Signalnoise Broadcast #1

If you missed the opportunity to tune in last night for the first Signalnoise Broadcast, here is the recorded video. Hopefully it will alright with the absence of the chat window, which is where I got all of the questions and content I was talking about. Being that this is my first attempt at this kind of discourse, the audio levels were a bit messed up so I apologize for that. I will be looking into buying a proper microphone for the next installment. Learn as ya go, I guess.

I had a great time talking to all who tuned in, answering questions and generally talking design. Thanks very much to everyone who made this a success and there will certainly be more to come.

Josef Muller-Brockmann Remix

Here is a lovely animated tribute to one of the greatest designers of our time, Josef Müller-Brockmann. Most of my favorite Müller-Brockmann works have been brought to life in this piece, wonderfully mingled with photography and text effects blending one poster into the next.

Great work and well worth a watch.

VH1 Latin America rebrand

Last year I was contracted by VH1 Latin America to develop some style boards for their upcoming network rebrand. MTV really wanted to push a retro/modern theme using bright colors inspired by those network ids from the 1970s, so I had a great time developing some artwork for them to use throughout the campaign.

The video above is a compilation of all the motion work created by the talented folks at Laundrymat in Los Angeles. The static elements I contributed were really brought to life by these guys, you can see my linework in the beginning and end portions of the video. They even used one of my designs for the background of their website :)

I was also blown away by the other talent VH1 recruited to provide styles and illustration for the campaign. If anyone knows who contributed to this project I’d love to get some links posted to their work.

VH1 Latin America motion boards

VH1 Latin America by James White

VH1 Latin America by James White

VH1 Latin America by James White

VH1 Latin America by James White

A little while back I was hired by VH1 Latin America to design some motion boards for their upcoming identity campaign. Wonderful people to work with, they were interested in developing an identity with a 70s retro-cosmic vibe mingled with something slick and modern.

I had a blast pushing and bending my vector assets and lighting effects into all kinds of directions. Shown here are some of the menu boards I designed for their animation team, both used and unused.

If you want to see some slightly larger versions, check them out on my Flickr stream.

Signalnoise Store commercial by Ben Jeddrie!

It’s no secret that I think my friends are the most talented people in the world, and I take any opportunity I can to work with them on various projects. A couple of months back I hired my good pal Ben Jeddrie to create an animated commercial promoting my Signalnoise Store. Being a big fan of his hilarious cartoon style for 10 years, I gave him no direction as I wanted him to create something all his own. “Do whatever you want, make it funny.”

The result made me laugh to no end. Inspired by classic cartoons such as George of the Jungle and Tom Slick, Ben came up with the concept, designs, voice-overs and completed the entire animation. He’s one talented guy.

I am currently working with Ben on setting up his own blog which will feature his other unique animations, videos and comics. More to come when we launch.

Royksopp: Happy Up Here

Röyksopp: Happy Up Here

Röyksopp: Happy Up Here

Röyksopp: Happy Up Here

Röyksopp: Happy Up Here

Wicked new video by Röyksopp for the track Happy Up Here. It’s no secret that I love old school video game references, but seeing big Space Invaders being blown down by a hilarious little car shot in a hand-cam David Fincher style made my jaw hit the floor. Fantastic art direction on this one.

Check out Röyksopp: Happy Up Here on Vimeo.