Onstage at OFFF Cincy

Signalnoise speaking

In order to reach our goals in the upside-down world of graphic design, you need to be a rogue. A misfit. A renegade. James White from the Signalnoise Studio has based his career on doing things outside of the ordinary, turning his back on boardrooms and creative briefs in order to chase his design dreams with vengeance and rock n’ roll. He will be telling his story while discussing personal projects built from love and ambition in his small home office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. These led to him working with respected people all over the world, from his favourite metal band to film juggernaut Kevin Smith. James will talk about chasing your creative path, building your personal body of work, the value of supporting friends, and never forgetting the artist inside.

If you are an instructor or student interested in arranging a Signalnoise Talk at your school or the organizer of a design event or conference, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will go anywhere that will have me! Want to bring me to speak in your area? Lets talk!

Upcoming Talks

05.21.15 FrontEnd St. Petersburg FL
05.28.15 OFFF Barcelona Barcelona
08.05.15 Design & Content Vancouver BC
09.10.15 Circles Grapevine TX

Past Talks

04.12.15 FITC Toronto Toronto ON
11.07.14 ConvergeFL Jacksonville FL
10.22.14 Collide Halifax NS
10.10.14 ConvergeRVA Richmond VA
10.07.14 Adobe MAX Los Angeles CA
09.30.14 UXFest Boston MA
09.08.14 CAMP Festival Calgary AB
09.01.14 Reasons to be Creative Brighton UK
08.22.14 Made By Few Little Rock AR
07.24.14 OFFF Cincinnati Cincinnati OH
05.31.14 The Meat Aberdeen, Scotland
05.01.14 Converge SE Columbia SC
04.27.14 FITC Toronto Toronto ON
04.09.14 One Spark Jacksonville FL
11.22.13 AIGA South Carolina Charleston SC
11.21.13 AIGA South Carolina Columbia SC
10.23.13 HPX Digital Halifax NS
10.18.13 Phoenix Design Week Phoenix AZ
10.05.13 We Love Graphic Design Aarhus, Denmark
10.03.13 Reaktor Helsinki, Finland
09.12.13 ConvergeFL Jacksonville FL
09.05.13 Blend Conference Charlotte NC
07.11.13 Design Madison: MakeSh!t Madison WI
06.06.13 OFFF Barcelona 2013 Barcelona
05.27.13 Montreal Meets 3 Montreal QC
05.05.13 Adobe MAX Los Angeles CA
05.04.13 Made by Few Little Rock AR
04.28.13 Creative South Columbus GA
04.25.13 Converge SE Columbia SC
04.21.13 FITC Toronto Toronto ON
04.07.13 Adobe ADIM13 Boulder CO
02.17.13 FITC Amsterdam Amsterdam
02.12.13 We Made This Toronto ON
02.09.13 Graphika Manila Philippines
11.17.12 FITC Vancouver Vancouver BC
11.15.12 AIGA Portland Portland OR
10.16.12 HPX Digital Halifax NS
06.08.12 WMCFest 3 Cleveland OH
04.23.12 FITC Toronto 2012 Toronto ON
04.07.12 Montreal Meets 2 Montreal QC
10.05.11 AAF Lincoln Lincoln NE
09.22.11 GDC Atlantic Halifax NS
09.10.11 Flash on the Beach Brighton UK
06.09.11 OFFF Barcelona 2011 Barcelona, Spain
05.02.11 FITC Toronto 2011 Toronto ON
01.25.11 Montreal Meets Montreal QC
04.25.10 FITC Toronto 2010 Toronto ON