GUM CARDS: Production superpost

• Laying down the first colour on the Aaron Draplin card.

• The colour variant Draplin card. Gold ink!

• The Draplin regular edition card all printed up.

• The Johnny Cupcakes card with all colours down.

• The special Mama’s Sauce freebie card with metallic ink!

• The GUM CARDS buttons and stickers.

• GUM CARDS Collector embroidered patches.

The wait is almost over. Since running the successful GUM CARDS Indiegogo campaign I’ve been hard at work moving all the pieces of the project into production. Over the last few weeks everything has been coming together from the packaging, goodies, printing, and of course the cards themselves. Getting real close now.

The print production shots above were snapped by the crack team down at Mama’s Sauce who have been hard at work screen-printing all the cards. Just look at those colours. Amazing. Not only have they been printing stuff up but they suggested including a special Mama’s Sauce GUM CARD with all orders (while supplies last). So everyone who pledged during the campaign will be getting this fancy freebie, and it’s printed with metallic inks. So class.

Also landing at the HQ have been the extra goodies. Shown above are the GUM CARDS stickers as well as the special GUM CARDS Collector patches. These goodies will be included with the pledge packages as well as all orders once the store goes live. Speaking of the store, there will be a brand new GUM CARDS website launching once the cards are prepped to order.

Big days ahead. Thanks so much for the continued enthusiasm toward the project everyone. It truly means a lot. Remember to follow GUM CARDS on Twitter to keep up to date on all the action.

GUM CARDS: Supplies arriving

Since the GUM CARDS fundraising effort came to a (successful) close, I’ve been hard at work gathering all the little bits and pieces necessary to ship out the GUM CARDS once I receive them. The Signalnoise HQ has been filling up with boxes full of mailers, zip-locks, top-loader card cases, buttons and stickers. Can’t wait to get all this gear into action.

On the printing front, all the files have been prepped and shuffled off to Mama’s Sauce down in Orlando so they can begin their print wizardry.

Just a small update to keep everyone up to date. Everything is moving forward and in the coming weeks the HQ will be ablaze with the shipping process. Big days ahead. Remember to follow the Gum Cards Twitter and check out the official site for all the latest news.

GUM CARDS: $5,303 Raised

The final numbers are in. Through your generosity and support, the GUM CARDS fundraising effort has raised a whopping $5,303. Amazing. When I launched this project a month ago I really had no idea what would happen. It started as a fun, silly little idea. Something I’d collect if they existed. But here we are with a successful funding campaign facilitating everything and more to move forward.

This post is for everyone who helped me out this month. You know who you are. Your tweets, messages, posts, comments, pledges and encouragement kept this thing going and I’m hard at work over here getting all the little pieces together. The cards are in production and will be mailed out as soon as they are in my hands. Huge thank everyone.

The adventure starts now, gang.

GUM CARDS: Final Day of Fundraising

Here we are, the final day of the GUM CARDS fundraising effort. What a heck of a month this has been. Over in the Signalnoise HQ I’ve been holed-up creating designs for cards, goodies, web graphics and everything else needed to keep the train moving. And out there on the web all of you have been lending your support through tweets, pledges, blog posts and general encouragement. Just, wow.

As I type these words we have 17 hours remaining as we sprint to the finish line. The project has already been successfully funded but every little bit counts, meaning I can push the subsequent cards into production. As it stands, the Aaron Draplin and Johnny Cupcakes cards are being printed now with the Stefan Sagmeister card close on their heels. Everything is moving, gang.

So, if you’ve been waiting to pledge and secure the first 2 GUM CARDS, now is the time to act. Swing over to the Indiegogo fundraising page to see how you can help. We’re down to the wire and this funny little project has grown far beyond all expectation. I’ll be working hard to make it count. Thanks so much everyone.

GUM CARDS: Live Broadcast today

As i type this post we have 43 hours remaining on the GUM CARDS Indiegogo fundraising effort. We reached the goal a couple of weeks ago but I’m still running hard as I can toward the finishing line as the more we raise, the more cards I can move into production straight away. Down to the crunch!

So this afternoon, Tuesday the 7th at 2pm EST there will be a special GUM CARDS live broadcast. Since the project launched quite a lot has happened as I created more cards and materials to support the GUM CARDS experience, so the broadcast today will serve as a big summarization on the last month cover all the details. Along with the story, I’ll discuss the print process ramp-up and a few other fun ideas I want to incorporate into the project as it goes. After all the formalities, I’ll open the floor to a Q&A session with the audience. Possible laughs!

To re-iterate all the official GUM CARDS links, here we go:

• GUM CARDS on Indiegogo
• GUM CARDS Official
• GUM CARDS on Twitter
• GUM CARDS on Facebook

I’ll be sure to give everyone the heads up on Twitter when the broadcast today kicks off. See you in a few shorts hours!

GUM CARDS: Comic book ad and Broadcast

Since I came up with the GUM CARDS idea I’ve been thinking about the myriad of stuff I wanted to design around it to make the entire experience richer. One of the things I wanted to create was an advertisement as if it appeared on the back of a comic book in 1986. So I made one, inspired by old Lego and Nintendo advertisements from when I was a kid. Big names. Small cards.

So a bit of news. The clock is ticking down to the end of the GUM CARDS Indiegogo fundraising. As of next Wednesday it will be done, effectively wrapping up phase one of the project. So if you were planning on pledging but haven’t gotten around to it yet, time is running short. Cut in line to secure your GUM CARDS.

GUM CARDS Live Broadcast

A lot has been happening since I kicked off the GUM CARDS project. 3 new cards have been revealed, funding goal has been met and production has begun. But the easiest way to discuss all of this stuff is live. So this coming Tuesday (the 7th) I’ll be doing a second special GUM CARDS SNBC broadcast discussing everything about the project. This will be the day before the funding period ends, so if you want to know more about GUM CARDS be sure to tune in live. I’ll tell stories, show some goodies and answer questions live.

Once again, a big thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged the project. You have all made this experience incredible, and we’re just at the beginning.

GUM CARD #5: Jessica Hische

Here we go, a new week and a new GUM CARD. I’m crazy excited to announce the 5th card in the series, none other than that typographic wizard Jessica Hische. When I made the initial list of designers I wanted to include in the project, Jessica’s name was right at the top. And as I discovered over the last few weeks, she is probably the “most requested” designer to have her own GUM CARD. No foolin’, I got piles of notes demanding a Hische.

I managed to hang out with Jessica and a small group of people in Brighton last year at Flash on the Beach. Funny gal, great stories, swears and loves talkin’ about type. Everything I like in a fellow designer.

So here we go, 5 GUM CARDS designs with more on the way. As of typing this post we have 7 days left on the Indiegogo fundraising effort. Only 7 days to cut in line and grab the first two cards before they are unleashed online to the masses. These are all limited edition, man. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. So if you’re planning on pledging, don’t drag those heels.

Thank-you so much for being a part of this little project, Jessica! You rock.

GUM CARD #4: Olly Moss

I’m super excited to unveil the 4th card in the GUM CARDS series, one of my favorite designers out there these days, none other than UK-based poster wizard Olly Moss. I’ve been a fan of that guy for a couple of years now, ever since seeing his wonderful illustrations pop up on Flickr, prior to his killer collaborations with the mighty Mondo.

So, with Olly onboard this brings the GUM CARDS series to 4 cards in size which I will be printing sequentially. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve already started the process of getting the first 2 cards printed down at Mama’s Sauce so watch this space for details on when the cards will be made available. Only 250 of each with 50 variants. Slim numbers.

If you want to cut in line and reserve your cards before they sell out, the GUM CARDS Indiegogo is a great way to do just that. Check out the rewards that correspond with your pledge. Only 14 days left to get onboard.

And of course, a big thanks to Olly for being a part of this. Means a lot, thanks buddy.