For Steve – Wallpaper

1 year ago today, as I watched the flowing tributes to Steve Jobs on my Twitter stream, I designed a little Sad Mac icon for the blog. It was nothing big or profound, just a little tribute of my own for the man whose ideas, philosophy and technology has touched all our lives. A few days following I was contacted by NewsWeek magazine and my little icon was placed on the first page, opposite the table of contents in their Steve Jobs commemorative issue and was seen by hundreds of thousands. An unexpected journey for my little tribute.

So on the day we remember Steve, I’ve put together some wallpapers available to download featuring my little Sad Mac.

• 2880 x 1800px
• 2560 x 1440px
• 1920 x 1200px
• 1680 x 1050px
• 1440 x 900px
• 1280 x 1024px
• 1280 x 800px
• 1024 x 768px
• iPhone
• iPad

Feel free to use this wallpaper for your desktop or mobile. For Steve.

Downloadable DRIVE Blu-Ray cover

Today is the day DRIVE is released on Blu-Ray in North America, and to celebrate one of the most talked-about movies of 2011 Signalnoise and Mystery Box has put together a little package of goodies available to download.

Since a lot of people will be grabbing the Blu-Ray today, included in the download you will get a PDF version of my own DRIVE Blu-Ray sleeve design all ready for print. I designed everything up proper and cut out all the marketing boloney. For the fans. Here’s what you do:

1. Download the ZIP file here: Signalnoise DRIVE Blu-ray cover.
2. Unzip that sucker and open signalnoise_drivebluray.pdf.
3. Print that thing, preferably on an 8.5″ x 14″ paper at 100%.
4. Cut along the crop marks, use a knife and ruler for maximum results.
5. Slip it into your DRIVE Blu-Ray case. Done.

Along with the Blu-Ray cover we have included a couple of iPhone and iPad wallpapers to sweeten the deal. Add some hot pink to your favorite mobile device. Enjoy!

Signalnoise identity wallpaper

I’ve had a few requests to launch some wallpapers of the new Signalnoise identity, so here we go. I like my wallpaper to be clean, tidy, organized, tough and reliable. No crazy designs getting in the way of the folders on my desktop. I launched my previous logo as a wallpaper set about 2 years ago, so it’s about time we got the new one into circulation. Here are the sizes.

2560 x 1440
1920 x 1200
1680 x 1050
1440 x 900
1280 x 1024
1280 x 800
1024 x 768

Feel free to have a download and add some color to your device of choice. My apologies to Abduzeedo, I totally stole their device preview shots because I was too lazy to make my own. Sorry Fabio!

Orb vs. Cube: Free vector download

A few weeks ago I was playing around with this vector graphic I made of an orb inside a hollowed cube, trying to make a geometric poster or use it as an element in a larger piece. I tried a few ideas then tossed it on the sidelines to chase another concept. This was originally going to be a part of the Year Zero design but I couldn’t quite make it fit. However, I liked design of the element and wanted to do something else with it.

This is the first time I’ve done anything like this, but I want to make the little vector graphic available for you to use. I put together the above design using the cube to show what can be done with effects and stuff in Photoshop, and here are a few of the unsuccessful concepts I was playing with in Illustrator in an attempt to make the element look good.

So, I’m interested to see what you can do. This isn’t a contest or anything, just a fun experiment if you are looking for a reason to make things. Simply download my vector file (EPS) right here and start playing with it in any form you please. Change the colors, add effects, pattern it, bust it apart, whatever you might have fun doing. The sky’s the limit.

Once you are done, feel free to post your creation in the Signalnoise Flickr pool. I’d love to see what you come up with. Have fun!

Signalnoise Source: PSD and Ai files now available

I’m really excited to announce the release of my Signalnoise Source group of Photoshop and Illustrator files now available for purchase in the Signalnoise Store. This project was originally supposed to be available through the order of a DVD, but I wanted to cut out the production cost and wait time of orders. So, I shifted things to a download for more instant usability.

The purpose of my releasing these source files is simple, to show people how I work. I field many questions from designers via my broadcast, Twitter and email regarding process, so now you can have a look inside the files and even play with the elements yourself. All of the layers, modes and effects are intact so you can really get a sense of how these images are built by exploring each element. And if you used any of these files to create something of your own, why not upload your creation to the newly formed Signalnoise Flickr group.

You can place an order for the Photoshop and Illustrator files over at the Signalnoise Store, each Photoshop file is 150dpi at 1200 x 1500. Once you place the order you will be able to instantly download the corresponding ZIP file. You will be ready to open these files up and start experimenting and creating right away.

Now the stern bit. Because I would like to do more of these in the future, please treat these files with respect. By “respect”, I mean the following:

Do not use these files or any elements for commercial work.
Do not resell any of these files or elements.
Do not distribute these files. They are for you, nobody else.
Do not print these files and sell them.

I can’t stress it enough to abide by these simple rules. These files are made available to folks who would like a deeper understanding of Photoshop and Illustrator, how I arrange elements to achieve the effects I do, and for a launchpad for personal experimentation and visual exploration. In short, I want people to learn from these files and have fun using that knowledge to create, not use my hard work in hopes of making a buck. So, by purchasing and downloading these Photoshop and Illustrator files you are agreeing with these 4 points. Cool?

So, swing on over to the Signalnoise Store and place an order as you normally would. But instead of receiving something in the mail, you will get an instant download. Hope you have lots of fun playing with the elements I’m making available, and remember to post your creations to the newly formed Signalnoise Flickr group. Lets get this giant collaboration going, kids.

Tron Legacy v2 wallpaper

A couple of weeks ago I released my new Tron Legacy poster, adapted to the style and palette of the new trailers promoting the movie. With my first Tron Legacy poster I released a set of wallpapers with the same design, so here are the revised versions featuring the new design. Sorry it took me a little while to get these online, it’s surprising how long it takes to make different sizes of my crazy PSD files. Here are the links:

1024 x 768
1280 x 800
1280 x 1024
1440 x 900
1680 x 1050
1920 x 1200
2560 x 1440

Please note that this design is fan-based and not official, just something I did for fun because I am enjoying the look of the upcoming Disney film. Feel free to download the proper size to add some neon action to your desktop or mobile device. Enjoy!

Signalnoise and Abduzeedo: World Collabs 3

I’m pretty excited about this team-up with the mighty Abduzeedo for World Collabs #3. I was asked by Aloa to take part in this segment and supply them with a fully layered PSD document for participants to download, remix and reinvent into their own unique creations. Collaborations are something I truly believe in, and what better way of collaborating then with a bunch of people at once?

I constructed the above image using elements from previous works, both used and unused. I didn’t make this an easy process with all my overlays and glows as I really want the participants to push themselves and beat these things into a creation of their own, much like my own process. :)

Tip: Analyze the layers and effects, turn them on and off to see what they are doing. Create a new PSD document at the same size and resolution, then start sliding the layers into the new PSD one by one. This way you can see the individual elements at work instead of simply sliding them around. How can you change the idea and composition?

Swing on over to to the post on Abduzeedo, The World Collabs #3 with James White to read the rules, grab the PSD and check out the submission details. I’m really excited to see what people come up with using the elements I supplied.

Create your basic identity guide

If you are anything like me and you have your personal logo for use on your website or whatever, you probably just have one version saved in an AI document. You open it whenever needed and adapt it on the fly to whatever you might be using it for. I did the same thing for years.

However, with the new Signalnoise project I’m working on I realized that wasn’t going to cut it. I will be needing to send my logo to other people for use across a few different mediums, on different colors, using a different colors, etc and I would be spending a lot of time asking these questions and creating the logo per task. That eats up a lot of time, so I spent a little while thinking about my identity and creating different versions for use in these situations, in the form of a basic identity AI document.

Some of you might have learned about Brand Standards Manuals in school, where you create a book of rules and regulations on how the logo will be used. You might not need to do it to that extent for your personal identity, but it’s good general practice to think about these alternate variations of your identity and create them in one document. Not only will it point out problems (like color variations), but it will create a nice accessible library you can grab quickly or send to those who might need it. Think about things like: will you be printing on black or white? Will your logo be 1-color or full color? Will there be a wordmark or just an icon? It’s interesting stuff, and will certainly strengthen your personal identity.

Need a hand? Download the Signalnoise Basic Identity (AI, CS4) and have a look.