The Rocketeer #2 variant cover

The Rocketeer Hollywood Horror variant cover

Proud to release my variant cover for The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #2, due out this March. After the positive response to my first Rocketeer cover, the crack team at Strange Adventures and IDW Publishing decided we will do variant covers for all 4 issues of the miniseries. So exciting, man.

Rocketeer variant cover sketch

My humble doodle and rough digital paints as I planned things out.

The art for this one was just sent to IDW for pre-press scrutiny before they print these off. Once again, we are only looking at about 1000 copies of this issue with my cover so they will be pretty hard to come by. Only available at Strange Adventures locations in Eastern Canada and a few select stores in North America. But, I’m told I’ll be getting a fistful of these things to sign and sell to those interested. Watch this space for details once this hits the stands.

Poster update: I’m currently working out the numbers to get my first Rocketeer cover screen-printed by the fine folk at Mama’s Sauce. Details coming real soon.

Speaking at Adobe ADIM13 in Colorado

Adobe ADMI13

I’m happy to announce another speaking gig just added to the calendar. I’ll be telling my story at Adobe’s ADIM13 in Boulder, Colorado this April. Not only am I excited because this is an Adobe event (y’know, the people who make that software we all use) but because this has zombies and beer involved. For real. Here’s the legit description from the Adobe brass:

“In this hands-on 3-day class you’ll design with still and moving images, using a powerful combination of cameras, computers, and the Adobe Creative Cloud. You’ll begin with still images to create monster-themed beer packaging, then you’ll create an online beer advertisement utilizing advanced Photoshop video features. In the process you’ll master many of the wonders of Adobe Creative Cloud.”

Check out the full ADIM13 website for the full details, tickets and all the fun facts. I’ll be seeing you soon Boulder!

SNBC 76: Growing up being a geek

If you missed watching Signalnoise Broadcast 76 last week, here is the recorded version. I talked about a sentimental topic this week: growing up being a nerd. Spending Friday nights at my pal Mike’s place drawing, reading comics, watching horror movies and all that stuff. It all ties into what I do today, if you can believe that. Have a watch.

I’ll be live at the regular time this week, Thursday at 2pm EST. Hope to see you then.

Spidey logo

Spider-man logo

When we think of superhero logos we never think of Spider-man as having anything profound when compared to Superman, Batman or Green Lantern. Ol’ web-head had a pretty straightforward design, just a regular black spider. And hey, it works.

But the logo seen above, this one I always loved. I had forgotten about it until I happened upon Dan Slott’s Twitter a little while ago and there it was. Rush of memories. I can remember seeing this on t-shirts and stuff when I was a kid, but I mostly remember it from within the comics. They used it here and there, like in Hostess Fruit Pies ads. Great lines. I’m not even sure when this logo first appeared, I’m guessing the 80s?

Of course, they ended up re-designing it a while back with bigger eyes and such. Whatever. Just can’t beat that old one.

Speaking at Converge SE in South Carolina

Converge SE

The 2013 speaking schedule is filling up quick. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be making the trek down to the wilds of Columbia, South Carolina in April to tell my story at Converge SE. I’ve never been to this part of the States and I’m really looking forward to shaking some hands down there. Heard wonderful things.

This event is bringing together an intimidating line-up, including Mig Reyes, Daniel Burka, United Pixelworkers, Happy Cog and my friend and ally from out in Portland, Aaron Draplin. So much talent, now I’m getting nervous.

According to the top brass at Converge SE, tickets for this beast will go on sale January 30. Be ready, South Carolina.

Speaking at “We Made This” in Toronto

We Made This

I’m proud to have been asked by Héctor Ayuso, Director and top brass at OFFF, to be a part of his presentation We Made This in Toronto next month. I won’t babble too much, just read this synopsis of what will be going down…

“We will discuss the importance of place in an ever-more connected global community. How does defining one’s nationality impact one’s place in the creative community? Does place play a role in creativity? Invited artists will talk about their work and the state of design in today’s global world. The convergence of hand processes, traditional printing methods, and digital production are creating new ways to make and consume media.”

Now that’s a tall order with a lot of interesting dialogue to be had. Guess I need to start cracking some books to brush up on my smart-talk. I’ll be joining Hector, fellow Canadian Michael Brown (operator of the mighty and Spanish artist Eduardo del Fraile for some onstage hi-jinx as we discuss the topics at hand. This thing was even put together by the Spanish Embassy. International relations!

So Toronto, mark down February 12 in your little calendars and come down to Design Exchange, 234 Bay Street for this 1-night only event. Tickets are only 10 bucks and you can grab them right here. Looking forward to shaking some hands!

A dedication

A Dedication

On April 3rd, 2008 my work was featured on one of my favorite tech and culture blogs out there, Josh Spear. Not a huge feature, just a little write-up with a few pieces of my art from the time. I was thrilled as this site was a daily visit. Later that day I returned to show someone the post and discovered the above comment from the aptly named “itdoesntmatter”.

Over the years I’ve grown a thick skin to this sort of random internet dumbassery, but this one in particular will always stand out in my mind for it was the first negative comment I ever received from an anonymous whoever.

At some point we all take knocks like this through the internet. Somebody sees what you are doing and tries to stop you through name-calling and bullying, not unlike that one kid we all knew in junior high. Victory comes not through shooting back with (typed) venom, but through shrugging and turning away to focus on what you really enjoy: being creative and having fun. You need to play the long game.

5 years later. 60 months. This post is dedicated to you, “itdoesntmatter”.

SNBC 75: Fundamental PS and AI tools

If you missed tuning in live, here is the recorded version of Signalnoise Broadcast 75 with a focus on the merits of using fundamental tools in Photoshop and Illustrator versus pre-made brushes, actions and effects. Did my best to outline the strength in learning to build stuff the hard way as opposed to using “time-saving processes”.

Enjoy your watch and I’ll be live again next Thursday at 2pm EST.