In Tux We Trust

In a show of support for the Tuxedo Party, Signalnoise has designed a campaign poster for the vigilant and adorable Tuxedo Stan who is currently running for Mayor of Halifax. The feline candidate has been making waves online via his Facebook and Twitter accounts, sporting the slogan “Because neglect isn’t working.”

I’m not making this up, check out the article on Yahoo Canada.

Signalnoise has your back Stan.


  1. Tuxedo Stan

    I love what you’ve done here! Thanks for your support.
    Tuxedo Stan

  2. Kerry

    Are there plans to sell this poster? If so, please let us know where they can be purchased. Great design work!

  3. Clock Tower? (Shake Fist).

  4. stoometz

    i want this as a poster on my wall!

  5. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

    This is demeowcracy at work.

  6. Tara


  7. Jan

    How do I get one?

  8. Sharon

    Please make these posters available for sale – I would love to have one!

  9. Alan

    incredible design…can I buy it as a poster…is it on a tshirt? I really like it!

  10. Marconius7

    Just bought one of these posters for a stocking stuffer for our son for Xmas. Tuxedo Stan looks exactly like his cat who passed away last year. The poster is marvelous.

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