SNBC:49 – General Q&A

Here is the recorded version of SNBC:49 for your viewing pleasure. Once again, we didn’t have any specific topic to discuss so we did a general Q&A session and covered topics like my Year Zero type, copyrighting work, some of my personal projects, vector sketches, focusing on design interests, infographics, the weirdness of Illustrator, coping with design failures and lots of other fun topics. Have a watch.

Be sure to tune into the show live, Thursdays at 3pm EST.

SNBC:48 – General Q&A

Here is the recorded version of SNBC:48 which went live a few weeks back, if you missed out on tuning in at the time. There wasn’t any specific topic this time around, just a general Q&A session with the viewers where we talked about SmartObjects, Dave McKean, focusing on your design interests, great inspiration websites, seeing art as a lifestyle, my favorite design books, using natural lighting effects in your work and a bunch of other fun topics.

So have a watch and be sure to tune in live, Thursdays at 3pm EST.

Three Hours of Power

12 years ago today is when I registered as my website. I was working at my first job at the time, Internet Solutions here in Halifax when the kind folks there helped me out in setting things up for the first time. I wanted my own little corner of the internet to upload my art and designs. At the time I had no idea what this would grow to be, but I’m happy to say it still feels like that same little corner I was excited about back in 1999.

Also by some twist of fate, today marks the 50th SNBC broadcast. Very strange how that worked out, huh? So I will be doing SNBC:50 a day earlier then usual and will be following my good pal Nick Campbell, going live once he finishes up his GSG Live Cast. But the fun doesn’t stop there because you can tune in later this evening to see my buddy Ryan McGovern live with DesignChat, and his special guest Carolina de Bartolo. So much art and design, love it. All the info and times are on the graphic above.

EDIT: This event has ended. Thanks for tuning in everyone.

SNBC:47 – Personal Creativity

Here is the recorded version of SNBC:47 with a focus on personal creativity. The day before I recorded this SNBC, Nick Campbell over at Greyscalegorilla did a very interesting GSG Live Cast focused on the work and creativity that lands outside of client and technical stuff. I really enjoyed his ideas, philosophies and insights on this very abstract topic. It’s very difficult to talk about where our personal creativity comes from and what we can do with it, but Nick did a wonderful job. His broadcast is posted above, highly recommend giving it a watch.

So the day after I decided to springboard off his discussion and talk about my own experience when dealing with personal work and creativity. Both of our broadcasts deal not with the “how” of what we do, but rather the “why” we do what we do. It was great to discuss this topic with viewers, and I hope you enjoy.

SNBC:46 – General design QA

Here is the recorded version of SNBC:46 with a general design QA session. I missed the week prior to this broadcast due to the launch of the Help Japan poster initiative and everything that came about as a result of that. This was a great time and it felt good to get back in front of the camera to hang out with viewers. We covered an array of general art and design topics, one of which being the Help Japan project itself and dealing with the negative side of feedback. It was good to talk about and allowed me to express some of the stuff going on in my head. Thanks for that, Fulton!

SNBC:45 – WIRED dropcap PSD breakdown

If you weren’t able to tune into SNBC:45 a couple of weeks ago, here is the recorded version for you to check out. This time around I did another live Photoshop breakdown of one of my recent designs for WIRED Magazine. I did some type design for the magazine and I demonstrate here of the vector and raster work, showing some layers, effects and tricks. Following the demo, we had a general art and design QA where we discussed poster printing, tech stuff and other fun topics. Always a great time.

Sorry about the split video, Ustream failed on me again and I had to restart the recording midway through. Can’t win ‘em all.

SNBC:44 – General design QA

If you missed out on tuning into SNBC:44 yesterday afternoon, here is the recorded version. We had a general QA session this week and I answered some great questions from people in the chat room. We discussed the importance of running a blog, dealing with client feedback, the use of business cards, how I created my Wired type work, the best design briefs to get, my favorite art books, freelance hours and a bunch more stuff. Awesome time.

So have a watch and I’ll see you next week, Thursday at 3pm EST.

SNBC:43 – Guest, illustrator Mike Holmes

If you missed tuning into SNBC:43 live last Thursday, here is the recorded version for you to watch. Last week I had my first guest on the show to talk some art and illustration, my good pal Mike Holmes trekked over to hang out. Mike is a talented illustrator who has several published graphic novels: Shenanigans (Oni), This American Drive (Invisible), This is a Souvenir (Image), and the released-in-April True Story (Invisible). He has also done gig posters for famed funnymen Paul F. Tompkins and Patton Oswalt.

If you are from here in Halifax, you will have seen Mike’s awesome True Story strip running every week in The Coast.

Mike came over to share some stories, some tips and some laughs. It was a great time. So have a watch, and be sure to check out Mike’s Flickr, Tumblr and say hello to him on Twitter.