SNBC 70: The Power of Sketching

For those who couldn’t tune into Signalnoise Broadcast 70, here is the recorded version for you to check out. This week I was talking about sketching and roughing up concepts. I get asked a lot if designers need to know how to draw to do their job better, which is always difficult to answer. To me, sketching is an integral part of my personal process allowing me to throw down ideas quickly while being away from the computer. I told some stories and showed a lot of examples of sketches in this one.

So have a look at this recorded version and be sure to tune into SNBC next week, Thursday at 2pm EST. See you then!

Signalnoise Broadcast 68: The Wooden Crate

Signalnoise Broadcast 68 had somehow slipped through the cracks and I didn’t upload it to the blog. So without any further babbling, here is #68 for your viewing pleasure.

Signalnoise Broadcast 69: Process and Rants

If you missed tuning in live to Signalnoise Broadcast 69, you can check out the recorded version right here. We recorded this on Thanksgiving Day down in the States so I wasn’t expecting a huge crowd, but a band of ruffians showed up to participate and ask questions. We started talking about personal process but the audience got me ranting on several topics including new Adobe tools, jerks criticizing the creative process and a bunch of other stuff. I got mouthy.

We’ll be back at the regular time next week. Thursday afternoon at 2pm EST. Hope to see you there.

Thank-you Vancouver!

• Onstage, talking about posters. Photo by Cherie Korol.

Relaxing in the hotel room after 2 days of FITC Vancouver. Those Rain Wizards may have been up to their old antics, but that didn’t sour the mood of the event at all. The Centre of Digital Media was full to see the talks and presentations from some really smart folk, and somehow they weaseled in this jackass from Dartmouth.

Want to send a huge thank-you to everyone who stuck around until the bitter end to see my Design Renegade presentation. Those FITC goons put me onstage in the very last slot to close out the event. Honoured, I tell ya. We had some laughs, listened to some rock n’ roll and I showed a pile of work and stories. Big, big thanks to Shawn, Lisa and the entire FITC staff for putting on such a wonderful event. Always fun. Every single time.

Thus concludes the Design Renegade West Coast Tour. Just 2 dates, but they were powerful. My speaking schedule will be quiet for a couple of months before packing up my gear and heading to the mighty FITC Amsterdam in February. Can’t wait.

Thank-you Portland!

• The man with the plan, Dave Hardy!

• Everyone got a free Mama’s Sauce Gum Card.

I’m holed-up in my hotel room in downtown Vancouver with nothing but Portland on my mind. It was a whirlwind trip down there, only in town for a day and a half to do my Design Renegade speaking joint and the little trip could not have been better. I mega-giant thank-you to EVERYONE who came out to the event, hung around to shake hands, and even laughed at my dumb jokes. Fantastic and passionate crowd you were! Everyone who attended got a free Mama’s Sauce Gum Card to boot.

A big shout-out to AIGA Portland for running such a wonderful event, Union Pine for running a smooth and beautiful venue, and of course Dave Hardy for being the instigator and mastermind behind the whole thing. You are all in the Signalnoise “great people” list and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you all!

I’m now focused on you, Vancouver. I take the stage tomorrow (the 18th) at 4:35pm, the final presentation of FITC Vancouver. Design Renegade will close the place down. Hope to see you there!

Design Renegade: West Coast Tour

The Signalnoise HQ is now on high alert as I prepare to catch my flight to the North American west coast this Wednesday. Only 2 speaking engagements but I’m calling it a tour nonetheless. Lots to do. Lots to prep. Lots to pack. Been looking forward to this trip for months and it’s almost here. This is what will be going on:

Portland, Oregon
I’ll be speaking at the beautiful Union Pine on Thursday, November 15th presented by Spaceman Design and AIGA Portland. I’ll be bringing my Design Renegade presentation to town, tell my story, answer some questions, hang out, and make available some Gum Cards right off the press. Things kick off at 6pm so be sure to grab your tickets asap. Looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone!

Vancouver, British Columbia
I’ll be skipping back across the border to speak at the mighty FITC Vancouver. It’s a 2-day event and I’ll be the final speaker, taking the stage on Sunday, November 18 at 4:35pm. I’ll be armed to the teeth with buttons, stickers and Gum Cards. Outside of the FITC events we’ll be planning a Signalnoise hang-out at a local haunt (I’m thinking Steamworks) so be sure to watch the Twitter for the time and place. Looking forward to meeting you all!

So there you have it. This week will be a busy one, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. See you soon everyone.

SNBC returning November 8

SNBC (Signalnoise Broadcast) will be returning November 8th with a regular schedule. Come back next Thursday for the kick-off episode #68, live art and design discussion.

2pm EST. Hope to see you there.