Meat Boy, Star Wars and Dredd

Super Meat Boy



Judge Dredd

The new illustrations continue. Seen here are Super Meat Boy, R2-D2, a pack of Jawas and the mighty Judge Dredd.

I’m still nailing down this new style and trying new techniques as it gets dialed. The continued feedback, critiques and tips you guys have been passing along via my Instagram and Facebook has been invaluable. Big thanks everyone. More to come.

SNBC 78: New Illustrations

Here is the recorded version of Signalnoise Broadcast 78 if you missed tuning in live last Thursday.

In this episode I talk about my new illustration work and how that came out of my fading enjoyment of movie posters. It’s been a weird year as I tried to break into the alternative art movie poster industry, until I recently reached my wits end. I decided to swing Signalnoise and my work into a new direction through playing. The result was these latest illustrations, which I talk about at length in this episode.

For your viewing pleasure. I’ll see you live again this Thursday at 2pm EST!

Movie illustrations

DeLorean illustration

Enterprise illustration

Ghostbusters illustration

In keeping with my exploration of this new illustration style (see Vintage Console Illustrations), I decided to swing things toward the topic of movies. Seen above are illustrations of the DeLorean from BACK TO THE FUTURE, The USS Enterprise and a trap from GHOSTBUSTERS. Having fun with this, I tell ya.

I’m still very much in experimentation mode as I explore different techniques and whatnot, so feedback is always welcome. More to come.