SNBC returning November 8

SNBC (Signalnoise Broadcast) will be returning November 8th with a regular schedule. Come back next Thursday for the kick-off episode #68, live art and design discussion.

2pm EST. Hope to see you there.


  1. 2 Days before my birthday.

    Coincidence…? Probably.

  2. Yes! Can’t wait.

  3. Great! Have you already decided at what time you will broadcast? it’s Ustream?

  4. Cameron

    SNBC…The Comeback!!

    I always liked tuning into your broadcast each week and I’m so glad you’re bringing them back.

  5. Thats the best news i’ve heard all day!!

  6. SNBC newsflash… a great way to end the week!

  7. Derrick Lightcsy

    Awesome! I am excited to hear SNBC making a comeback. Not to get emotional but you are my Design Inspiration James. Thank you Sir .

  8. looking forward to the show, excited.

  9. Excellent!

    Too bad I can’t be there. Will be interviewing a guy for a company I work for… Hey, maybe we’ll just watch the Broadcast together! If he stays silent until the end I’ll hire him :)

  10. BigVince

    How do we watch?

  11. Hey James! It was 3 am here in China so I didn’t make it :(
    Did you record this one?

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