100 Hours of Astronomy event poster

100 Hours of Astronomy by James White

Here is my poster design promoting the 100 Hours of Astronomy worldwide event happening in April, put on by the International Year of Astronomy 2009. After creating my New Years graphic in early January featuring the organization, I was asked if I would be interested in creating a poster for this global event.

Here is a bit of information outlining the event and its’ purpose:

The 100 Hours of Astronomy Cornerstone Project is a worldwide event consisting of a wide range of public outreach activities, live science center, research observatory webcasts and sidewalk astronomy events.One of the key goals of 100 Hours of Astronomy is to have as many people as possible look through a telescope as Galileo did for the first time 400 years ago. 100 Hours of Astronomy will take place from 2-5 April when the Moon goes from first quarter to gibbous, good phases for early evening observing. Saturn will be the other highlight of early evening observing events.

Space is the place, so be sure to get out your telescopes. For more information on what is happening in your area, check out the 100 Hours of Astronomy website.






14 responses to “100 Hours of Astronomy event poster”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    It looks awesome James, I love it! Did you come up with the logo as well? I just love the look and feel of the whole piece. It feels very fun, youthful and mysterious. All perfect emotions for the event you created this for.

    Great job!

  2. Jared Guay Avatar

    Even though this poster was done as a commissioned illustration, I think I like it most out of all your work. It really leads your eye to look at the subtle details like the trees in the lower left. Keep it up!

  3. bjzaba Avatar

    Beautiful work. Shame about the logo, though.

  4. Doug Avatar

    I wish it encompassed some of the detail of your pasta retro cosmic work. But you’re the artist, and this is just one guy’s opinion.

  5. Mr Carlsen Avatar
    Mr Carlsen

    This is awesome, James. You got to post a tutorial someday to show how you make one of your pieces. I like the one you brought in Computer Arts really much.

    Thank you for a wonderful site.

  6. james Avatar

    Andrew, thanks! No, I was provided the logo from the IYA. I would assume they had all of the branding complete for the years’ events long before 2009.

    Jared, I appreciate the kind words, man :)

    Mr Carlsen, I plan on making more posts in the future outlining some of my processes and techniques, the trick is really to find the time to write them up. Hopefully soon.

  7. Jim Avatar

    Damn, James this sucks more than The Network

  8. Jonny Avatar

    Jim, just because you have NO talent doesn’t mean you can post rude comments on someones PERSONAL site.

  9. Simon Page Avatar

    Would of loved to of seen a nice flared digital clock of stars.

    The bottom of the clock and the deep blues around it are awesome though.

    Don’t mean to be pushy but any idea when Legacy 2600 will be available again?

    All Best

  10. Daniel Avatar

    This is just really awsome. I can see some same technique-styles just like the one you wrote a tutorial of, which was also done by Abduzeedo.

    Nice nice work!

  11. Daniel Carvalho Avatar

    Nice poster dude. The colours are terrific and so are the details. Has a very nice feel and mood to it. I actually think the logo looks pretty good in that context.

  12. ralph fisker Avatar
    ralph fisker

    Reminds me of the lemony snicket’s unfortunate events dvd cover typeface.
    Is it the same?

  13. james Avatar

    Simon, I will be offering Legacy 2600 again very soon. I am currently planning an order from the printer to replenish my stock, and Legacy is included. I’ll be sure to announce when it’s available.

    Ralph, I’m not sure. The logo was supplied to me from the IYA2009 team so I’m unsure about it’s inspirations :)

  14. Jay Avatar

    Did you choose 2:54 because of 2 – 5 April?

    Pardon me if that’s plainly obvious. I’m new here.

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