Terminator 2: Poster giveaway

Terminator 2 poster by James White

It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway on the blog, so here we go. When I ordered a litho proof of my TERMINATOR 2 poster last week, the print shop was kind enough to send me 2 copies. One went to my pal Eric and the other is up for grabs right here. 18″ x 24″ of that angry stare.

Not only will you get the poster, but I’ll throw in some Signalnoise stickers and buttons. The winner will also get the original 2 concept sketches straight from my sketchbook. One of a kind, signed for authenticity.

Entering the contest is easy. Comment on this post, and for fun tell me your favorite action movie of all time. Be sure to enter a valid email address so I’ll be able to contact you if your name is selected. I’ll be using a random number generator to pick the winner. Please only one comment to enter. Multiple comments will be omitted. I’ll leave the comments open until Friday, September 7 at 11:59pm and announce the winner the following Monday morning on Twitter.

Update: Entry period has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered! I will announce the winner on Monday morning via Twitter.

Downloadable DRIVE Blu-Ray cover

Today is the day DRIVE is released on Blu-Ray in North America, and to celebrate one of the most talked-about movies of 2011 Signalnoise and Mystery Box has put together a little package of goodies available to download.

Since a lot of people will be grabbing the Blu-Ray today, included in the download you will get a PDF version of my own DRIVE Blu-Ray sleeve design all ready for print. I designed everything up proper and cut out all the marketing boloney. For the fans. Here’s what you do:

1. Download the ZIP file here: Signalnoise DRIVE Blu-ray cover.
2. Unzip that sucker and open signalnoise_drivebluray.pdf.
3. Print that thing, preferably on an 8.5″ x 14″ paper at 100%.
4. Cut along the crop marks, use a knife and ruler for maximum results.
5. Slip it into your DRIVE Blu-Ray case. Done.

Along with the Blu-Ray cover we have included a couple of iPhone and iPad wallpapers to sweeten the deal. Add some hot pink to your favorite mobile device. Enjoy!

Jay and Silent Bob: Colouring Contest Winner

The winner has been selected! It was a really tough decision given the stellar entries, but I couldn’t get past the smooth Letraset Marie-Michelle from Gatineau, Quebec. Lovely tones in there with a great cloud addition to the background. And there’s something about that bright red on the hockey stick, really sets everything off.

Congratulations Marie-Michelle! Send me your shipping address via email and I’ll get all your prizes shipped out asap!

Honourable Mentions!

Here are a few of the great entries I received. All of which I liked for different reasons. I also wanted to include the youngsters who got into the colouring as well. A real bunch of heroes, here we go …

• Adorable 4-year old Genevieve, real proud of her entry.

• A very leisurely 7-year-old Andrew, showing off this skills.

• Lianna rocked the TRON style! You know how much I like that action.

• 4-year-old Alex is getting to work!

• Some acrylic paints coming from Rob Michaud.

And also …

Here are a pair of entries that couldn’t make it into the ranks of judgment, but were darn good efforts all around.

• Nebraska's own Nick Evans comes in with some Photoshopped TRON action. Glows!

• Buffalo-correspondent Paul Pants threw it down hard. Check those shirts!

A big thanks to everyone who showed such enthusiasm for this little contest. I was thrilled to see so many people stepping away from their computers to do some old school colouring. Warms my heart. Well done, everyone.

DRIVE poster giveaway on Abduzeedo

Here is your chance to own one of the very few first run Signalnoise DRIVE posters. The response to this unofficial poster has been overwhelming and I’d really like to get it into peoples’ hands, so I’m teaming up with my good friends at Abduzeedo to host a giveaway. 3 lucky winners will score a first run poster, hand-signed and numbered and this beast stands at 24″ x 36″.

Because this poster is unofficial, unapproved by any production companies, and a bit of a renegade, the first print run is incredibly small. I’m talkin’, like 20. I’d like to offer it for sale someday, but that all depends on approval. Hopefully that can happen, but until then this run of 20 will be all there is. Scarce, I know.

To enter is easy, swing over to the giveaway post on Abduzeedo and leave a comment in the comment box. Done. 1 comment per person please, blanket coverage will result in my showing up at your desk with a hammer. Contest closes Sunday evening, October 30. Winners will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, October 31 at 12pmEST. Halloween!

So get over to that giveaway and get entered. Best of luck to you all!

UPDATE: Entry period has been closed. Thanks to all who participated!

Montreal Meets: Contest giveaway

Good news for all you kids who were unable to attend the Montreal Meets event last month. Francois Hoang, the founder and organizer of the event, is giving away a couple of posters designed by Fabio Sasso and myself and a Montreal Meets t-shirt all of which were created for the event itself. Limited runs of all these bad boys, so don’t miss out on a chance to own this gear.

Entering is easy. Simply leave a comment on this post to enter here, then swing over to this post and leave a comment to enter on the Montreal Meets site. The contest ends on February 25th. Move, move!

Comments are now closed. Thanks for entering!

Signalnoise Retro Poster Competition: Winners!

Here it is, the finale for the Signalnoise Retro Poster Competition is upon us. When I posted this contest back in October I really wasn’t expecting such a huge reaction from artists and designers from all over the world. After clocking 131 entries in total, it was a very difficult and lengthy process of selecting the honorable mentions let alone the prize winner. A huge thanks to everyone who entered. The amount of time and effort you put forth is absolutely staggering. You should all be proud of yourselves.

So, without further yackin’, the winners!

First place winner

The first place winner is simply called Welcome! by Erick Diaz. Selecting a winner out of such a diverse bunch of designs was incredibly difficult, as I’m sure you can imagine. Many different styles and ideas were pursued which is exactly what I was hoping for. But after many rounds of cuts, this poster really stood out for many reasons. Aside from really liking the color palette, the sheer number of elements displayed in this design are laid out in a very logical and clever fashion. I really like the Vegas props used, like the spades, dice, palm tress etc and the typography is diverse and fun harkening back to type-heavy travel and film posters from the 40s and 50s. I can easily see this hanging in an airport some 60 years ago.

A big congratulations to Erick Diaz for a job well done! You will be receiving your Signalnoise prize pack soon.

Honorable mentions

And lets not forget those who made the final cut. Here are the posters I thought were beautifully crafted in both style and content, and certainly deserved to get a featured spot in this competition. As I said, it was incredibly difficult to pick one out of so many excellent posters, so please feast on these honorable mentions, and check out the links to their portfolios.

JAWS Tribute: Amity Island by Wes Moore

Analog by Aether Studios

Spring84 by Michael Rubini

Berne by Jason Jeffery

Rocket 88 by Richard Davies

Lack of Colour by Kelley Toombs

A big thanks and congratulations to everyone who entered the first Signalnoise Retro Poster Competition, and to those who supported it and got the word out. The response blew me away and you can bet there will be another design-based competition in the near future as it is already in the works. Stay tuned for more!

Signalnoise Retro Poster Competition: Submissions

Well, it’s been a good month and a bit watching the submissions pour in for the Signalnoise Retro Poster Competition, and I’m really happy to post them all right here. Please be warned, this post is the longest that has appeared on my blog, so you might need to give it a little bit to load, as there are 131 entries. The response has been incredible.

I kept the competition description simplistic for a very good reason. When I create my personal posters I start off with the idea of creating something referencing the past, and develop my idea from there. I wanted those interested in entering to work the exact same way I do, and to create some new pieces they can be proud of. As a result, just look at the diversity of the posters below. Their styles, content and palettes are all over the map which in my opinion, makes this competition a huge success. Thanks so much to everyone who took part, a huge high-five to you all.

The entries shown here all met the guidelines of the original post. If you do not see your entry here, it might not have been labeled properly in the Signalnoise Flickr Pool. Please contact me if I missed you, and send me the link to your entry.

Have fun scrolling through these colorful posters, and I urge you to drop by the Signalnoise Flickr Pool if you want to see more by any of the artists. I’ll be going through all the submissions over the next few days and will post the winners by the end of the week. Stay tuned!

View all 131 submissions here »

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Gizmodo + Signalnoise: Tron poster giveaway

Signalnoise and the mighty Gizmodo have teamed up to bring you the Tron Poster Giveaway. Five lucky winners will receive a full set of my 3 Tron fan posters created over the past year. If this is your first time seeing the designs, check out this post for the full story on the Tron trilogy I created. These posters are not official, simply put I designed them because I love the style of the past Tron film as well as the upcoming Tron Legacy.

So, swing over to the post on Gizmodo for your chance to win a full set of the Signalnoise Tron poster trilogy. A big thanks to the kind folks at Gizmodo for generously hosting this contest. Best of luck, everyone!