Signalnoise to design 4 Rocketeer covers

Rocketeer cover by James White

Last week I launched my first comic book cover for The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1 and now I’m happy to announce some news. I’ve been slated to do variant covers for the remaining issues of the series, which will bring the total to 4. Can’t even tell you how excited I am for this project.

Cal Johnston over at Strange Adventures is spearheading the whole thing and we’re working closely with the brass at IDW Publishing to get these things just right. We’re currently discussing stock and inks on the first cover which hits the press tomorrow (I think).

I never thought this is how 2013 would start, but the Signalnoise HQ is prepped and ready to dive in. Watch the blog over the next few weeks as the covers are revealed and I’ll be sure to post full details on how you can get your copies.

SNBC 74: Learning through Imitation

If you missed watching Signalnoise Broadcast 74 live, here is the recorded version for your viewing pleasure.

This week I talked about the idea of creative imitation and how it plays a part in learning. It’s a hard thing to talk about as it lands very much in the area of taboo, but I discussed it as best I could and provided a myriad of personal examples of old work I did that mimicked my heroes.

If you have any thoughts on the topic, feel free to jaw in the comments. I’ll be back this coming Thursday at 2pm EST. Hope to see you then.

Speaking at FITC Amsterdam 2013

James White at FITC Amsterdam

I’m thrilled to be speaking for the first time at FITC Amsterdam this year, February 17 – 19. Just over a month away and I can’t wait. I’ve only done a few talks in Europe to date and I’m looking forward to bringing my Design Renegade presentation to the other side of the ocean. Going to tell my story and show a heap of colourful work to the masses.

I’ll be taking the stage in the “hangover spot”, first slot on the first day. I’m real proud to be presenting alongside such talented folks as Gmunk, Hydro74Zachary Lieberman and a slew of others. Intimidating line-up.

Tickets are still available so get over to the FITC Amsterdam 2013 website and check out the goods. Going to be a ripping few days, and I’ll be armed with buttons and stickers for everyone. I’ll see you soon Amsterdam.

The Rocketeer comic book cover

Rocketeer cover by James White

Proud to release my first official comic book cover, a variant design for The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1 coming out next month. This alternate cover will be fairly scarce, only available in select shops in North America. The cover was commissioned by Cal Johnston, owner of the best comic shop in the world, Strange Adventures and printed by the nice people at IDW Publishing. Written by Roger Langridge and drawn by the awesome J. Bone.

What’s even more exciting is the screen-printed poster edition in the works.

A huge honour to pay tribute to Dave Stevens’ creation, man. We will know more details on availability when the release date draws closer, so if you’re interested in tracking one down drop a comment here or follow me on Twitter for updates.

Officially Limited: Poster Documentary

Last summer when I was in Cleveland to speak at WMC Fest, filmmaker John Otterbacher made the trip over from Chicago to hang out and talk with me about creating limited edition posters, the online culture, the scene as a whole and a lot of other fun topics. We got down to brass tacks, man.

So here is the fruit of his labours thus far, the OFFICIALLY LIMITED teaser trailer featuring all kinds of of talent like Tim Doyle, Daniel Danger, Justin Ishmael and a bunch of others. He even put a dope like me in there to balance the scales. Please ignore my long doofy hair.

But, OFFICIALLY LIMITED needs your help. There is an Indiegogo fundraising effort set up to generate some funds to finish the deal. I’m not only supporting this movie because I’m in it, but because I really want to see it. I know and respect the people appearing in it and can’t wait to hear their stories. So get over to that fundraiser and follow Officially Limited on Twitter for updates.

Speaking at Graphika Manila 2013

James White at Graphika Manila

I’m proud to announce the first Signalnoise ‘Design Renegade’ speaking gig of 2013, taking place in beautiful Manila in the Philippines. The top brass at Graphika Manila sorted out the details to get my Canadian ass to the other side of the world to tell my story onstage, show a heap of work and pull out some rock n’ roll. Lets do this.

This is a 1-day fest, and I’m thrilled to be speaking alongside the wonderful Jessica Walsh, Pixomondo, Sony Pictures Animation, Benja Harney, Buck and Devil Robots. Such a varied bunch they’ve put together and I’m looking forward to seeing what they all bring to the stage. Kind of intimidated, some mad talent in there.

Just over a month and we are go. I’ll see you soon Manila!

PS. On the way back I’ll be stopping in Toronto for a “yet to be announced thing”. Stay tuned on that one.

SNBC 73: Focusing Online Presence

If you missed tuning in live to Signalnoise Broadcast 73 yesterday afternoon, here is the recorded version. The topic for this episode is Focusing Online Presence where I discussed simplifying your online services, projecting your content in a more concentrated form, and told the story about my own recent redesign.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, and I’ll see you next Thursday at 2pm EST.

2013: A New Signalnoise

2013: A New Signalnoise

I’m back in the Signalnoise HQ after a fantastic holiday visiting parents and doing some general loafing. I always look forward to this time of year not only because of the gifts and great food, but because it gives me a time to sit back, reflect, ponder and assess what the heck I’m doing. More importantly, HOW I’m doing it. With a new year comes change and I took that bull by the horns.

I hit some serious snags last year with my company, the largest of which was my online presence and communications. For a while now I’ve felt very cluttered and scattered, a direct result of having too many online thingys that I was trying to maintain, update, laugh at, scoff at, freshen up, comment back, etc. In short, I’ve had enough. So I set up the laptop on my parents’ kitchen table and began shutting stuff down. Ditched some online services, unsubscribed from newsletters and feeds, shut down some social media options and unfriended about 50 people from Facebook. No mercy! Cleaned house.

But the biggest heap I needed to straighten out was Signalnoise itself. My website. It was feeling a bit bulky with a lack of focus. Somehow it wasn’t representing what I needed it to represent. It needed to be streamlined so I put in some serious hours over here.

So what you’re looking at is the new Signalnoise. At a glance it will look pretty similar in tone to the previous, but this is a completely new framework. I shuffled things around and brought a few items right to the forefront: Upcoming Talks and the Signalnoise Newsletter. Both of these areas will have significant use in 2013 as I amp up my communication and live appearances. There will also be more focused and related blasts through social media.

And all of this will revolve around getting my work out there. Gum Cards and movie posters will be amping up very soon and this new system will be playing directly into all those projects, keeping me in closer touch with those who are interested.

Fitter. Happier. More productive. Happy 2013 everyone. Let’s light this thing up.

PS. The mobile version of the site is still a bit weird. Cut me some slack, I’m new to this “responsive” jazz all the kids are talkin’ about.