Official Classic vectors

The guys over at Official Classic in Budapest have been pumping out some amazing vector works for the past while, all of which are available for purchase and download. I only grabbed a few of their robot images, but don’t be fooled has they have an ever expanding library of top notch stuff, including vehicles, weapons, geometric shapes, gamepads, buildings . . . the list goes on. But I really do enjoy those wacky robots.

Swing over to Official Classic to check out their full excellent library.

Signalnoise iPad Wallpaper pack

Here is a little something for all you iPad users out there. We in Canada still don’t have access to Apple’s new gadget, but judging by my Twitter stream there have been quite a few sold over the past little while. So, here is the first Signalnoise iPad Wallpaper Pack all ready to download. I selected a few of my pieces and adapted them to the iPad dimensions, which should work nicely in both portrait and landscape.

Click to access the full images.

Since I don’t have an iPad of my own, I can’t really test these before uploading. So if you notice any way these could be improved for better use, just drop me a line in the comments.

So, feel free to add a bit of color to your new gadget. Enjoy!

TutsPlus 2010 Commemorative poster

Tuts+ 2010 poster by James White

To kick off the new year in form, the kind folks over at the Tuts+ Network asked me to design a commemorative 2010 poster. I am always in support of those people and websites who help out designers and developers on all levels, and the team over at the Tuts+ camp constantly exhaust themselves. They run VectorTuts, NetTuts, AudioTuts, the mighty PsdTuts and a plethora of other art and tech sites. So of course, I jumped at the opportunity to help out such an admirable bunch.

Additionally, Tuts+ are having a giveaway on their site where you could win one of 10 copies of the 2010 poster. Swing over to the Tuts+ 2010 contest post to see all the information. I created a wallpaper set of the design to download for your computer or iPhone, all of which are available on their website.

2010 wallpaper by James White

I love having an open-ended ticket to create a design, which was exactly what the team requested of me so long as it said “2010” somewhere. After doing some research on sci-fi publications from the 70s and 80s I took some heavy inspiration from Omni magazine covers. Omni had a way of creating interesting yet vague imagery, something that left a lot to the imagination. I wanted to strike that vibe for the Tuts+ crew, I even modeled the type after Omni’s title treatment.

Omni magazine

Initially, the design didn’t come together as quickly as I thought it would and the original attempts had me on a completely different course of action. Check out these early type-based versions:

Tuts+ 2010 poster by James White

I decided to ditch the entire concept and start from scratch, I wanted to do something more striking than a stylized number. I went back to the sketch phase and started working out another concept, and one involved an ‘exploding astronaut’ which later became the Abduzeedo anniversary poster. A big thanks to Sean Hodge over at the Tuts+ Network for being so cool as I fumbled about with my concepts in my search for the right one. You rule, man!

Swing on over to the post on Tuts+ for your chance to win one of the 2010 commemorative posters, and why not grab some wallpapers while you’re at it. Happy New Year!

‘3 Inspiring Years’ wallpaper

Abduzeedo 3 Inspiring Years wallpaper James White

There are now wallpaper versions of my 3 Inspiring Years poster designed for the big Abduzeedo 3-year anniversary giveaway. Swing on over to the post on Abduzeedo to grab the files for your desktop or iPhone.

Signalnoise theme for Google Chrome

Signalnoise theme for Google Chrome by James White

Google Chrome theme by James White

Signalnoise Google Chrome theme by James White

Signalnoise theme for Google Chrome by James White

I was asked by the mighty Google to participate in the launch of the new artist themes collection for Google Chrome, available for the first time on their website. The artist theme collection showcases over 100 leading artists, architects, musicians, illustrators, and fashion and interior designers from around the world who took the standard Google Chrome design and created their own unique version. In their own words:

“Our group of contributing artists come from a variety of styles and genres in the world of fashion and music.  All of these individuals have demonstrated creativity and innovation in their field of expertise, and when taken together, appeal to a variety of users. The collection of artist themes for Google Chrome displays a spectrum of creativity and variation to inspire users to customize their browser in a way that reflects their personal style.”

This was an exciting project to work on, recreating all of Google’s elements and rollovers while adding my own colorful touch.When it comes to program interfaces I use, I tend to like things very clean and organized which doesn’t take away from the content. So when it came to my own browser theme, it was challenging to add some pizazz while keeping things as basic as I could. The navigation buttons look different then my original design, will have to look into that.

I would like to thank all those at Google for making this possible. If you would like to check out the Signalnoise theme as well as many others, go to the artist themes collection, the Chrome blog, the Google blog or the official Google Twitter.

The Tron Legacy wallpaper

Tron Legacy wallpaper by James White

Last week I released my Tron Legacy poster design as an iPhone wallpaper and as a result had quite a few requests for a full monitor version. So, here is the full Tron Legacy wallpaper in multiple sizes for your computer.

1920 x 1200
1680 x 1050
1440 x 900
1280 x 1024
1280 x 800
1024 x 768

Feel free to download the suitable file to add a bit of neon sci-fi to your desktop. Enjoy!

Tron Legacy for your iPhone

Tron Legacy iPhone wallpaper by James White

It’s been some time since I uploaded any iPhone wallpapers to the blog, and I’ve had a few requests to make this one available.

So, here is my Tron Legacy poster design cropped to fit the display of your iPhone, feel free to download it here and add some sci-fi Disney color to your favorite handheld. Enjoy!

Signalnoise Source: PSD download

Signalnoise Source: Exp.1

Last week I announced a new project I have been working on, a DVD of PSD source files entitled The Signalnoise Source. I have been working on developing and preparing the files over the past few weeks and things are going very smoothly, can’t wait to get this into peoples’ hands.

However, a few other projects have been brought to my attention over the past week which have a great capacity to stall the release. It sucks, but these new endeavours are both large and exiting.

So, because it pangs me to not deliver on what I set out to do (I’m fairly hard on myself that way) I decided to upload a small sample from the DVD set to show the kind of work that can be expected once the project ramps up. The set will include style and asset exercises such as this one with all layers intact so you can turn things on and off to see what’s going on, as well as view all the layer settings I have in place.

As I said before, I am creating these PSDs to help out those interested in learning through example. So please don’t download this source and re-sell it for commercial use, that will ruin the game for everyone.

Download the Signalnoise Source PSD, and have fun!