Vintage console illustrations

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  1. ah ha! I knew there had to be a reason behind these! left me hangin’ for the whole weekend trying to come up with a reason for ’em! keep up the good work! always look forward to Signalnoise designs!

  2. These are great! Nostalgic!:D
    It was awsm to finally meet you live and up close during the Graphika Manila 2013! See you soon! :D

  3. These look incredible. I love your use of subtle brush strokes in conjunction with the noise/overall retro styling.

  4. Dude, these are awesome! The look of a Super Nintendo controller makes me pretty glad I got to experience it when it came out. Are you gonna do any of Mario Paint?

  5. I really dig these, James. The style is a good mashup of the vintage illustration you were aiming for, and the “speckled gradient” (as I’ll call it) that is a calling-card of sorts in much your work.

  6. Hey James,

    These are pretty lovely. One more, and you have a set of 8 prints that would just look lovely on a wall. I would just remove the brands, or some of the text (the “power” and “reset” on the SNES buttons for instance) to make them a tad less distracting elements, and booyaa.

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