‘2 Hours of Power’ recorded versions

If you were unable to tune into the “2 Hours of Power” live broadcasts yesterday, here are the recorded versions of both Signalnoise Broadcast 7 and the GSG Live Cast.

The 2 Hours of Power kicked off with Signalnoise Broadcast 7 where I discussed some process items, Photoshop techniques, video games, industry stuff and other topics. Then my pal Nick Campbell, the Greyscalegorilla took over with the GSG Live Cast where he discussed some personal processes, inspirational advice, industry stuff and many more helpful topics.

Doing these broadcasts and touching base with the online creative community is always a good time, but it was even better being part of a small line-up of live content. Feels like my group of online friends got a bit bigger yesterday. As always, mad thanks to Nick for rockin’ the Power.






2 responses to “‘2 Hours of Power’ recorded versions”

  1. Michael Avatar

    I always imagined you speaking with a strong European accent.

    Still, I’m glad you put these up. I wish I could have tuned in while it was live, seemed like a lot of fun.

  2. Deiby Avatar

    I really enjoyed watching both. Thanks again for posting the recordings!

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