For Steve – Wallpaper

1 year ago today, as I watched the flowing tributes to Steve Jobs on my Twitter stream, I designed a little Sad Mac icon for the blog. It was nothing big or profound, just a little tribute of my own for the man whose ideas, philosophy and technology has touched all our lives. A few days following I was contacted by NewsWeek magazine and my little icon was placed on the first page, opposite the table of contents in their Steve Jobs commemorative issue and was seen by hundreds of thousands. An unexpected journey for my little tribute.

So on the day we remember Steve, I’ve put together some wallpapers available to download featuring my little Sad Mac.

• 2880 x 1800px
• 2560 x 1440px
• 1920 x 1200px
• 1680 x 1050px
• 1440 x 900px
• 1280 x 1024px
• 1280 x 800px
• 1024 x 768px
• iPhone
• iPad

Feel free to use this wallpaper for your desktop or mobile. For Steve.

Hasbro posters by Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo

Some killer posters coming out of Acid Free Gallery in a team-up with Hasbro. Here we have Tom Whalen on Transformers and Dave Perillo on GI Joe. I’m a big fan of people putting a cool modern spin on my childhood favorites while keeping the energy and flavour of the franchise intact. Tom and Dave have done just that. Love these.

These will be available at the New York Comic Con this month.

GUM CARDS: Production superpost

• Laying down the first colour on the Aaron Draplin card.

• The colour variant Draplin card. Gold ink!

• The Draplin regular edition card all printed up.

• The Johnny Cupcakes card with all colours down.

• The special Mama’s Sauce freebie card with metallic ink!

• The GUM CARDS buttons and stickers.

• GUM CARDS Collector embroidered patches.

The wait is almost over. Since running the successful GUM CARDS Indiegogo campaign I’ve been hard at work moving all the pieces of the project into production. Over the last few weeks everything has been coming together from the packaging, goodies, printing, and of course the cards themselves. Getting real close now.

The print production shots above were snapped by the crack team down at Mama’s Sauce who have been hard at work screen-printing all the cards. Just look at those colours. Amazing. Not only have they been printing stuff up but they suggested including a special Mama’s Sauce GUM CARD with all orders (while supplies last). So everyone who pledged during the campaign will be getting this fancy freebie, and it’s printed with metallic inks. So class.

Also landing at the HQ have been the extra goodies. Shown above are the GUM CARDS stickers as well as the special GUM CARDS Collector patches. These goodies will be included with the pledge packages as well as all orders once the store goes live. Speaking of the store, there will be a brand new GUM CARDS website launching once the cards are prepped to order.

Big days ahead. Thanks so much for the continued enthusiasm toward the project everyone. It truly means a lot. Remember to follow GUM CARDS on Twitter to keep up to date on all the action.

Design Renegade at HPX Digital, Halifax

You and me, Halifax. On October 19th at high noon I’ll be speaking at the HPX Digital conference right here in my home town. This is only the second time I’ve taken the stage around these parts to tell my  story and show my work, and the first time I’ll be presenting my DESIGN RENEGADE talk. Really looking forward to it. HPX Digital is presented by my friends at FITC and they’re bringing in some heavy hitting presenters to share their ideas, work and general inspiration.

We rarely see events like this in our town especially in the design realm, so if you live around here I NEED YOUR HELP. Creative agencies in Halifax sometimes overlook events such as this and it would be a shame to miss out on this one. So if you work at an agency, tell your co-workers, colleagues and employers about this. Get those tickets. I’m talking to you Extreme, Revolve, Impact, Raised, Internet Solutions, Famous Folks, Chester and Co., Liberated and everyone in between. Aggressive marketing! Get to this thing, you guys.

HPX Digital is October 17-19 at the Atlantica Hotel, a short walk for most agencies downtown. Check the speakers. Get your tickets. Let’s do this.