Thank-you for your support

Since I launched the Signalnoise t-shirt line 3 weeks ago I have been getting no shortage of tweets, emails and comments in support of the designs and the new venture as a whole. The reaction from the creative community has been overwhelming, and very unexpected. I was caught quite offguard by the amount of t-shirt orders I received on the launch day and spent the past 2 weeks sitting at my coffee table folding and packing t-shirts to ship out.

Another surprise was what design customers were interested in. I spent a great deal of time creating original works for print on my t-shirts, but the biggest seller turned out to be the Signalnoise logo shirt. I’m humbled by the idea that so many want to wear my little rainbow sun on their chest, and for that I would like to send out a sincere thank-you to everyone who ordered shirts and took the time to send me encouraging notes and comments. This has been a wonderful experience thus far.

That being said, I’ve been working on some new designs over the past little while and have sent 3 to print yesterday as well as a re-print of my Signalnoise logo shirt. It sold out quickly, so a restock will happen very soon. I’m also looking into adapting the website a bit more to my apparel needs, as well as updating with some more detailed information regarding the shirts including a sizing chart for those who asked for it. You will see a few little changes to the site over the next little while.

Thanks again, everyone! I’m working hard to bring more designs to this growing project. Stay tuned!

Signalnoise t-shirts: August preview

Here are a few preview images of the upcoming Signalnoise t-shirt releases, dropping in August. The response to the launch of the t-shirt line has been nothing less then overwhelming so I immediately started on the designs for the next installment. A couple of these designs call back to my childhood which was full of cartoons and playing with Lego on my bedroom floor. I enjoy creating things that are funny, interesting and nostalgic … with a bit of metal thrown in for good measure.

I will be working on moving these designs (and perhaps one other) into production over the next week or so once the designs and numbers are finalized, and they will be available in the Signalnoise Store after the full shipment is received. Stay tuned for these ones, kids.

That being said, I am working hard to fulfill the many orders I received over the past 2 weeks. I never expected to have so many orders to send so quickly, which is a good problem to have. :) However, all orders are being taken care of as quickly as possible and I appreciate your patience as I get your wares to you.

Thanks so much for the continued support, everyone! You really turned this new Signalnoise venture into a super fun ordeal.

Signalnoise t-shirt “Presale for Pals”

• The four Signalnoise launch designs.

• My girl Mary and I scrutinizing the wares.

• Free Signalnoise buttons and stickers.

• Packing up a shirt.

• My pal Alana purchasing her Signalnoise shirts.

• Mary, Jerko, Meghan and Ryan hanging at the presale.

• Clearly, Ben is not amused by my theatrics.

• Signalnoise models! Alana, Meghan and Sameen sporting their t-shirts.

The night before the online launch, I decided to have a “Presale for Pals” at my condo. I invited over some good friends who have been supporting me all this time to have a first look at the new t-shirts before they hit the Signalnoise Store. We had a great time and I managed to get some shirts to some happy folks. Huge thanks to everyone who came out.

My pal Chris Toms took all of these great shots as the evening progressed. Thanks man!

Signalnoise t-shirts: Available now!

I am very proud to announce the official launch of the Signalnoise line of designer t-shirts, now available for purchase in the Signalnoise Store. This project has been many years in the making, and I’m really excited to offer some new, fun apparel.

The Story

I’ve been a designer for my entire adult life from 1998 to 2010, working at a variety of local agencies here in Halifax as well as working on a freelance basis for many big international clients. For the duration of that time I have never stopped working on personal projects on my own time, continuing to push forward with my personal skills and ambitions as an independent artist. One of the dreams I’ve had since my teens is designing my own line of cool and fun t-shirts.

So, in June of 2010, I decided the time for talk was over. I quit my full-time design job to properly invest my own time and money into the Signalnoise line of designer t-shirts, which I am excited to unveil today. I wanted to do everything my own way in order to keep that same level of excitement I had back in my teens when I started thinking about my own t-shirts. The shirts are sketched, designed, printed, packed and shipped right here in Halifax, Nova Scotia with no investors, business loans or start-up cash. 100% of the investment is my own, and inspired by guys like Scott Hansen, Johnny Cupcakes and Joshua Smith who are rockin’ it independently. This is grassroots, man. Right where I want to be.

This project has also brought me back to illustration, something I’ve been doing since the age of 4 but was replaced in recent years by the computer. I’m happy to be taking Signalnoise into a new direction that brings me back to where I started, with a pencil and a piece of paper. Although this time around, I won’t be stealing mom’s good typewriter paper. :)

On top of that, I took great care in creating the supporting materials to promote my t-shirt line, including the packaging, freebies, look book, photography and the commercial you see above. I saw the commercial as a challenge because I’ve never created one before, so I wrote, designed and edited the whole thing just to see if I could do it. And with the help of a few friends the whole thing came together in a hilarious way. Huge thanks to Nick Campbell for creating the awesome 3D Signalnoise intro sequence, Chris Toms for shooting all the video and photographs, and Lucas Gardiner for creating the excellent music track. You guys rule.

Want to see a little preview of some upcoming designs? Download the Signalnoise Look Book (pdf).

About the Shirts

All of the Signalnoise t-shirts are printed right here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I even had to haul all the boxes back here myself. All are silk-screened on Gildan 2000 t-shirts: 100% Cotton preshrunk, double needle top-stitched neckline, double stitched sleeve and waist hems, and seamless collar with taped neck and shoulders.

These 4 designs are currently available in S, M, L, XL and XXL on unisex t-shirts. I will be offering ladies cuts in the near future as I expand, but for now I only have unisex versions of the designs. All t-shirt orders are shipped in a quality, black zip-locked bag to protect from moisture, along with a free swag bag which contains Signalnoise stickers, buttons and other little fun items as a way of saying thanks for your support.

This first run is fairly limited, so if you are looking at grabbing one of the kick-off Signalnoise shirts you might want to hurry in case they go fast! Ordering begins today for this first run and shipping will begin next week.

In Conclusion

Will this Signalnoise t-shirt line be a successful endeavor? Well, this is a gamble on my part so only time will tell. But I can promise you I will be working as hard as I can to bring new and fun ideas to this project, both from the design side and the promotional side. This has been a dream of mine for quite some time, so it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.

Thanks so much everyone for the constant support and encouragement. Whether you went out of your way to send me an email or throw a note via Twitter, your support and kind words are extremely inspiring and I appreciate each and every one. It’s easy to stay motivated when you have such wonderful people egging you on, you guys are awesome.

So, swing on over to the Signalnoise Store to check out the new Signalnoise t-shirts!

The day before launch

Here is a silly outtake from the t-shirt shoot we did at Strange Adventures comic shop yesterday evening. Chris Toms brought his camera for some photos of the shirts, his wife Sameen shot a bit of behind the scenes video and my good buddy Cal (owner of the comic shop) was gracious enough to help us out with lighting and setting things up. Thanks so much, gang!

Today is going to be a busy one. I’ll be finishing up all the loose ends for the shirt launch tomorrow, including supporting collateral, writing for the blog and store, additional graphics and promo items and a bunch more stuff. I’m even having a small event at my place this evening for close friends to have a first look and purchase some shirts.

So, enough goofin’ around on the web. Tomorrow is a big day, time to get rockin’.

Signalnoise t-shirts: Wearable soon

If you tuned into Signalnoise Broadcast 12 last week, you will have gotten a sneak peek at my new personal project. Coming very soon to the Signalnoise Store will be my first line of designer t-shirts, consisting of 4 designs to start. This new Signalnoise venture is self-initiated and the production is footed by me alone, no investors or loans. More details will be coming over the next week or so.

That being said, I wanted to talk a bit about this preview image. I’ve worked a lot with wonderful companies and brands throughout the years creating collateral and promotional materials for their products, so when I started working on the supporting materials for my brand I thought it would be fun to think along the same lines as those clients. In the case of this preview image, I wanted something that might look appropriate in a fashion magazine, adding a bit of rock n’ roll yet reference the Signalnoise history of work.

The base image was kindly supplied by the folks at Thinkstock, and I proceeded to spend many hours changing the elements and adding my own work. I thought it would be funny to see my posters littered about an alley like they were unwanted advertisements.

In short, you don’t need to be a big client in order to make your brand strong and your ideas a reality. Treat your stuff like their stuff. Stay tuned for more details as I ramp up the Signalnoise t-shirt launch!

Brass Tack Apparel

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed me mention Brass Tack Apparel a few times. Brass Tack is a conceptual clothing line created by Joshua Smith, the mighty Hydro74. I’ve been a fan of Josh’s work for a long time, and it was really exciting to see him update his Twitter with new designs as he built this project from the ground up.

Not only are the designs beautiful, but there is a solid idea behind what he is doing. It’s best said in his own words:

“Brass Tack is a Orlando based concept from the mastermind Hydro74. The idea is to promote the art and iconic production of symbolic relevance with intellectual idealism founded on a secret society level. The Brass Tack clothing line is dedicated to lush quality, simply stated themes, unique imagery that centers around graphical interpretations of the lost art of underground secret social systems that hide their ideology in plain sight. The core concept in the end is never to establish, but in the end, it has always been there or lived in some form or another.”

I’ve been rocking my Masonic shirt for a month now, excellent quality. It’s Spring and if you are looking for a spot to get some wicked new t-shirts, I highly recommend checking out The Brass Tack.

Van and Space Race clothing designs

Signalnoise Apparel by James White

Signalnoise Apparel by James White

Here are a couple more shirt designs I have been working on over the past few weeks. These stemmed from a client job I was working on about a month ago, and are still in the ‘work in progress’ realm as I tweak and change things. It’s been a little while since I did any illustration work, so it was lots of fun to do some vector work to this capacity.

The inspiration for both of these designs came from old iron-on shirt designs from the 1970s.