Happy 20th Birthday, Hellboy!

Hellboy by james White

Roughed in the pencils.

Hellboy by james White

Threw down some inks.

Hellboy by james White

Added grey tones for shading.

Hellboy by james White

Bit of Photoshop for colour and texture.

In celebration of Hellboy’s 20th birthday, here is a little piece I put together yesterday. I took this one from sketch to final really fast, bit of a challenge I set out for myself to not over-think it too much. I documented the whole thing on Instagram as I went along, but here is a more proper version of the snaps.

Mike Mignola was a chief influence during my 20s, and his style still leaks its way into my drawings today. He really is a “designer’s comic artist”… I never get bored with looking through those Hellboy books.

So a big happy birthday to ya, Hellboy!

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  1. Awesome step-by-step process, man. Mignola was a huge influence for me as well, and still is. Can’t believe Hellboy is 20! Nuts.

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