The Rocketeer comic book cover

Rocketeer cover by James White

Proud to release my first official comic book cover, a variant design for The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1 coming out next month. This alternate cover will be fairly scarce, only available in select shops in North America. The cover was commissioned by Cal Johnston, owner of the best comic shop in the world, Strange Adventures and printed by the nice people at IDW Publishing. Written by Roger Langridge and drawn by the awesome J. Bone.

What’s even more exciting is the screen-printed poster edition in the works.

A huge honour to pay tribute to Dave Stevens’ creation, man. We will know more details on availability when the release date draws closer, so if you’re interested in tracking one down drop a comment here or follow me on Twitter for updates.

Officially Limited: Poster Documentary

Last summer when I was in Cleveland to speak at WMC Fest, filmmaker John Otterbacher made the trip over from Chicago to hang out and talk with me about creating limited edition posters, the online culture, the scene as a whole and a lot of other fun topics. We got down to brass tacks, man.

So here is the fruit of his labours thus far, the OFFICIALLY LIMITED teaser trailer featuring all kinds of of talent like Tim Doyle, Daniel Danger, Justin Ishmael and a bunch of others. He even put a dope like me in there to balance the scales. Please ignore my long doofy hair.

But, OFFICIALLY LIMITED needs your help. There is an Indiegogo fundraising effort set up to generate some funds to finish the deal. I’m not only supporting this movie because I’m in it, but because I really want to see it. I know and respect the people appearing in it and can’t wait to hear their stories. So get over to that fundraiser and follow Officially Limited on Twitter for updates.

Movie posters by We Buy Your Kids

Like a lot of movie poster designers, I watch a lot of releases online to see what my favorite companies and artists are up to. I love this scene that still really feels like the wild west, where all these rascals are dreaming up new ways to portray their favorite movies in the screen-printed form. And like many, I enjoy watching new and upcoming Mondo releases. I was thrilled to see a full-on art show featuring the work of Australian-based art duo WE BUY YOUR KIDS.

I was captivated by their WRATH OF KHAN poster (seen above) earlier this year and found myself constantly hunting down the image online to “have another look”. So arty and psychedelic and weird. But the biggest reason I enjoy it is because it looks nothing like other Mondo releases. Don’t get me wrong, I love the work of Moss and Taylor and Ansin… but this was such a departure. So strange and amazing.

When images started surfacing from the WE BUY YOUR KIDS art show, I knew a blog post was in order. They dropped a few posters online yesterday and I managed to nab a CONAN which I’m pretty stoked about. Mondo tends to sell out of posters in seconds, but this drop took a little more time. Bit slower than usual. I like that. It’s by no means a sign that this is of lesser quality than other Mondo releases, but rather it’s straight up different and out there. It’s something new, and I love that.

WE BUY YOUR KIDS is one of my favorite new movie poster artists, right up there with that Jay Shaw maniac. While everyone is mimicking the work of already popular artists in hopes of success, it’s really refreshing to have something fly in from left field.

Maybe they’re the design equivalent of “the cool band nobody knows about yet”. I dunno, but I look forward to seeing more WBYK posters in the future.

Zissou poster for BAD DADS art show

I’m honoured to have been asked to participate in the Wes Anderson ‘BAD DADS’ art show, opening tonight at Spoke Art (6pm) down in San Francisco. So many great artists involved in this thing, so pumped to have my piece in there. Shown above is my poster design of that rascal Steve Zissou from THE LIFE AQUATIC.

I did a limited edition run of 50 posters, printed by the top brass at Mama’s Sauce on French Pop-Tone Black Licorice 100C at 18″ x 24″. Beautiful print job too. They will be available tonight at the art show, and the remainder will be sold in the Spoke Art Store on Monday. Swoop in quick if you want one.

Have fun at the art show tonight everyone!

Win original TERMINATOR art

I do a lot of drawing on my spare time, only a portion of which reaches the website, Twitter or what have you. But are a couple of original drawings I created of Arnold as the Terminator and Robert Patrick as T-1000 using good ol’ lead, ink and coloured pencils. Lots of fun blocking out time to sit at my drawing table to put these together. My fingertips are currently blue.

And here’s the thing, I’m giving them away. If you didn’t catch the poster drop on October 12th, Mystery Box has been selling limited edition TERMINATOR 2 posters by myself and pal Tom Muller. So now we would like to add a bit on incentive. If you purchase a Signalnoise TERMINATOR 2 poster (regular or variant) you will be entered to win the original artwork seen above, which stands at 8″ x 10″. And if you have already purchased a poster, you are already entered. Simple.

We’ll start the clock at 2 weeks from today then we’ll announce the winner. November 6. Sound good?

TERMINATOR 2 posters: Onsale Info

Terminator 2 poster by James White, Signalnoise

• Poster by James White, Signalnoise

• Poster by Tom Muller, helloMuller

Mystery Box has collaborated with Studio Canal to produce a limited run of official posters by James White of Signalnoise and Tom Muller of helloMuller for the ultimate cult movie, TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY. Here are the specifics:

TERMINATOR 2 poster by Signalnoise
18″ x 24″ archival quality screen-print, using 100% acid-free inks. Hand numbered. Standard edition of 425, metallic variant edition of 90 (dark blue ink replaced with metallic blue). Hand-numbered. Expertly crafted by print-makers Burlesque of North America. Check out the production post here.

TERMINATOR 2 poster by helloMuller
18″ x 24″ archival quality screenprint, using 100% acid-free inks. Hand numbered. Standard edition of 200. Hand-numbered. Expertly crafted by print-makers Burlesque of North America. Check out the production post here.

All artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Both posters will be available for purchase on Friday, October 12th via the Mystery Box online store. For all the latest news and drop time specifics follow Mystery Box on Twitter.

TERMINATOR 2: Poster production shots

• One of the 4 poster screens. This is the light blue, I believe.

• One colour down, rockin’ that pink.

• Two colours down.

• I dunno, some kind of weirdo test print? Those Burlesque people are mad.

• Three colours down! Starting to come together now man.

• Then I find out those bums printed all the posters upside down. Get goddamn Mike on the phone!

Things have been crazy around the HQ these last few weeks, lots of big projects in the works with several moving into the production stages. Lots to keep track of, lots of people on the ends of various emails and phonecalls, lots of folks hassling me for all kinds of stuff needed to keep things moving. Essential service!

One of the projects that have been gaining some serious ground is the TERMINATOR 2 poster. Mystery Box have been doing an exceptional job laying the tracks before the train and Burlesque of North America have been killin’ it on the screen-printing. The good people down there have been sending me production shots as they moved forward, and whenever an email from them lands here all work stops. Screeching halt. So exciting to see this thing come to life. This will be my first official screen-printed movie poster and I’m quite appropriately “losing it” up here. Look at that pink!

The launch of the TERMINATOR 2 poster is coming up fast, only a couple weeks away. This is part of a T2 double-header with my talented pal Tom Muller. I’m waiting on some final details and firm onsale information so watch this space and follow myself and Mystery Box on Twitter if you’re looking to nab one of these things.

In Tux We Trust

In a show of support for the Tuxedo Party, Signalnoise has designed a campaign poster for the vigilant and adorable Tuxedo Stan who is currently running for Mayor of Halifax. The feline candidate has been making waves online via his Facebook and Twitter accounts, sporting the slogan “Because neglect isn’t working.”

I’m not making this up, check out the article on Yahoo Canada.

Signalnoise has your back Stan.