The Signalnoise Mobile HQ is still set up on the parents’ kitchen table as I enjoy some time home over the holidays.

While I was messing around on the web I came across this fine image and had to post it up for all to enjoy. A real beauty, look at those colours. I came across this on some random Tumblr somewhere in the ether. And like the typical Tumblr toilet, I couldn’t locate the source or original creator. C’mon people, maintain those sources for morons like me!

Hope you’re all enjoying some down time and eating some turkey, wherever you may be.


  1. Andrew

    You know you can use an image as the basis for a Google image search?

  2. james (Author)

    Yep, and all I get are links to Pintrest and Tumblr.

  3. Hi, I would like to take credit, but no it was not me. Love the photo tho.

  4. myriam

    Very nice, there is an end of the world touch to it. Lovely spectrum of colours!

  5. Good pic, i liked it a lot, greetings from chile james!!! i´m fan of signal noise!!!

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