Speaking at FITC Toronto 2010

James White at FITC Toronto

I’ll be speaking at the upcoming Flash in the Can (FITC) conference in Toronto, April 25 – 27, 2010. I attended the conference last year and had a wonderful time checking out the presentations and meeting all kinds of creative people, and this year I’ll have the pleasure of being onstage myself.

This will be my first speaking at a con and I can’t say how excited I am. My presentation is lovingly named ‘Back to the Future’, and will involve a bunch of inspirational material, Signalnoise art retrospective, some technical tips and tricks, a brief about online tools for the artist, and some rock n’ roll. I want to bring Signalnoise posters and other goodies along this year, I’ll be sure to update as I go.

Lots of fun, hope to see you there!

DesignChat: Episode 32 with James

DesignChat with James White

For those of you who missed my discussion with the DesignChat team last week, the crew has uploaded a recording of the hour long chat. This is my second appearance on the show, always a treat.

We all had a great time talking art, design, process, inspiration, tech stuff . . . the whole deal. A big congratulations to the guys at DesignChat for all their success in bringing this content to the community, also a huge thanks for having me on for round #2. You guys rock.

They also have a stellar line-up of future episodes planned. I’d recommend checking out their Twitter for upcoming news and shows.

Signalnoise vs. DesignChat

James White on DesignChat

The kind folks over at DesignChat are having me back this week for another live discussion on Wednesday, December 2nd.

I was the guest on episode 12 a few months back, so if you missed that one why not tune in this time around. I’ll be announcing the chat on my Twitter before it goes live on Wednesday evening for those interested in checking it out and firing over some questions.

Should be a great time, hope to see you there!

Feature in Advanced Photoshop magazine

James White in Advanced photoshop magazine

James White in Advanced photoshop magazine

James White in Advanced photoshop magazine

James White in Advanced photoshop magazine

Here are some shots of the latest issue of Advanced Photoshop magazine, issue 62, where I made the Feature Interview spot. I had a great time corresponding with the kind folks at the magazine and am honored to be included in such a publication. They even included a large version of La Femme on the contents page.

So if you are interested in reading about blending modes, Star Wars and other nerdy stuff, this issue should be on newsstands everywhere.

Halifax’s Best Visual Artist 2009 award

Best of Halifax Coast cover

Today I’m finally allowed to spread the word. This evening is The Coast’s Best of Halifax 2009 party where I will be taking home the award for Best Visual Artist here in my hometown of Halifax. Woohoo! The folks over at The Coast even asked me to design the cover for the newest issue promoting the event which hits the stands today. Golden vector madness.

Here are a few iterations of the cover as I progressed along with a shot showing the amount of vectors I had on the go:

The Coast Best of Halifax 2009

I know many of you took the time to throw a vote my way last month, even though you are not from Halifax or anywhere near. I want to send a huge thank-you to each and every one of you for doing that, it really means a lot to me given this award comes straight from my hometown. Thanks for the kind support, everyone. You are all my heroes :)

The Best of Halifax 2009 party is tonight at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (1723 Hollis Street) starting at 7pm, just print off this invitation to be let in. I’ll be sure to get some photos of the event uploaded as soon as I can.

So lets party, hope to see you there!

Signalnoise for WiredUK Magazine

WiredUK October feature by James White

James White in Wired UK Magazine

I was approached by the kind folks over at WiredUK Magazine to design the title page for their October 2009 feature section. I’ve been a fan of Wired since back in the mid 90s so it was an honor to be able to contribute to the UK version of the magazine. My task was to simply design the numerical month ’10, 09′ in whatever way I saw fit. They even let me keep in my little Signalnoise logo.

The initial inspiration behind this piece came from a racecar track I had as a kid, combined with that of Epcot Centre ads from the early 80s.

The October issue should be on newsstands now in the UK, and where ever else it is sold. Big thanks to WiredUK for the wonderful opportunity, and to Gav Strange for snapping the photo above.

ComArts Projects: Polly Diamond cover

Polly Diamond by James White

I was asked by Computer Arts Projects to participate in their monthly Designer Challenge, where they supplied me and two other designers with an image of a lady and we were to design a CD cover for the make-believe electro artist Polly Diamond. We had a week to create the final image before submitting. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the image I received and the final version.

Polly Diamond

I wanted to do something old-school with a funny, over-the-top angle. If you are Canadian you might spot the inspiration behind this piece as being that of K-Tel, a record company stationed in Winnipeg, Manitoba during the 60s and 70s. They had crazy covers for their compilations and was something I wanted to mimic in my design. Here are a couple of examples:

K-Tel covers

The version appearing in the magazine doesn’t have the Leather Rebel sticker on it. The idea hit me a week after I sent the final version off, gotta love it when that happens :) This also uses the same bacground effect used on my recent Wordburglar poster.

My design appears in the latest installment of Computer Arts Projects, the Print Design issue, which is currently on newsstands in Europe.

Live interview on DesignChat: Wrap-up

DesignChat interview with James White

For those who didn’t know, I did a live design discussion via DesignChat last night. Ryan from DesignChat and Mashable set up the video chat and things ran smooth and by the numbers, had a great time answering questions and watching viewers react in the little chat window. This is the first interview of this kind I’ve ever done and had a blast.

During the chat I cited some of my favorite designers and websites as inspirations, but because they flew by so fast, here is a little wrap-up of some websites to check out:

Nopattern: The colorful art of Chuck Anderson
Iso50: The visual work of Scott Hansen
Joshuadavis.com: Computational and dynamic abstraction
Cole Rise: Brilliant photographer, lovely ambiance
Lucia Holm: Photographic self portrait extraordinaire
Robert Hodgin: Artistic Processing programmer
Roger Dean: Fantastic 1970s psychedelic painter
Laundrymat: Motion company who animated the VH1 campaign

If I forgot any links or artists that caught your interest, do let me know in the comments and I’ll update the list. Thanks again to everyone who tuned in, great time.