Long live Kaliber10000

When I first got into the web industry back in 1998, I instantly immersed myself in the emerging online art scene. I was constantly surfing independent design websites to see how these other kids were using new technologies to create online installations and new digital artwork. It was pioneering time. An amazing time. Even though I wasn’t onstage back then, I was in the bleachers cheering these people on as hard as I could.

The bloodline of this online art scene was the “news stream” portion of web portal sites. The place where people post brief snippets and links to new amazing stuff they found. And the top of the heap, the best place to find new stuff which was updated many times every day … was the mighty Kaliber10000, or K10k.

Now, you have to understand when this was. I was a young design punk at the age of 21, and this is years before “blogs” existed so the spread of information was much slower than it is today. But K10k, man. If you wanted to have your finger on the pulse, you went there. I remember my palms sweating while waiting for their big redesign back in … what, 2001? When me and my design buddies would hang out we were constantly saying “Did you see that link on K10k today?”. That site saturated my life during that time. The boys even linked to a very early version of Signalnoise back in 2002. I felt like a king.

You could say sites like K10k paved the way for things like Twitter … hell, Twitter is basically a networked K10k newsfeed. But as time went on, the web portal sites closed up one by one and the blogosphere took over. The guys started up their own company, Cuban Council.

But I wanted to take a moment to tip the Signalnoise hat to K10k, which recently and proudly closed it’s doors. What Michael, Toke and Per did was extremely important to the web as a whole. But from personal experience … I probably never would have registered Signalnoise.com back in 1999 had I not been reading K10k everyday. I wouldn’t have been chasing a dream of creating digital art. That’s the truth.

So, here’s to you, K10k.

Monday poster launch!

I’m stupid excited to launch my newest movie poster on Monday morning, 9am EST. Sharp! I’ve been talking about this thing on Twitter and Facebook during production and things were finished up yesterday. It’s a beast, standing at 27″ x 41″. There have been some good guesses fired my way, but I’ve been keeping the actual film I designed for locked down. Only a few people have seen it at this point.

There is also a big online giveaway being set up with my favorite design blog, which will launch mid next week. More details on that action coming real soon as I arrange things with the top brass down in San Fran.

So be here Monday morning. Until then, I’ll be sweatin’ bullets over here.

Heading to Lincoln, NE

You and me, Lincoln! I’ll be getting on a plane tomorrow morning for my trek down to Nebraska to do a talk and hang out. My pal Nick Evans has planned things out, got some posters printed up and it sounds like we are all systems go. I’ll be packing up some stickers for those who come out to say hello. Here’s the details for the big day:

Signalnoise presentation: Back to the Future
When: Wednesday, October 12
Where: Embassy Suites Hotel, 1040 P. Street

Signalnoise Meet-up (Facebook)
When: Wednesday, October 12, 6pm – whenever
Where: Zen’s Lounge, 122 N. 11th Street
All are welcome!

That’s the scoop. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Signalnoise signed to Mystery Box

I’m proud to announce that Signalnoise has officially signed on with representatives at Mystery Box over in the UK, who will be handling the new business side of my company. When I was over in London for a few days I had the pleasure of hanging out and talking with Ollie Judge, and since then we have ironed out the details, inked some papers, and today is when we let the world know the scoop.

Things have been in flux these past few months with Signalnoise, where I’ve quite clearly noticed my strong points and weak points. After a while of stumbling about with ups and downs, I met Ollie and everything fell into place. On top of that, I’ll be standing next to the also newly signed artist on Mystery Box, my pal and awesome guy Tom Muller.

Having artist representation is brand new to me as I’ve been flying solo for the past few years. This announcement makes me excited for the future. New doors have opened up, new plans are in place, and good vibes are all around.

My contact page has been updated with the new business email. Be sure to swing over to the newly launched Mystery Box website (twitter), and say hello to Ollie on Twitter.

Dartmouth Design Meet: Tonight

This month the Halifax Design Meet will be moving over to Dartmouth, my stomping ground. Different venue, same great time. If you want to drop in to enjoy some cold beverages and meet some nice creative types, here are the details:

When: October 6, 8pm
Where: Celtic Corner, 69 Alderney Drive (map)
Who: Anyone who wants to come. Not limited to designers or whatever.

Hope to see you there.

Steve Jobs: 1955 – 2011

Introducing: Piles of Paper on Tumblr

I’d like to introduce a new companion to the Signalnoise blog, a little something I’m calling Piles of Paper.

I’ve said many times that I’ve been drawing my whole life, and I was fortunate enough to have parents who held onto art relics from my childhood, or had the common sense myself to file away my drawings into some big folders to save them. Well, it’s time those folders were opened.

Piles of Paper will feature scans of my childhood drawings, some from as far back as 1982. Some characters of my own, and others you may recognize. I won’t be holding anything back so there will be plenty of laughs. So lets laugh together and maybe share some memories. We all gotta start somewhere, right? Staying in drawing on Friday nights when most normal kids were out causing trouble. That was me. That’s where I started. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Swing over to the Piles of Paper Tumblr to check it out.

New Signalnoise contributor: Paul Panfalone

Sometimes when I’m in the throes of a big project (like right now, for example) I find it pretty difficult to keep things fresh on the blog. I like to post my work, other people’s work, and inspiration bits that I find on the web. I love doing it, but only so many hours in the day, y’know?

So, for the first time since I launched the blog back in late 2007 I will be enlisting the help of a contributor, Buffalo correspondent Paul Panfalone. I started seeing “Paul Pants” in the chatroom during my Signalnoise Broadcasts about a year ago, and eventually met him during my last trip to FITC Toronto. The dude drove up from Buffalo, New York to hang at the Signalnoise meet-up and talk cartoons and hockey with us. Dedication, right there.

Not only is Paul a designer, he also grew up during the same era that I did, the ’80s. He has a keen sense of remembering awesome cartoons, toys and all the great stuff from that time period. He has been posting some great stuff over on his blog, Swivelarms, and he’ll be bringing some of that over to Signalnoise for your viewing pleasure.

So, help me welcome Paul, follow him on Twitter, and you can look forward to him bringing some great entries to the blog. And bonus points if you can spot the design reference in that graphic above.