The Signalnoise Tumblr

The Signalnoise Tumblr

One of the frequent questions I get asked is “Where do you get inspiration from?”. That’s a pretty daunting inquiry, far too big to answer in a few minutes as there’s no one specific place an artist goes to every single time. Books, movies, comics, cartoons, music… all over the place.

I decided about a month ago to start collecting images in an attempt to build a big Signalnoise moodboard. A resource that would always be available to me when I wanted cool stuff to look at, and would also keep me on the hunt for new rad stuff I wanted to save. I figured Tumblr was a great way of doing this. So here we go, The Signalnoise Tumblr.

Flipping through that thing you should get a very heavy dose of the Signalnoise vibe. Every image I save on that thing is there for a very specific reason, whether it’s cool type, a wicked lighting effect or wild colours. I don’t save just anything related to the 80s, only the stuff that nails it. I’ll continue to keep this Tumblr heavily curated to keep the mood focused.

So if you’re on Tumblr, feel free to follow The Signalnoise Tumblr. Get ready for some sexy, neon action.

Happy Canada Day 2013

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day from Signalnoise!

The MTV tshirt line that wasn’t

MTV shirt design by James White

MTV shirt design by James White

MTV shirt design by James White

MTV tshirt by James White

MTV shirt design by James White

MTV shirt design by James White

MTV shirt design by James White

MTV shirt design by James White

MTV shirt design by James White

MTV shirt design by James White

MTV shirt design by James White

Much to my surprise at the time, around 5 years ago I was contacted by MTV and asked to develop a line of cool tshirts that played on design motifs from the 60s through to the 90s. A number of shirts representing each decade. Obviously I was wildly excited and dove into developing some visuals, seen above. Everything you see here is still in the conceptual phase, nowhere near complete. Never showed these before.

The project ended up skidding to a halt and ultimately cancelled, which was unfortunate as I was having a great time exploring these styles. One of those cool jobs that got away, y’know? I look back fondly on this work as it was one of my first big Signalnoise client jobs and really forced me to into a number of different styles all at once. Very challenging. But it’s kinda bittersweet. I wish I’d gotten this call NOW as I know I could handle the work much easier, and develop designs and concepts that I wasn’t capable of 5 years ago.

Maybe MTV and I will give this another shot someday. Who knows?

Signalnoise poster for Creative Control

Signalnoise for Creative Control

Creative Control logo

Creative Control process

This was a fun one. Signalnoise and Mystery Box teamed-up with Opening Doors over in the UK to develop the first limited edition poster for their Creative Control initiative. We even designed the logo for them, seen above. A great bunch to work with, they let me do whatever I wanted so we settled on a nice cosmic setting and got to it.

I got the opportunity with this poster to explore a style I hadn’t done in quite some time, utilizing some fun and bold line work. I then mixed in a bit of the current illustration style I’m doing with some brushwork and geometric form on the ship. Fun stuff, man. I added some of my process shots above as it took me a little bit to settle on the layout. At one point the ship was a chunk of amethyst whipping through space.

A big thanks to my friends at Opening Doors for rolling the dice on me!

Illustrations for Canon Canada

Canon Canada

Canon Canada

Canon Canada

If you have been following my Instagram or Twitter for any length of time, you might have seen a slew of illustrations I pumped out back in February. The short story is that I created these out of frustration after a failed attempt to break into the movie poster world. When I’m backed into a corner, I lash out with new work.

Well, in the midst of creating those illustrations I got a call from Canon Canada who saw them and wanted to hire me to develop some camera illustrations in celebration of their 40th anniversary. Just another example of personal work leading to some rad client work. We had a really short timeline, but nose to the grind I banged out these fun designs which eventually ended up on some promo t-shirts for the event.

A big thanks to Canon Canada for rolling the dice on me!

The Great Discontent


I was blown away when a couple of the internet’s top brass reached out to do an interview session. Super proud to announce that I’m this week’s feature on my favourite designer interview site out there, The Great Discontent. I sat down (or Skype’d) with Ryan and Tina and we got to the bottom of all kinds of dirt.

This feature also kicked my ass to get some official and high-quality photos taken, all professional and stuff. I enlisted the help of my talented friend Krista Comeau to make me look all 80s, and she made this scumbag look like a million bucks. Just look at that lighting! Thank-you Krista!

So, take a break from your Photoshops and go have a read on The Great Discontent. A huge thanks to Ryan and Tina for the awesome chat!

Kurt and I

Kurt Russell

Greg Gorman

• Greg Gorman (holding Kurt’s wine), Kurt Russell and me

• Kurt, myself and Adobe Senior Creative Director Russell Brown!

• Kurt, myself and Adobe Senior Creative Director Russell Brown!

THE THING poster

• Kurt signed my poster!

In a super-taxing effort to not completely geek-out, last night I had the pleasure of hanging out in Hollywood with Kurt Russell and a bunch of other amazing people. We all had dinner, got to try his new wine, hear some hilarious stories, and got some shots of him holding THE THING poster I designed. Said he loved it.

R.J. MacReady holding my poster! What the hell?! Still can’t believe this happened to some kid from Dartmouth.

A huge thanks to my pal Russell Brown for instigating such an awesome night, and new pal (and photo titan) Greg Gorman for hosting. I’ll never forget this.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Omega Force

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - Omega Force

With tomorrow’s release of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, I’m proud to unleash my latest art for Dean and all my pals at UbiSoft. Since we focused on protagonist Rex Colt for the previous art, we all wanted to do something with the bad guys. And who better than the Omega Force?

UbiSoft really cut me loose on this one, letting me do basically whatever I wanted. Scan lines, pink wireframes, lightning, LED glows… man, everything I love. I even managed to sneak in a silhouette of Outpost #31, the base in my favorite horror movie THE THING. Don’t even think my dudes at Ubi caught that one. Heh heh.

Be sure to watch for the release of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon tomorrow! Can’t wait!