WarGames poster for Skuzzles

WAR GAMES poster by James White

WAR GAMES poster by James White

WAR GAMES Regular Edition

WAR GAMES poster by James White

WAR GAMES “Green CRT” Variant Edition

WAR GAMES poster by James White

WAR GAMES poster by James White

Early concept sketches.

WAR GAMES poster by James White

Initial digital sketch and colour study.

WAR GAMES poster by James White

An early version of the poster, including a can of TAB.

Oh man, here we go. I’m super proud to release a poster for one of my favourite childhood movies, WARGAMES (1983). I was approached by the crack team at Skuzzles and was absolutely honoured when they asked me to design this thing. Almost dropped the phone, no foolin’. This is my first officially commissioned movie poster outside of my work with Mystery Box. And this is printed by the totally badass DL Screenprinting. Hands are shaking just typing this.

Above you can see the regular edition as well as the special “Green CRT” variant. SO much green in there man, just like the computer screens of old. So lets cut right to the chase and post some details straight from Skuzzles High Command…

The Details

We are really excited to be announcing our latest addition to the Skuzzles poster family.  We reached out to another of our fellow axe-wielding, plaid covered, maple syrup chugging Canadian, James White of Signalnoise, to create an officially licensed limited edition screen print for the 1983 cult classic WARGAMES.   This Academy Award nominated hit starring Matthew Broderick, was one of the first movies to expose “hacker culture” on the big screen and featured the use of the IMSAI 8080 microcomputer and a 212A (Cermetek) modem.  It was no surprise that James’ artwork completely nailed the feel of the movie combining the digital tech, military and character aspects of the film.  When James presented us the idea of his variant to compliment his incredible stylish regular we were completely on board.  The end result of the variant gives the perception you are looking at a monochrome CRT computer monitor aka “Green Screen”.

We can’t wait to hear your reactions when you see these war games screen prints in person.  Such an amazing look to this print.

WARGAMES Regular Edition

  •        Price $45
  •        Size 36″ x 24″ – 5 color screen print
  •        Edition size of 165
  •        Printing by DL Screenprinting
  •        Artwork by James White - Signalnoise

WARGAMES “Green CRT” Variant Edition

  •        Price $60
  •        Size 36″ x 24″ - 5 color screen print
  •        Edition size of 70
  •        Printing by DL Screenprinting
  •        Artwork by James White - Signalnoise

GLOBAL THERMONUCLEAR WAR BEGINS (screen prints on sale) on Tuesday July 23 @ 12:00PM Eastern Time on our homepage. Join our mailing list  or follow us on twitter @SKUZZLESCAN for announcements.

Patch designs for NFB Space School

NFB Space School

NFB Space School

NFB Space School

NFB Space School

Been designing a lot of patch designs over the last little while, and been loving every second of it. I’m proud to show these mission patch-style logos created for the mighty National Film Board of Canada in support of their Space School initiative. Bit of a story here…

About 2 years ago I designed a handful of patches for NASA, unofficially. See, NASA has been a dream client of mine since I was a little kid learning about the stars, SkyLab, space shuttles, the whole thing. So I tried to get NASA’s attention through designing some patches and tweeting the hell out of them. In short it didn’t work, but I had some neat portfolio pieces in the end. Then a few months later I got a call from the NFB to design the suckers you see above, a direct result of those NASA patches. You never know what will happen when you put your stuff out there, man.

I was blown away when they launched the NFB Space School site, because right at the front was my logo on a bigass rocket. Dream come true. That top notch animation was done by my pal Joël LeLièvre. Quality goods.

A big thanks to Paul and the Space School team for rolling the dice on Signalnoise!

Adobe vs. Signalnoise for SDCC

Adobe vs. Signalnoise

Adobe vs. Signalnoise

Adobe vs. Signalnoise

Adobe vs. Signalnoise

Adobe vs. Signalnoise

Adobe vs. Signalnoise

• Photographed my own hand for reference, then sent this initial sketch to Adobe.

I was approached by my friends at Adobe to get some input on a tshirt design they wanted to do for the San Diego Comic Convention. They wanted a little limited edition thing to give out to people who dropped by their booth, but something a bit more interesting than just the Photoshop logo. Something people would want to wear with pride.

So my kneejerk, knuckle-headed response was “We should make an ’80s metal shirt!” and to my complete surprise they jumped at the idea. The only reason I blurted that out in the first place is because I wanted that shirt for myself. After I stopped laughing I got right to it. Chrome text, fist, red brush text… this design got it all. Tour tshirts always have the tour dates listed on the back, so for this one I listed all the dates of Photoshop’s major version releases and the actual codenames. So nerdy, man.

Once I started building that chrome hand I thought I may have bitten off more than I could chew. Never tried anything like that before, but it all came together in the end. Picked up a few new skills along the way, can’t sneeze at that. Above you can see I took a photo of my own hand for reference.

As of now, this shirt will only be available at the Adobe booth (#4145) at SDCC, and only through my man Daniel Presedo. Hit him up on Twitter. Very limited supply, so if you’re going to be there and want one of these silly things, you’ll need to act fast!

Patch designs for Opera Browser

Opera Browser

Opera Browser

Opera Browser

Opera Browser

I’m proud to show some work I recently did for the awesome people over at Opera Browser. Today they released their Made to Discover initiative featuring an amazing cliff-jumping short film that you should definitely check out. Opera reached out to Signalnoise to do some custom “boy scout style” patches to sync up with their idea of discovery. So Mystery Box and I got to work.

Shown above is the brand new website designed by my talented pal Radim Malinic, where you’ll see my little patches scattered throughout. The second image above shows some other styles and variations we explored before settling on the nice orange ones above. Can you tell I was stuck on that compass idea?

Now you have to understand, Opera is a browser that I’ve been seeing during my entire “online” life. Back in 1995 I remember seeing Netscape and Opera… those were the 2 browsers at the school I went to, so getting the opportunity to work with these guys means a heck of a lot. Never would have thought 18 years ago, man…

Big thanks to the wicked people over at Opera for rolling the dice on Signalnoise!

Signalnoise poster for Creative Control

Signalnoise for Creative Control

Creative Control logo

Creative Control process

This was a fun one. Signalnoise and Mystery Box teamed-up with Opening Doors over in the UK to develop the first limited edition poster for their Creative Control initiative. We even designed the logo for them, seen above. A great bunch to work with, they let me do whatever I wanted so we settled on a nice cosmic setting and got to it.

I got the opportunity with this poster to explore a style I hadn’t done in quite some time, utilizing some fun and bold line work. I then mixed in a bit of the current illustration style I’m doing with some brushwork and geometric form on the ship. Fun stuff, man. I added some of my process shots above as it took me a little bit to settle on the layout. At one point the ship was a chunk of amethyst whipping through space.

A big thanks to my friends at Opening Doors for rolling the dice on me!

Illustrations for Canon Canada

Canon Canada

Canon Canada

Canon Canada

If you have been following my Instagram or Twitter for any length of time, you might have seen a slew of illustrations I pumped out back in February. The short story is that I created these out of frustration after a failed attempt to break into the movie poster world. When I’m backed into a corner, I lash out with new work.

Well, in the midst of creating those illustrations I got a call from Canon Canada who saw them and wanted to hire me to develop some camera illustrations in celebration of their 40th anniversary. Just another example of personal work leading to some rad client work. We had a really short timeline, but nose to the grind I banged out these fun designs which eventually ended up on some promo t-shirts for the event.

A big thanks to Canon Canada for rolling the dice on me!

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Omega Force

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - Omega Force

With tomorrow’s release of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, I’m proud to unleash my latest art for Dean and all my pals at UbiSoft. Since we focused on protagonist Rex Colt for the previous art, we all wanted to do something with the bad guys. And who better than the Omega Force?

UbiSoft really cut me loose on this one, letting me do basically whatever I wanted. Scan lines, pink wireframes, lightning, LED glows… man, everything I love. I even managed to sneak in a silhouette of Outpost #31, the base in my favorite horror movie THE THING. Don’t even think my dudes at Ubi caught that one. Heh heh.

Be sure to watch for the release of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon tomorrow! Can’t wait!

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon art


• Full poster art.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon poster

• Teaser poster art.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon logos

• Logo design concepts.

Blood Dragon poster comps

• Early poster art concepts.

Blood Dragon poster

• Poster builds.

Blood Dragon sketches

• Quick character pose doodles for the UbiSoft team.

I’m extremely proud to show the work I’ve been doing for UbiSoft in support of their upcoming release, FAR CRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON. Me and the team at UbiSoft have been carving this stuff out for the past 8 months or so and having a great time the entire way. The game is super 80′s movie inspired, stealing cues from genre action films and VHS culture, so as you can imagine I was ALL OVER this thing. As the materials were linked online over the past month, a few keen-eyed nerds spotted a potential Signalnoise influence, well I can finally say that you were right.

We started off by designing the main logo for the game, seen above on the posters. Chrome letters and pink paint, we knew what we wanted right off the bat so I got to it. The posters were the biggest deal, and had me doing sketches and comps as we figured out where things would land to compliment the game aesthetic and all the awesome crap we loved as kids. When you have a client writing back saying stuff like “MORE FUCKING LIGHTNING!”, you know you fell in with a great crowd. I pulled out the Struzan-inspired techniques and got to it.

I should also point out, that’s one of my favorite action stars in there, Michael Biehn. You’ll remember him from TERMINATOR, ALIENS and THE ABYSS. He’s the star of the game and it was amazing to use his likeness in this piece. I was shaking as I built that poster.

That video was created by the team at UbiSoft and… wow, it just blew my face clean off. 80s animation, VCR tracking, so good. I didn’t have anything to with the trailer and I saw it for the first time when it was launched yesterday. I just needed to include it here out of pure love. The best game ad I’ve ever seen. So proud of my pals at UbiSoft.

There will be more to come as UbiSoft and I plot more goodies for FAR CRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON (which launches May 1, I believe). A giant shout-out to my pals Jason Eisener for linking me to this amazing project, and to my new partner in ’80s crime, Dean Evans for keeping me laughing and inspired the entire time.