Signalnoise World Tour 2013

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

Onstage in Amsterdam.

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

Dinner with Mike Holmes, Jason Edmiston, Phantom City Creative, Eric Miller and Chris Toms.

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

The big guys! Mike Jones and Aaron Draplin down in Georgia.

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

Heavy artillery in Toronto. Aaron Draplin, Hydro74 and Eric Miller

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

An evening in LA with Greg Gorman and Kurt Russell.

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

Onstage in Columbia, SC.

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

Onstage at Montreal Meets 3.

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

In front of a capacity crowd at OFFF Barcelona.

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

Selling wares at Toronto FanExpo and Lee shows up with that shirt!

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

Hanging with Carolina Panther Ryan Kalil and Carolina Designer Matt Stevens.

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

Onstage in Helsinki, Finland.

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

Covering important topics in Phoenix, AZ.

To say it’s been a busy year would be a complete understatement. 2013 had, by a wide margin, the most travel I’ve ever done in my life. The Signalnoise World Tour kicked off in February with a 26-hour journey to Manila and I haven’t been sitting still since. The year went by so fast that I’m stunned to be writing this post already.

This year brought with it FAR too many wonderful meetings, memories, laughs and awesome times that I cannot possibly list them all in this meagre blog post. I’m not even going to try, man.

But this post DOES serve a very important purpose… a GIANT THANK-YOU to everyone responsible for all the killer events I attended and spoke at this year. I’m absolutely honoured that you’d even consider me to take your stage, let alone fly me from Dartmouth to hang out and tell stories. You are held in the highest regard.

And finally, another mega thanks to everyone who attended the events, and hung around long enough to see me speak. Every audience was so energetic and inspiring it made telling my little story a complete pleasure. So many of you hung out after events for drinks and laughs, the best thing a guy far from home can ask for.

Thus concludes the Signalnoise World Tour 2013. Hope to see you in 2014 as I start announcing new speaking dates soon.

Johnny Cupcakes speaking at HPX Digital!

Johnny Cupcakes HPX Digital

Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes

Can’t even contain my excitement over this one, gang. I’m proud to announce that one of my favourite speakers and all around terrific guy Johnny Cupcakes (Johnny Earle) will be jetting into Halifax to speak at HPX Digital this October. Johnny has only spoken a handful of times in Canada, and us east-coasters are lucky enough to be on the list. This is bigger than The White Stripes coming to town back in 2007!

Not only is Johnny a talented visionary and smart entrepreneur, but he’s also still a goofy kid. The Johnny Cupcakes brand is infused with his design sensibilities, his willingness to pull some pranks and his love of the audience he’s cultivated. What he’s built is a true example that any of us can achieve our goals through ambition, perseverance, loving what you do and having as many laughs as you can along the way.

If you are a veteran designer, student, craftsperson, entrepreneur or just have a keen interest in grassroots endeavours, Johnny’s session is not to be missed. Tell your boss to give you the day off and get over to the Atlantica Hotel. Trust me on this. I had the pleasure of meeting Johnny and seeing him speak last year at WMCFest in Cleveland and he blew the doors off the place.

Johnny will be headlining HPX Digital, taking place October 23 to 25. Check out the speaker list, but most importantly get those tickets now, Halifax!

Big thanks to my pal Eric Miller at the Dartmouth Clothing Co. for coming up with that Canadian Tire logo spoof. Brilliant.

FITC Amsterdam wrap-up

James White onstage

James White and Joshua Smith

Me and that Hydro74 rascal in the streets of Amsterdam. Photo by Jennifer Cirpici.

Back home in Dartmouth after a long 2 weeks on the road. Manila, Toronto and Amsterdam all jammed up together. Man, what a ride. Met so many awesome people and had many great times. But nice to be home to relax and recharge. Can barely string these words together.

So, FITC Amsterdam! My first time in that great city and I sure didn’t want to leave. Without further babbling, here’s the machine-gun list of times in the ‘Dam.

  1. Amsterdam, your airport looks like a big shopping mall.
  2. First face I see when I get to the hotel, Joshua “Hydro74” Smith. Instant buds.
  3. Met up with friends and speakers to enjoy the FITC “sneak preview” night.
  4. Got made fun of for my love of Heineken. Apparently frowned upon?
  5. Walked through the Red Light district. Saw some scantily clad dames through windows.
  6. Opened up FITC with my stage show. Awesome audience, many laughs had.
  7. Saw Hydro74 drop some vector science and hilariously answer questions.
  8. Browsed through a bookstore with a MEGA design section. Heaven.
  9. Took the audience through my entire poster process for my second talk.
  10. Ate some steak at the speakers dinner. Talked all kinds of design.
  11. Hydro grabbed my rump. Possibly twice.
  12. Laughs shared with FITC’s Shawn and Lisa. Several laughs.
  13. Met so many great people at the final party. You all rock.
  14. Long flight home. Many screaming babies.

I’m missing all kinds of good stuff in between, but as you can see it was an amazing trip. Only the 3rd stop on the Signalnoise World Tour 2o13. A HUGE THANKS to Shawn and Lisa for rolling the dice on me and shipping me over to Europe to represent East Coast Canada.

Gunning for Amsterdam

FITC Amsterdam

In only 1 hour I’ll be getting into the air again to start my venture to FITC Amsterdam. This is stop #3 on the Signalnoise World Tour 2013, hot off my trip to Manila and Toronto. My bag is packed and I’m armed with stickers and buttons for those interested. I’ll be taking the stage TWICE on Monday, first will be Design Renegade to start off the event at 10am then I’ll be doing a 30 minute drawing session in the Influxis Lounge at 3:30pm. Be there!

Looking forward to meeting up with my favorite FITC crew, along with some fellow speakers and pals Hydro74 and GMunk. Can’t wait to hang with this yahoos over in Europe, hope I get out alive.

Without further keyboard pecking, I need to pack this rig up and fire it into the car. I’ll be seeing you real soon Amsterdam!

Tonight Toronto!

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

The second stop on the Signalnoise World Tour is in Toronto TONIGHT for the We Made This event. At 6:30pm I’ll be taking the stage with Hector Ayuso,  Eduardo del Fraile and my pal Ron Gervais to discuss art, design and Canadian culture. We will each be doing a little presentation about ourselves and our work, then a panel discussion will ensue.

This will all be happening at the Design Exchange (234 Bay Street) and is bound to be a killer event. Check out the full event details and be sure to register.

ONE NIGHT ONLY! Not to be missed, Toronto!

Thank-you Manila!

Graphika Manila

A dark but giant shot of the audience. And this is only the center portion.


New pals! Koto and Shin of DEVILROBOTS!

Shin of DEVILROBOTS messed with my Sad Mac icon.

Shin of DEVILROBOTS messed with my Sad Mac icon.

What a hell of a trip. I’m currently pecking away on my laptop in a hotel room in Toronto, my head still spinning from my trip over to Graphika Manila. What a heck of a time. Seen in the photo above are all us speakers onstage at the end of the event. (L-R) Benjamin Seide, myself, Jessica WalshArmand Serrano, Benja Harney, Shin, Ryan Honey and Koto.

Without further ado, here is the Signalnoise Machine-gun list of what made this trip worth it.

  1. The Heat! A welcome treat for this Canadian to escape the chilly February winter.
  2. Meeting the wonderful event organizers, Aram and Ella! Best hosts a guy could ask for.
  3. The distinct pleasure of meeting the other amazing speakers. See above.
  4. Had a big (and political) historical tour of old Manila. Such a crazy story.
  5. An intimidatingly big a beautiful event venue. Very surreal to see.
  6. THE AUDIENCE! 3,000 energetic people packed that place, laughing and cheering the whole way.
  7. My giant Canadian flag slide came onscreen and the place erupted!
  8. Handed out Signalnoise stickers to a mob after my talk.
  9. Signed about 100 autographs after the event. Thats a huge first.
  10. Nerded-out with Devil Robots about toy culture. Many laughs! Great guys!

A HUGE thank-you to Aram and Ella for organizing everything to be smooth and enjoyable. For a solo Canadian venturing for the first time into Asia, you really made it an awesome experience.

Whenever I go to an event like this there seems to be an immediate friendship formed with the other speakers, and this was no different. Such a varied and talented crew full of smiles and stories. It was a DISTINCT PLEASURE to meet and hang out with you all. Hope we can cross paths again in the near future.

And once again, all of you in the audience. I have never EVER presented in front of such a huge crowd before, which can be pretty intimidating, but you all made it one of my best talks on record. Your cheers, laughs and reactions kept my story on track and it was a wonderful experience to be on that stage. You all rock! Thank-you!

Signalnoise World Tour 2013 Kick-off

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

I am busy in the HQ tying up some loose ends as I prepare to kick off the Signanoise World Tour 2013. Tomorrow I’ll be making a heavy voyage across the globe to the Philippines where I’ll tell my story to a giant audience at Graphika Manila on February 9. Beyond excited to shake some hands on the other side of the world. I’m packing up some stickers and buttons to pass out to interested parties.

As per usual, when I’m on the road I try to keep the blog as up to date as I can, but all the latest news, antics and photos from the event can be found on my Twitter.

Additionally, on the way back from Manila I’ll be making a stop in Toronto for the We Made This event on February 12 at the Design Exchange. Get those tickets Toronto and lets hang out.

On that note, I must keep checking off stuff on this big ugly to-do list. Have fun everyone, and I’ll see you soon.

Speaking at Adobe ADIM13 in Colorado

Adobe ADMI13

I’m happy to announce another speaking gig just added to the calendar. I’ll be telling my story at Adobe’s ADIM13 in Boulder, Colorado this April. Not only am I excited because this is an Adobe event (y’know, the people who make that software we all use) but because this has zombies and beer involved. For real. Here’s the legit description from the Adobe brass:

“In this hands-on 3-day class you’ll design with still and moving images, using a powerful combination of cameras, computers, and the Adobe Creative Cloud. You’ll begin with still images to create monster-themed beer packaging, then you’ll create an online beer advertisement utilizing advanced Photoshop video features. In the process you’ll master many of the wonders of Adobe Creative Cloud.”

Check out the full ADIM13 website for the full details, tickets and all the fun facts. I’ll be seeing you soon Boulder!