Special GUM CARDS broadcast

If you missed tuning into the live GUM CARDS broadcast yesterday, here is the recorded version for your viewing pleasure. In front of a live internet audience I told the story of GUM CARDS, my inspirations, process stuff and discussed a few of the future plans I have for the project. At the end we did a little Q&A session as well.

At one point I took off from my office and fell down the stairs. True story!

So have a watch, and swing by the GUM CARDS Indiegogo page to get all the information on the project. Big thanks to everyone who tuned in for the live show! It was a lot of fun.

GUM CARDS update: $1,650 raised

That’s right, the GUM CARDS funding is rapidly approaching the midway point in only 48 hours. $1,650 out of $4,000. I’m in completely shock over how quickly you have all jumped in to lend a hand through your pledges, tweets, comments and blog posts. It means the world to me and we have already taken a huge step to make this project a reality. THANK-YOU!

I’ll be working hard over here on the new cards, aiming to have a new design posted each week during the fundraising. Watch this space next week, can’t wait to unveil the next artist.

We are still going strong. Head over to the Indiegogo page to see how you can support the project, and follow GUM CARDS on Twitter for all the latest updates.