TARDIS, Darkseid and Mega Man

TARDIS illustration by James White

Darkseid illustration by James White

Mega Man illustration by James White

Darkseid illustration by James White

My illustration and the original pencils by Jack Kirby.

Mega Man illustration by James White

My illustration and the original game graphics.

More and more and more illustrations. Seen here are 3 more completed over the last few days: the TARDIS from Doctor Who, Superman’s nemesis Darkseid and video game star Mega Man. A motley crew of subject matter. I went to visit my pal Ben Jeddrie the other day and he gave me a list of stuff I should illustrate, which is where the TARDIS and Darkseid came from. Good ideas.

I posted a couple of split images to show what my illustrations were based on. I wanted the Darkseid illustration to directly reference a drawing by creator Jack Kirby because I didn’t want some bullcrap “modernized” version of the character. Same with Mega Man. My pal Lucas requested that one and the last thing we wanted was some manga lookin’ thing, so we went straight to the original 8-bit.

As always, best way to see these things as I make them are via Instagram and Facebook. Big thanks for the response and feedback everyone, the help and encouragement means the world to me. More to come…

TIE Fighter illustration

TIE Fighter by James White

Yet another illustration completed today, my favorite vehicle from the STAR WARS franchise: the TIE Fighter. After putting some hours in on the Clint illustration, I wanted to relax and make something with some logical surfaces and design.

A lot of people are asking me what the destination and goal is of these illustrations, and in all honesty I don’t know. This new exploration was born out of the urge to create different material, at least different for me, and it was only meant to be an exercise. I had no idea the online response would have been so loud, completely unexpected given this stuff is very different than other stuff I’ve done.

So now I’m in a place where I’m starting to ponder a method of getting these out there to interested parties. Prints? A book? I’ve had some interesting ideas sent my way from reputable sources, but still undecided. Guess we’ll see what happens as I continue.

As always, if you want to see these as I make them, Instagram and Facebook is the place to be.

‘Man with No Name’ illustration

Man with No Name illustration

Here are my clean vectors beside the Photoshop texture work.

Here are my clean vectors beside the Photoshop texture work.

I’ve been consciously putting off doing a “person” piece in this new style, focusing more on boxy shapes, robots and characters. But after doing the DRIVE illustration that featured a human hand, I decided it was time to tackle a face. Even bigger than that, capturing likeness. Yikes. In a low-poly, painterly style? Yeah right. So last night I found some photos refs and dove in.

Seen here is my illustration of good ‘ol Clint in his classic role of the ‘Man with No Name’. Lots of trial and error in this one as I built all the shapes and shading, even brought a bit of Picasso’s Cubism into the fold (unintentionally). Still in the experimental phase of this illustration stuff, but it’s getting somewhere interesting.

This one is for my Dad who loves a good western.

Hammer and a Cylon

Drive illustration

Cylon illustration

Here’s 2 more recent illustrations: a Cylon from the old BATTLESTAR GALACTICA show and the hammer from DRIVE. These are pretty opposite in their content, one being really simple and the other having a ton of surfaces to play with.

I’ve been burning these things out over the last week and posting them all on my Instagram and Facebook as soon as their done. As I said before, the amount of helpful feedback has been wonderful as I find my way around this new stylistic turf. Big thanks everyone.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing more illustrations really soon as I continue…

Meat Boy, Star Wars and Dredd

Super Meat Boy



Judge Dredd

The new illustrations continue. Seen here are Super Meat Boy, R2-D2, a pack of Jawas and the mighty Judge Dredd.

I’m still nailing down this new style and trying new techniques as it gets dialed. The continued feedback, critiques and tips you guys have been passing along via my Instagram and Facebook has been invaluable. Big thanks everyone. More to come.

SNBC 78: New Illustrations

Here is the recorded version of Signalnoise Broadcast 78 if you missed tuning in live last Thursday.

In this episode I talk about my new illustration work and how that came out of my fading enjoyment of movie posters. It’s been a weird year as I tried to break into the alternative art movie poster industry, until I recently reached my wits end. I decided to swing Signalnoise and my work into a new direction through playing. The result was these latest illustrations, which I talk about at length in this episode.

For your viewing pleasure. I’ll see you live again this Thursday at 2pm EST!

Movie illustrations

DeLorean illustration

Enterprise illustration

Ghostbusters illustration

In keeping with my exploration of this new illustration style (see Vintage Console Illustrations), I decided to swing things toward the topic of movies. Seen above are illustrations of the DeLorean from BACK TO THE FUTURE, The USS Enterprise and a trap from GHOSTBUSTERS. Having fun with this, I tell ya.

I’m still very much in experimentation mode as I explore different techniques and whatnot, so feedback is always welcome. More to come.

Vintage console illustrations





Super Nintendo



After landing back in Dartmouth following 2 weeks on the road, I was pretty beat out. Dealing with jetlag, managed to catch a cold, and all the other aches that come along with massive travel. On top of that, I had a pretty rad movie poster project squashed at the last minute, which put me in a bit of a funk.

So when downer stuff like this happens, I do what I’ve always done: play. I needed a change in subject and style. Something new I could explore and experiment with. What you see above are 6 illustrations of classic game consoles and peripherals that I put together over the weekend. Nothing profound here as I’m playing with new techniques and trying to get my footing.

I’ve always been interested in illustration styles from the 60s and 70s, but on top of that I’ve been really into modern designers’ work that have a rough edge. People like Invisible Creature, We Buy Your Kids, Sam Smith and Tom Clohosy Cole. I’m the kind of artist who likes his precision, but I’m forcing myself to leave mistakes in there and to NOT make them perfect. Even roughing things up with grain and brushes to make them almost painterly, and skewing perspective. For the process nerds, I built my base shapes in Illustrator and all textures were done in Photoshop.

Big thanks to those on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for pitching in some feedback as I build these things. Your thoughts mean a lot.

Where is this leading? Who knows. But I can tell you I’m having way too much fun to leave this alone. Loose plans, man. Watch this space…