Muhammad Ali poster

Muhammad Ali by James White

Muhammad Ali, regular edition.

Muhammad Ali by James White

Muhammad Ali, gold “Championship” edition.

Muhammad Ali by James White

Initial digital sketch and a WIP shot.

The Louisville Lip. The People’s Champion. The Greatest. Here’s a poster design I created honouring the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali. This is yet another poster that wasn’t, but maybe could be…

The brass over at Mystery Box (who happens to be a huge Ali fan) struck up a conversation with the licensing people at the Ali camp and we’ve been in talks for quite some time. I designed this poster right at the beginning to grease the wheels, but proceedings have been sluggish. So we decided to release the design to see if Ali fans might spark interest. We have big plans for this one, gold ink and all that. The “Championship” Edition. But to get the numbers right takes a lot of planning.

Seen above are the 2 colour versions I put together, as well as my initial digital sketch and in-progress vector shot. Spent a lot of time getting those shapes just right, and added some smooth halftones for dimension. Needed it just right to honour the champ.

Anyway, we’re hoping to make this one a reality at some point.

WarGames poster for Skuzzles

WAR GAMES poster by James White

WAR GAMES poster by James White

WAR GAMES Regular Edition

WAR GAMES poster by James White

WAR GAMES “Green CRT” Variant Edition

WAR GAMES poster by James White

WAR GAMES poster by James White

Early concept sketches.

WAR GAMES poster by James White

Initial digital sketch and colour study.

WAR GAMES poster by James White

An early version of the poster, including a can of TAB.

Oh man, here we go. I’m super proud to release a poster for one of my favourite childhood movies, WARGAMES (1983). I was approached by the crack team at Skuzzles and was absolutely honoured when they asked me to design this thing. Almost dropped the phone, no foolin’. This is my first officially commissioned movie poster outside of my work with Mystery Box. And this is printed by the totally badass DL Screenprinting. Hands are shaking just typing this.

Above you can see the regular edition as well as the special “Green CRT” variant. SO much green in there man, just like the computer screens of old. So lets cut right to the chase and post some details straight from Skuzzles High Command…

The Details

We are really excited to be announcing our latest addition to the Skuzzles poster family.  We reached out to another of our fellow axe-wielding, plaid covered, maple syrup chugging Canadian, James White of Signalnoise, to create an officially licensed limited edition screen print for the 1983 cult classic WARGAMES.   This Academy Award nominated hit starring Matthew Broderick, was one of the first movies to expose “hacker culture” on the big screen and featured the use of the IMSAI 8080 microcomputer and a 212A (Cermetek) modem.  It was no surprise that James’ artwork completely nailed the feel of the movie combining the digital tech, military and character aspects of the film.  When James presented us the idea of his variant to compliment his incredible stylish regular we were completely on board.  The end result of the variant gives the perception you are looking at a monochrome CRT computer monitor aka “Green Screen”.

We can’t wait to hear your reactions when you see these war games screen prints in person.  Such an amazing look to this print.

WARGAMES Regular Edition

  •        Price $45
  •        Size 36″ x 24″ – 5 color screen print
  •        Edition size of 165
  •        Printing by DL Screenprinting
  •        Artwork by James White – Signalnoise

WARGAMES “Green CRT” Variant Edition

  •        Price $60
  •        Size 36″ x 24″ – 5 color screen print
  •        Edition size of 70
  •        Printing by DL Screenprinting
  •        Artwork by James White – Signalnoise

GLOBAL THERMONUCLEAR WAR BEGINS (screen prints on sale) on Tuesday July 23 @ 12:00PM Eastern Time on our homepage. Join our mailing list  or follow us on twitter @SKUZZLESCAN for announcements.

Signalnoise poster for Creative Control

Signalnoise for Creative Control

Creative Control logo

Creative Control process

This was a fun one. Signalnoise and Mystery Box teamed-up with Opening Doors over in the UK to develop the first limited edition poster for their Creative Control initiative. We even designed the logo for them, seen above. A great bunch to work with, they let me do whatever I wanted so we settled on a nice cosmic setting and got to it.

I got the opportunity with this poster to explore a style I hadn’t done in quite some time, utilizing some fun and bold line work. I then mixed in a bit of the current illustration style I’m doing with some brushwork and geometric form on the ship. Fun stuff, man. I added some of my process shots above as it took me a little bit to settle on the layout. At one point the ship was a chunk of amethyst whipping through space.

A big thanks to my friends at Opening Doors for rolling the dice on me!

Movie posters that weren’t

Karate Kid poster by James White

Labyrinth poster by James White

Rocky 3 poster by James White

Skyfall poster by James White

Predator poster by James White

Sketches by James White

If you’ve been following my work over the past year, you may have come across several posters that I designed for my favorite movies. I created pieces for DRIVE, BLADE RUNNER, THE THING, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, INDIANA JONES, TERMINATOR 2 and some others, all of which can be found in my portfolio. I made it my mission to break into the alternative art movie poster industry, but unfortunately only 2 posters were officially printed and offered for sale. The others remained in legal limbo, personal development, self-initiated projects… whatever you want to call it.

Aside from what was released online I did a lot of work behind the scenes developing ideas and visuals for many of my favorite movies. I never had permission, I designed them merely for my own enjoyment and practise. Most are thumbnails in my sketchbook while others I pushed to a digital sketch. Seen above are 5 posters that never got out of the concept phase. Very few people have seen these up until now. The Signalnoise movie posters that weren’t.

Before I build my posters in final vector format, I mock things up in Photoshop to experiment with the composition, colours and texture. Normally I cobble together found photos and movie stills as reference, then “paint” the entire poster from scratch. Ideas tend to shift and change as I go, which is why you’ll see differences between the ink sketches and the digital mock-ups above.

These concepts have been sitting on my computer for months, figured I’d post them. And the thing is, this isn’t all of them so you might see a ‘Part II’ to this post in the future.

The Rocketeer comic book cover

Rocketeer cover by James White

Proud to release my first official comic book cover, a variant design for The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1 coming out next month. This alternate cover will be fairly scarce, only available in select shops in North America. The cover was commissioned by Cal Johnston, owner of the best comic shop in the world, Strange Adventures and printed by the nice people at IDW Publishing. Written by Roger Langridge and drawn by the awesome J. Bone.

What’s even more exciting is the screen-printed poster edition in the works.

A huge honour to pay tribute to Dave Stevens’ creation, man. We will know more details on availability when the release date draws closer, so if you’re interested in tracking one down drop a comment here or follow me on Twitter for updates.

Officially Limited: Poster Documentary

Last summer when I was in Cleveland to speak at WMC Fest, filmmaker John Otterbacher made the trip over from Chicago to hang out and talk with me about creating limited edition posters, the online culture, the scene as a whole and a lot of other fun topics. We got down to brass tacks, man.

So here is the fruit of his labours thus far, the OFFICIALLY LIMITED teaser trailer featuring all kinds of of talent like Tim Doyle, Daniel Danger, Justin Ishmael and a bunch of others. He even put a dope like me in there to balance the scales. Please ignore my long doofy hair.

But, OFFICIALLY LIMITED needs your help. There is an Indiegogo fundraising effort set up to generate some funds to finish the deal. I’m not only supporting this movie because I’m in it, but because I really want to see it. I know and respect the people appearing in it and can’t wait to hear their stories. So get over to that fundraiser and follow Officially Limited on Twitter for updates.

Movie posters by We Buy Your Kids

Like a lot of movie poster designers, I watch a lot of releases online to see what my favorite companies and artists are up to. I love this scene that still really feels like the wild west, where all these rascals are dreaming up new ways to portray their favorite movies in the screen-printed form. And like many, I enjoy watching new and upcoming Mondo releases. I was thrilled to see a full-on art show featuring the work of Australian-based art duo WE BUY YOUR KIDS.

I was captivated by their WRATH OF KHAN poster (seen above) earlier this year and found myself constantly hunting down the image online to “have another look”. So arty and psychedelic and weird. But the biggest reason I enjoy it is because it looks nothing like other Mondo releases. Don’t get me wrong, I love the work of Moss and Taylor and Ansin… but this was such a departure. So strange and amazing.

When images started surfacing from the WE BUY YOUR KIDS art show, I knew a blog post was in order. They dropped a few posters online yesterday and I managed to nab a CONAN which I’m pretty stoked about. Mondo tends to sell out of posters in seconds, but this drop took a little more time. Bit slower than usual. I like that. It’s by no means a sign that this is of lesser quality than other Mondo releases, but rather it’s straight up different and out there. It’s something new, and I love that.

WE BUY YOUR KIDS is one of my favorite new movie poster artists, right up there with that Jay Shaw maniac. While everyone is mimicking the work of already popular artists in hopes of success, it’s really refreshing to have something fly in from left field.

Maybe they’re the design equivalent of “the cool band nobody knows about yet”. I dunno, but I look forward to seeing more WBYK posters in the future.

Zissou poster for BAD DADS art show

I’m honoured to have been asked to participate in the Wes Anderson ‘BAD DADS’ art show, opening tonight at Spoke Art (6pm) down in San Francisco. So many great artists involved in this thing, so pumped to have my piece in there. Shown above is my poster design of that rascal Steve Zissou from THE LIFE AQUATIC.

I did a limited edition run of 50 posters, printed by the top brass at Mama’s Sauce on French Pop-Tone Black Licorice 100C at 18″ x 24″. Beautiful print job too. They will be available tonight at the art show, and the remainder will be sold in the Spoke Art Store on Monday. Swoop in quick if you want one.

Have fun at the art show tonight everyone!