SNBC:55 – General Q&A

Presented here is the recorded version of SNBC:55 with a general art and design Q&A. Feel free to have a watch.

SNBC:54 – General Q&A

For your viewing pleasure, here is the recorded version of SNBC:54 with a general art and design Q&A session.

Retro TV style frames for VH1

While digging around in my client files the other day I came across these style frames I created for VH1 a little while back.  I was hired to create the digital boards for their new television lightswitch, essentially working on sequences and mapping out motion to stylize their bumpers and logo spots. A lot of these are super early in the process, rough stuff to catch a style even before I had the logo. Experiments, really. Lost relics.

Some are better then others, but early on I really wanted to push some retro television styles into this, and try to create a flavor of television design from the late 70s and early 80s. Spectrums, lens flares, space stuff, all the things I remember seeing on tv when I was a kid. I wanted it a bit rough and textured as well. Complete with slight film skips and dust. Authentic, ya know?

Most of these went unused and the final product was predominately my spectrum lines all animated up. Really cool stuff, and put together by the talented folks at Laundry. Check it out. Real pretty, love the lighting they did.

When I came across the images above I was reminded of the original vision I had. Something vintage, oldschool tube television from back in the day. Had a great time working these up.

SNBC promotional poster

An unused client piece adapted to a little promotional poster for the Signalnoise Broadcast.

SNBC:53 – General Q&A

For those who were unable to tune in live yesterday for SNBC:53, here is the recorded version for you to check out. I might have been a bit sick yesterday but I missed the previous week’s broadcast because I was traveling. So here we go.

I didn’t have a topic once again, just a general question and answer period where we covered topics such as the Signalnoise Store and new products, video game box art, designing with a grid, designing the “bullseye”, the idea of timeless design, changing your artistic style, and a bunch of other fun subjects.

So have a watch, and I will see you at the regular time next week, Thursday at 3pm EST.

SNBC:52 – FITC Toronto 2011 wrap-up

Here is the recorded version of SNBC:52, which was a big FITC Toronto 2011 wrap-up. I took a big chunk of the show to talk about all of the presentations I saw, the people I met, the things I saw, and how my onstage antics went. I made a post on the blog that outlined the same general stuff, but this broadcast is a bigger telling of the story. So if you didn’t make it to FITC Toronto (or if you did), have a watch for my big recap.

SNBC:51 – General Q&A

If you missed out on tuning in live to SNBC:51, here is the recorded version for you to check out. No topic-based discussion this week, just a general question and answer session. We covered subjects such as starting your own online store, logo design process, staying focused on client work while having your personal work on the go, the cost of software, the power of sketching, etc. Lots of fun.

Be sure to check me out live most Thursdays at 3pm EST and bring those questions.

SNBC:50 – Signalnoise 12th birthday

Here is the recorded version of SNBC:50, a big show! This show was live last Wednesday, as opposed to my normal timeslot of Thursday. The reason for that is because April 20th was the 12th birthday of I registered the Signalnoise domain name back in 1999 when I started my career in the web field. It’s been a wild ride over the last 12 years, so what I decided to do for this show was to tell the story of the website. When it started, why it started, what it was used for at various points in my career, how it changed, etc.

Not many questions were answered, just a sprawling story. The reason for this was simple: I get a lot of questions about my past experience and education and I thought it would be nice to have the full story all in one place for those interested. I had a great time doing this one, and totally needed a nap afterward. And as a capper, my pal Jerko showed up for the second installment of Ask Jerko. Hilarious.

Big thanks to my pal Nick Campbell for the hand-off as part of the 3 Hours of Power. Always enjoy doing back-to-back shows for a larger block of creative talk. Thanks Nick!