to. Since I started this blog back in 2007 it is a wonderful way of looking back on a personal level to see what new artists I discovered, new pals I made and new collaborations that may happen.

But on a larger scale, I’ve been reflecting back over the past decade. At this moment in 1999 I was in Montreal visiting my friend Lisa and geared up for the big Y2K meltdown. I was listening to a lot of Rob Zombie and Radiohead, still flipping out over Fight Club and working my way as a fledgling designer through the web boom. I visited K10k and Designiskinky everyday, watched what new Flash experiments Joshua Davis was up to, all the while struggling to make a cool website for ‘this Signalnoise thing’ I had going. Man, good times.

I struggled this year to come up with an idea for the year-end wrap up post on Signalnoise, but because of lack of time and focus over the holidays it proved to be a bit difficult. However, here are three main items I would like to include on this last day of the decade:

Tuts+ 2010 poster by James White

1. Tuts+ Commemorative 2010 Poster
I was asked by the kind folks over at the Tuts+ Network to design an original poster and wallpaper for their big holiday giveaway that has been happening over the last 11 days. Well, tomorrow is the 12th and final day when they will be announcing and showing off the new Signalnoise poster I created for them. They will be giving away 10 copies so be sure to check it out tomorrow morning.

2. Signalnoise Crystal tutorial
Over the next week or so I will be creating a tutorial for the above poster, showing how I created that crystal. I’ve been wanting to provide you readers with more little tutorials over the past while, something I will be making more time to for in the new year. So stay tuned for that one.

3. You guys!
It wouldn’t be a year-end post if I didn’t give a huge shout-out to everyone who has been following and reading Signalnoise. Whether you hit my blog, follow me on Twitter, say hello on Facebook, highfive via Flickr . . . where ever you are, I wanted to send a huge thanks for the support you have given me and the blog over the last year. I only hope I can match your enthusiasm with posts on inspiration, process and other fun stuff. You all rock, thanks so much.

Have a happy and safe 2010!







12 responses to “2010: The New Decade”

  1. Matt Morgan Avatar

    You have a happy New Year too James. I’m really glad that I met you and put your face with the cool artwork I’ve seen all around the net. I’m so happy to see you growing as an artist and seeing your work getting really appreciated. Keep up the awesome work, I know you won’t dissapoint.


  2. daniel Avatar

    You’re really an inspirative artist and i am glad to have discovered your excellent work all along 2008 and 2009. I wish you a happy 2010 James.

  3. Matt Avatar

    Best wishes for this new year again James, keep up the amazing work you’re doing. It’s always a pleasure to check your website, join you on a live chat or browse your shop to find the next poster I’ll hang on my walls!

  4. Viktor Avatar

    Best wishes for this new year ;)

  5. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Ditto to the above comments, and thanks for keeping the blog fresh, informative and inspirational, James! It’s great to have resources like this site to visit and gain inspiration from, plus it’s cool to see commonalities amongst designers around the world, which is what your posts (along with the comments) provide.

  6. Luke Desroches Avatar

    All the best to you too James! I only just discovered your blog this month, but I am looking forward to all the new pieces of artwork and blog posts to come in the new year.

  7. Loose Newton Avatar
    Loose Newton

    It’s PAST not passed.

    See you on the beach, cool guy!

  8. Alex Canning Avatar

    Happy New Year James! I discovered your work early this year and have been absolutely hooked. The work I do isn’t even in the same league as yours but nevertheless you’ve been a big inspiration and have really made my think differently about things and introduced me to some cracking art. Here’s to a successful 2010 for Signalnoise!

  9. Cameron Avatar

    Happy New year man! Looking forward to seeing what you have in stock for us over the new year.

    Just want to give a quick thanks for all the inspiration you have provided us with, i wouldn’t be where i am today if it wasn’t for you!

    Cheers and speak to you later dude, have a good one!

  10. Mike Avatar

    Happy New Year James! The poster looks great!

  11. Richie Avatar

    U are an awesome artist, James and a great source for inspiration. You’ve no idea how eagerly I’m waiting to see the tutorials.

    thanks a lot!

  12. Joshua Davis Avatar

    Happy New Year James !!!

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