Terminator 2: Poster giveaway

Terminator 2 poster by James White

It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway on the blog, so here we go. When I ordered a litho proof of my TERMINATOR 2 poster last week, the print shop was kind enough to send me 2 copies. One went to my pal Eric and the other is up for grabs right here. 18″ x 24″ of that angry stare.

Not only will you get the poster, but I’ll throw in some Signalnoise stickers and buttons. The winner will also get the original 2 concept sketches straight from my sketchbook. One of a kind, signed for authenticity.

Entering the contest is easy. Comment on this post, and for fun tell me your favorite action movie of all time. Be sure to enter a valid email address so I’ll be able to contact you if your name is selected. I’ll be using a random number generator to pick the winner. Please only one comment to enter. Multiple comments will be omitted. I’ll leave the comments open until Friday, September 7 at 11:59pm and announce the winner the following Monday morning on Twitter.

Update: Entry period has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered! I will announce the winner on Monday morning via Twitter.

BREAKING BAD digital sketches

Last week I started messing around with digital sketches of some characters from the best television show around, BREAKING BAD. I had just watched all of season 4 and caught up on season 5 so my blood was thick with the meth-slinging action. My, that was a poor choice of words.

When I start prepping for a poster design I normally do sketches in Photoshop such as these. Essentially, this is the first step in my process before moving into vector to nail down the real deal. I do these fairly quickly, maybe an hour on each one, just to study my highlights and shadows. I experiment with the shapes of colour to see what works the best dramatically while maintaining likeness. I use photos found online as the base because I suck at capturing likeness freehand. I then “re-paint” the entire thing.

I posted these on Twitter and Instagram last week and response was far more than I expected. Even had some offers to buy poster-sized versions, which was funny as these are merely roughs at this point.

I’m not entirely sure where these are leading quite yet, but watch this space as I build on the concept behind the scenes. Might be a poster, might be … several. I’ll try to update as things move along.

PS. Please do NOT post any BREAKING BAD spoilers in the comments, gang. Lets not ruin any big moments for anyone.


Here we go, an officially sanctioned movie poster for one of my favorite sci-fi/action movies of all time: TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY.

In all honesty, I’ve been wanting to design this poster since I first saw the movie in 1992 when I was 15. I absolutely loved the design of those Endo-skeletons, probably my favorite piece of cinematic “monster” design ever to appear onscreen. As per usual, when the movie ended I doodled the metallic skull design on a piece of typewriter paper. Wish I still had it.

So, when the top brass at Mystery Box notified me that they wrangled an official deal to do a T2 poster I was pretty excited. I knew that skull would be front and center. Here is a scan of my initial concept sketch and the first digital mock-up as I figured things out.

A bit of a back story. If you are a frequent visitor to my blog you’ll know that I’ve been chasing movie poster design for about a year now. Signalnoise has had it’s ups and downs in terms of making these available to the public, several will never see the light of day in terms of sale. A few incidents happened along the way that knocked us back, but the designs still exist which is ultimately what counts.

But, Mystery Box has been persistant in hammering at this idea for months now and things are snapping into place. We’ve inked a few deals to do some movie posters all official, titles you have definitely heard of, the first of which being this T2 poster. This one will be moving into production real soon and we have a special variant edition planned. Man, can’t wait. This one will be available via the Mystery Box storefront once live. Once again, we’ve teamed with the kind gents at the Prince Charles Cinema for their screening of TERMINATOR and TERMINATOR 2 on August 29.

Be sure to follow Mystery Box on Twitter to keep up on all the latest releases from me and the other artists. There will be some fun stuff coming down the pipe soon. Watch this space as we bring the TERMINATOR 2 poster through the printing process.

Prince Charles Cinema movie posters

Here is an iPhone shot of the 3 printed posters I designed for screenings at the Prince Charles Cinema. Just picked these up today and the colours turned out great. These are digital prints on poster stock but the files were designed for screenprint, which is ultimately where I want them to end up. Nice thick stock and bold colours. But great to see these designs all in one place.

This is just the beginning as I’m already into designing a 4th poster for the PCC. Watch this space as I continue to finish and post the new ones.

A lot of people have been asking about purchasing the movie posters I’ve been designing, and even though they are not currently available I am working closely with my agent at Mystery Box as well as the Prince Charles Cinema to ensure everything is in place to offer these posters online. Lots of details and scrutiny, but we are certainly making some headway and I hope to have some more news in the coming weeks.

Thanks for the continued interest in this endeavour, gang. Truly appreciate it more than you know.

MCA poster by Paul Panfalone

Check this one out. This memorial poster of MCA from the Beastie Boys was made by my pal and Signalnoise contributor Paul Panfalone down in Buffalo. He sent it to me this past weekend out of the blue, “Hey, here’s something I’ve been working on” he said. Promptly stopped me in my tracks. Paul said this portrait is based on MCA from the early 90s. Here is the original red version and a couple of colour variants.

Paul is efficient in both Photoshop and Illustrator but for the most part I’ve seen him work in Photoshop primarily. This departure into 100% vector is much the same as myself recently, exploring some new territory and techniques and basically getting out in the woods with very little reference points. I support that action, well done Paul. Probably your best work yet. Look at that shading and line work. Meticulous!

Be sure to swing over to Paul’s website Swivel Arms for more info on this piece and other stuff Paul is working on. And say hi on Twitter, he’s a nice guy. Likes good movies and toys and stuff.


What started as a little doodle yesterday turned into a full tilt poster design. This one caught me offguard but thought it would be a real fun one to dive into. Here is my third poster for the Prince Charles Cinema, this time for their screening of the some of my all-time favorite films, the mighty INDIANA JONES TRILOGY. The boys at the PCC didn’t even know this one was coming. Heh heh.

This was a bit of a strange undertaking since the screening is today and I started this poster last night. But the idea hit me so I just ran with it. Lots of fun. There’s a few relevant additions to the hieroglyphs if you look closely.

So if you’re over in London, get over to the Prince Charles Cinema ASAP to see these on the big screen. Believe me, I’d be there if that annoying ocean wasn’t in the way.


View larger version.

Here’s a new poster for our pals at the Prince Charles Cinema over in London for their screening of one of my favorite modern movies by the mighty Coen Brothers: NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. The movie screens on July 24.

I knowingly approached this poster differently than my previous ones. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN is a unique movie on it’s own … there’s no music, the main characters though tied tightly by story never really meet. It’s brutal yet quite funny in parts, all wrapped in a beautiful landscape. It’s a film you need to watch several times to truly appreciate it. So I wanted this poster to have a light touch, something serene that takes cues from one of my favorite scenes near the beginning. A merging of the old west with today’s violent reality.

I started off designing a pretty standard poster, but quickly changed gears. This is also my first landscape movie poster, which took me way out of my comfort zone but ultimately was best for the concept. Here are some ridiculous sketches and conceptual. Things came together rather quickly.

I am working with Mystery Box and the Prince Charles Cinema in order to bring this poster to life through some nice screenprints. Watch this space for details as they become available.


Here is the first poster created for the Prince Charles Cinema in London. One of my favorite childhood movies, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE will be playing at the cinema this coming Monday so be sure to check their schedule to see this sucker on the big screen. It’s on a double-bill with CYBORG too. Wish I could be there.

I had a great time on this one, creating something more stripped down and stylized as compared the the “likeness heavy” posters I’ve been doing. The influence for this one came right from early STAR WARS posters, depicting a heavily silhouetted character. Maybe channeling a bit of Olly Moss in there too.  I wanted He-man to resemble Dolph Lundgren from the live-action film, but posed exactly like the He-man from the cartoon. I also wanted Skeletor to double as Castle Grayskull in the background, again a reference to the cartoon. I love the live-action film but it really missed a few of those nice cartoon cues.

Since the show at the PCC is in 3 days, we’re as yet unsure about the printing of this one. But I assure you we are on the case to get things sorted out. I’d love to have a screenprinted copy of this one and already have some variant ideas in the works.

“By the power of Grayskull!”