StarKade: Nerdlocker giveaway


If you missed out on grabbing the StarKade: Masters Series before they sold out, we have a second chance for you. The crack team over at Nerdlocker are holding their first annual Super Happy Terrific Mega Black Friday Giveaway, and one of the prizes to be won is my very last Masters Series pack.

This collection includes the 4 character prints as seen above, all of which have an edition of 30 and are measured at 5″ x 5″. The StarKade Series is printed on Museo Textured Rag 285 gsm by the fine folks at Static Medium, LA. All hand-signed and numbered. Incidentally, the pack you can win is set 29/30.

I won’t get into the details of the giveaway here, but you can head over to the Nerdlocker post for the full scoop. While you’re at it, check out the other killer prizes they have up for grabs by a slew of talented folk. Several of which are my friends and colleagues. Tune into Nerdlocker on Facebook and Twitter all day Friday to catch the fun.

StarKade: Series 2 (Onsale Info)

StarKade: Series 2


20 Feet.






The Bottom Line.


Shattered Dreams.

After a sold-out Series 1 and Masters Series, I’m excited to announce the upcoming release of StarKade: Series 2… now with attitude.

This collection includes 5 new character prints, all of which have an edition of 50 and are measured at 5″ x 5″. Those who grab complete sets will have a chance at getting 1 of 10 mystery prints, randomly inserted into orders. Also, one lucky order will be receiving a Golden Ticket, redeemable for a 1/1 custom wrestler print of your choice.

The StarKade Series is printed on Museo Textured Rag 285 gsm by the fine people at Static Medium, Los Angeles. All prints are lovingly hand-signed, numbered, packed and shipped by James White out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Mark your calendars! StarKade: Series 2 will be available on Monday, November 25th at 1pm EST in The Signalnoise Store. Sets are $45 and individual prints are $10 each.

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StarKade: Masters Series (Onsale Info)

StarKade: Masters series

I Have the Power!

StarKade: Masters series

My Patience Grows Thin!

StarKade: Masters series

Nice Work, Lad.

StarKade: Masters series

King of Beasts.

StarKade: Masters Series

Announcing the StarKade: Masters Series, my contribution to the HAS BROS Art Show, opening this weekend at The Dart Gallery in my hometown of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The show is based around toys from the 1980s, and was the perfect opportunity to illustrate some of my favourites and expand the StarKade universe.

This collection includes the 4 character prints as seen above, all of which have an edition of 30 and are measured at 5″ x 5″. As a bonus, you have the opportunity at getting 1 of 10 mystery print randomly inserted into sets. The StarKade Series is printed on Museo Textured Rag 285 gsm. All hand-signed and numbered.

For local customers
StarKade: Masters Series prints will go onsale Saturday, November 9th at The Dart Gallery for $35. 127A Portland Street, Dartmouth.

For online customers
StarKade: Masters Series will be available on Tuesday, November 12th at 1pm EST in my online store for $35.

Please note, if you are local to the Halifax Regional Municipality, please drop by The Dart Gallery if you are interested in purchasing a set. The collections available online are for customers from abroad only, so local orders will be turned away in support of the art gallery. Please respect this one small rule and we’ll get along fine.

AWF Wrestlers from 1988

Awsome Wrestling Federation

Wrestler illustration by James White

Brain Basher.

Wrestler illustration by James White

Cold-blooded Joe.

Wrestler illustration by James White

Skull Man.

Wrestler illustration by James White

Wrestler illustration by James White

Wrestler illustration by James White

Here’s a few little illustrations that kind of teared me up a bit. See, back in elementary school me and a few buddies took it upon ourselves to start our own wrestling federations. We invented wrestlers, drew them in our scribblers, then used dice to allow them to fight. We kept track of wins and losses, who was champion, etc.

Being a raging nostalgist, I hung onto my wrestlers all these years. The AWF (Awsome Wrestling Federation… complete with misspelling) is still alive and strong in the Signalnoise Studio, and last week I decided it was time to revive some of my favourite characters from 1988. Seen above are the illustrations, as well as a side-by-side comparison to my drawings from 1988. Man, I could burn off those wrestler drawings in 5 minutes back then… now it takes me about 3 hours to illustrate them. That kid was a genius.

Revisiting these drawings truly feels like I’m breaching the time barrier to collaborate with my 10-year-old self. Little did I know back then that these characters would still be with me 26 years later.

StarKade: Golden Ticket Belt

StarKade: Golden Ticket Belt

StarKade: GOlden Ticket Belt

I teased this image on my Instagram and Facebook a few days ago, but it’s time to clear the air.

Here’s the deal. As I posted last week, StarKade: Series 1 sold out, which came as a huge surprise… had no idea so many of you would take an interest in my silly illustrations of wrestlers, and I’m eternally grateful. Shipping will be starting next week once I have all the supplies, and once I return from Europe (where I currently am). Which brings me to the Golden Ticket Belt.

If you ordered a set of all StarKade: Series 1 prints, you already know you have a chance of getting 1 of 10 secret variant prints. BUT, as a reward for supporting the project I’m upgrading things. 1 of you will be receiving the Golden Ticket Belt, which is redeemable for a 1/1 custom illustration of your choice. That’s right. The winner and I will hash-out what wrestler they’d like me to illustrate, and I’ll do it up nice and send them a 1 of a kind original print for their StarKade collection. Certain rules apply. Never done anything like this before, and man am I excited.

The ticket is being printed as we speak by the kind folks at Moxy Ox… and they’re making sure this thing gleams like nothing else. Stay tuned to my Twitter as shipping starts next week!

StarKade: Series 1 SOLD OUT

StarKade: Series 1 by James White

StarKade: Series 1 by James White

What a weekend. I launched my StarKade: Series 1 prints on Friday afternoon, offering up these little guys to interested parties. To my absolute surprise, the series sold out over the weekend. Orders were relentless, and by Sunday morning my stock had dwindled down to nothing. Amazing!

This little post serves as a giant thank-you to 2 specific groups. Firstly, those of you who read the blog, yack to me on Twitter and have supported Signalnoise for years. Thanks so much for rolling the dice on this little project! And secondly, the kind folks on the Expresso Beans forum for helping me out with details, posting enthusiastic comments and keeping the energy high as these things sold. THANK-YOU!

So, shipping will start next week once I return from my trip to Europe. Can’t wait to get these into yours hands!

StarKade: Series 1 (Onsale Info)

StarKade Series 1

The wait is over. StarKade: Series 1 prints will go onsale today (Friday September 26) at 1pm EST. This series includes the first 5 character prints as seen above, all of which have an edition of 50 and are measured at 5″ x 5″. The StarKade Series is printed on Moab Entrada Natural 300 gsm. All hand-signed and numbered.

You have the choice of ordering specific StarKade prints in this series for $10 a piece, or you can save a few bucks and order all 5 for $45. The choice is yours.

Now, here is the best part. For those who ordered all 5 prints, a special rare StarKade variant print will be randomly inserted into your orders. Only 10 of these things will be available. Totally secret. Totally random. Totally fun.

Set your alarms for 1pm EST and swing by the Signalnoise Store to start your StarKade collections!

Please note: Shipping will begin on October 9th as I will be in Europe all next week. And if you have any questions about the details of this sale, please drop a line in the comments. I’d be happy to clear it up.

UPDATE: StarKade: Series 1 is SOLD OUT.