Lynda Creative Spark documentary!

This is a big deal, gang. Still can’t really believe this happened.

A little while back the mighty sent a film crew to parachute into Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to shoot a documentary on me and my work. We got to the bottom of some heavy issues, talked about growing up, discussed a pile of art and played with some toys. We hung out in my home studio and even ventured them around my hometown a bit to show them some Dartmouth sights.

Absolutely thrilled that Lynda, one of the biggest damn names in our industry, came to my little town to hang out. You can watch the FULL DOCUMENTARY via the Vimeo movie above. Enjoy!

Adobe Inspire Magazine interview

Adobe Inspire cover by James White

James White Adobe Inspire

James White Adobe Inspire

James White Adobe Inspire

Absolutely honoured to have been interviewed by the crack team at Adobe Inspire Magazine, and featured in this month’s edition. Having been a user and fan since the mid-90s, it was incredible to be called up by the very people who created the programs I use every day. I was on a trip to Toronto when we set up the call, so I did the interview in my hotel room like some kinda wannabe bigshot.

Not only that, but they wanted me to design the cover for the issue. When they said I could do whatever I wanted, I blurted out “I wanna put a panther on it!”. They were onboard, and you can see the final illustration above. All kinds of fun making that thing.

Now, you can read the entire interview right here, but if you’re on an iPad I strongly suggest downloading the mag for the full interactive version. It’s beautifully designed, you can see in the shots above.

A huge thanks to the team at Adobe for the feature!

HAS BROS art show

Has Bros art show

Super proud to be participating in the HAS BROS art show in November at The Dart Gallery in my hometown of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. My buddies Dave Howlett and Eric Miller have been spearheading this thing for the past while, and I’m pumped to unleash the news. Art based on toys from the 80s?! How can I NOT be all over that?

Here’s the official show info…

HAS BROS is a new art show featuring work inspired by 1980s toy franchises like MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, G.I. JOE, TRANSFORMERS, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, and more! Running at The Dart Gallery from November 9-20, HAS BROS will feature new pieces by some of the top artistic talent from the Maritimes and beyond. Contributors will include comic artists like Nick Bradshaw (WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN), Jordyn Bochon (CUIRRO), Andrew Power (APTITUDE TEST), Dave Howlett (SLAM-A-RAMA), graphic designers like Eric Miller of Dartmouth Clothing Company, James White of Signalnoise Studios, Paul Panfalone (AKA Paul Pants), Joshua M. Smith (AKA Hydro74), and many more! Prints of all the pieces will be on sale at the gallery as well. No batteries required, no assembly needed, no parental supervision necessary!

As for me, I’ll be submitting a new little series of StarKade prints to the show. 4 brand new fun character illustrations (edition of 25 each) and a rare mystery one. I’ll have sets on sale at the show on November 9, then any remaining stock will be available in my online store the following Tuesday (November 12). Fun!

I’ll be announcing the new StarKade prints the week of the show. Don’t change that channel…

Signalnoise World Tour 2013 Kick-off

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

I am busy in the HQ tying up some loose ends as I prepare to kick off the Signanoise World Tour 2013. Tomorrow I’ll be making a heavy voyage across the globe to the Philippines where I’ll tell my story to a giant audience at Graphika Manila on February 9. Beyond excited to shake some hands on the other side of the world. I’m packing up some stickers and buttons to pass out to interested parties.

As per usual, when I’m on the road I try to keep the blog as up to date as I can, but all the latest news, antics and photos from the event can be found on my Twitter.

Additionally, on the way back from Manila I’ll be making a stop in Toronto for the We Made This event on February 12 at the Design Exchange. Get those tickets Toronto and lets hang out.

On that note, I must keep checking off stuff on this big ugly to-do list. Have fun everyone, and I’ll see you soon.

Sad Mac in Steve Jobs Commemorative NewsWeek

When Steve Jobs passed away on October 5th, like most designers I was watching my Twitter stream the entire evening. Parked in front of the computer watching tweets go by, dominated with news, stories and tributes to Jobs. I popped open Illustrator and created a little Sad Mac icon … my own little tribute. Nothing original, obviously, but my own little version.

I ended up sending the icon to Newsweek magazine which was used it in their Steve Jobs commemorative issue, which just landed on my doorstep. My little Mac sits at the center of the inside front cover, on full black. A perfect spot for the little tribute, now seen by people worldwide.

TV Party radio interview

Last week I had the pleasure to sit down with my friends Ryan and Stephen for a big interview session on their show TV Party. This was the first time I’ve ever been on the radio. Awesome time, really laid back and we talked for an hour and a half on all my projects, design thoughts and other rad topics. Here you go:

The reason I’m excited to put this online is because it’s local. CKDU is an independent radio station here in town and Ryan has been a good friend of mine for years, so he brought up some funny stories involving some local static I caused over the years. Most of these stories never made it online until now. So funny.

Big thanks to those guys for having me on their show. Big heap of fun. And Stephen, if you read this shoot me your Twitter link and I’ll hook ya up!

Signalnoise for WIRED and Quora

I have gotten reports that the issue of Wired featuring some of my illustrations is now out in Europe. I was hired by the kind folks at Wired last month to design some original type pieces for use in their article about the mighty Quora. Other then the direction “Make the letters look big and flashy”, I was allowed to come up with whatever I wanted. I experimented a bit with line work and halftones, something I haven’t really done before now. Shown here is the 2-page spread (top) as well as two drop caps designed for the article.

My original version had crazy vibrant colors, and I have to tip my hat to Wired for making the suggestion of pulling the tones back a bit. It added some realism to the design and made everything come together. Wired are fantastic clients, always enthusiastic and fun to work with.

This issue should be out now in Europe and hitting the shelves here in North America real soon.

Advanced Photoshop Magazine cover

That’s right, Advanced Photoshop Magazine #77 will feature a Signalnoise design on it’s cover worldwide. The kind folks over at the magazine contacted me about using my revised Tron Legacy poster for the cover, which could not have come at a better time considering the film is due out in a mere few weeks.

My original design appears to be reversible, like a raincoat, as the cover features my poster upside-down and works quite well with the type. I never would have expected that. Additionally I was included in the feature article ’40 Expert Secrets Revealed’ where I talk about some process and technique stuff. I can’t wait to pick up this issue myself to read up on the other participants.

Advanced Photoshop #77 will be hitting newsstands worldwide very soon, be sure to grab yours!