StarKade: Masters Series (Onsale Info)

StarKade: Masters series

I Have the Power!

StarKade: Masters series

My Patience Grows Thin!

StarKade: Masters series

Nice Work, Lad.

StarKade: Masters series

King of Beasts.

StarKade: Masters Series

Announcing the StarKade: Masters Series, my contribution to the HAS BROS Art Show, opening this weekend at The Dart Gallery in my hometown of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. The show is based around toys from the 1980s, and was the perfect opportunity to illustrate some of my favourites and expand the StarKade universe.

This collection includes the 4 character prints as seen above, all of which have an edition of 30 and are measured at 5″ x 5″. As a bonus, you have the opportunity at getting 1 of 10 mystery print randomly inserted into sets. The StarKade Series is printed on Museo Textured Rag 285 gsm. All hand-signed and numbered.

For local customers
StarKade: Masters Series prints will go onsale Saturday, November 9th at The Dart Gallery for $35. 127A Portland Street, Dartmouth.

For online customers
StarKade: Masters Series will be available on Tuesday, November 12th at 1pm EST in my online store for $35.

Please note, if you are local to the Halifax Regional Municipality, please drop by The Dart Gallery if you are interested in purchasing a set. The collections available online are for customers from abroad only, so local orders will be turned away in support of the art gallery. Please respect this one small rule and we’ll get along fine.


  1. Great work James! Loving Skeletor and Beast Man in particular… the StarKade universe is growing!

  2. Very cool, James! The face on Skeletor practically glows amongst all that purple. Come to think of it, a glowing “variant” would be pretty killer.

  3. zombiekid

    Olly Moss called – he wants his style back. Even the size format. Wow. Talk about trying to make a quick buck.

  4. James (Author)

    Zombiekid, this little series is in the vein of Olly’s video game dudes and Mike Mitchell’s JLU and Supers. I’ve never hidden the influence of those 2 guys. I love their stuff. Mike even helped me with the logistics of this series (size, printer, etc).

    And a quick buck? This project is supporting itself, and that’s all. Your assumption that I’m making lots of money doing this is crazy inaccurate.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Bla1ze

    So awesome James, especially the Skeletor. I’m looking forward to picking these up. Keep up the great work!

  6. Really cool man! Keep up the great work!

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