GUM CARD #4: Olly Moss

I’m super excited to unveil the 4th card in the GUM CARDS series, one of my favorite designers out there these days, none other than UK-based poster wizard Olly Moss. I’ve been a fan of that guy for a couple of years now, ever since seeing his wonderful illustrations pop up on Flickr, prior to his killer collaborations with the mighty Mondo.

So, with Olly onboard this brings the GUM CARDS series to 4 cards in size which I will be printing sequentially. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve already started the process of getting the first 2 cards printed down at Mama’s Sauce so watch this space for details on when the cards will be made available. Only 250 of each with 50 variants. Slim numbers.

If you want to cut in line and reserve your cards before they sell out, the GUM CARDS Indiegogo is a great way to do just that. Check out the rewards that correspond with your pledge. Only 14 days left to get onboard.

And of course, a big thanks to Olly for being a part of this. Means a lot, thanks buddy.

GUM CARDS: Mobilization

As I announced on the blog and on Twitter last Friday, we have surpassed our funding goal of $4,000. Since that happened I’ve been lining up everything involved to get the GUM CARDS project mobilized which has effectively taken over my entire schedule. And that is by now means a complaint, I’m having a ball over here.

I’ve been busy ordering shipping supplies, buttons, stickers and of course prepping card files. As of 1pm today the vector files for the Aaron Draplin and Johnny Cupcakes cards have been sent down to the crack team at Mama’s Sauce so they can start working their screen-printing magic. Screens will be made, stock will be set and inks will be flung. Watch this space as we bring the GUM CARDS from the computer to reality in quality form.

As this is happening, that GUM CARDS Indiegogo fundraiser is still going strong. The more we manage the raise, the more cards will get printed. Every little bit counts! Thanks so much everyone.

GUM CARDS: Kind reviews

Some kind words straight from Steve Propst, Sterling Heights, Michigan. Thanks man!

GUM CARDS: Funding successful!

I can’t even believe it. As of 2:15 pm Atlantic Time today the GUM CARDS project has surpassed it’s funding goal of $4000, and we still have 20 days of fundraising to go. Absolutely shaking with anticipation over here. This means we officially have the greenlight to move all the elements into production mode to get this thing moving. Amazing!

The sudden lurch forward in funding came from none other than Dave Hardy out in Portland, Oregon. Dave wrangled together the necessary resources to secure the whopping Diamond Pledge package, which means in November I’ll be flying out to Portland, partnering with Spaceman Design and AIGA Portland to do a DESIGN RENEGADE speaking event. Man oh man, you don’t even know how excited I am for this. Portland! You and me!

I want to thank each and every one of you who have helped move this little project forward over the last 10 days. Your support on every level means the absolute world to me. Can’t say that enough. Head is completely spinning.

So, beware next week as the GUM CARDS project takes on an entirely new life. Busy revving the engines over here!

GUM CARDS: The Dark Knight

Here is a special GUM CARD that I designed specifically for today. I’m pretty excited to head out to the midnight screening of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES tonight and I thought it would be fun to launch a GUM CARD featuring the Caped Crusader.

As I said before, I have lots of ideas on how I want to expand the GUM CARDS universe over the next while and this card is an example of that. When events happen that mean a lot to me, whether that’s music, movies, television or whatever, I’d like to have that play into the GUM CARDS continuity. This is an expansive idea, but instead of explaining it through boring text I thought showing an example is my best bet. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES opens tonight, so what better time to launch a Batman card? See where I’m going with this?

So the GUM CARDS Indiegogo is still going strong. If you’re digging the GUM CARDS project so far, swing on over to see how you can help out. Every bit counts in trying to make this project a reality. Here are a bunch of links relevant to GUM CARDS:

GUM CARDS on Indiegogo
• GUM CARDS Official
• GUM CARDS on Twitter
• GUM CARDS on Facebook
• Signalnoise Studio (Twitter)

Thanks so much everyone, and if you’re heading out to see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES tonight, enjoy the show! I know I will be.


Aside from the stickers, buttons and patches I want to have made to include with all GUM CARDS orders, I designed an additional fun little item I’d like to produce. Pogs! I was a bit too old to be into pogs back in the day, but I always liked the idea. Little discs with nice art.

Like the GUM CARDS Collectors Patch, I will be moving these pogs into production if we overshoot the $4,000 goal. The additional funds will be kept within the project in the form of additional cards and goodies. Really can’t wait to get all this stuff mobilized if we hit that Indiegogo fundraising goal.

GUM CARD #3: Stefan Sagmeister

The line-up of GUM CARDS now has a third addition. I’m proud to announce that world-renowned designer and typographer Stefan Sagmeister landed card #3 in the series. I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am about this news. When I was putting together the roster I thought “What superstar designer should I ask? Who would seem impossible? Who’s talked at TED?”. Stefan was that guy, and here he is.

But that Indiegogo page is going strong and I still need your help to make this project a reality. If pledging isn’t your thing, I truly appreciate any tweets or blog posts that help spread the word on GUM CARDS. The response has been absolutely amazing so far with over half of the funds raised to get this thing going. Another HUGE thank-you to those who have taken the time to tell their friends about this. Trusted sources, you know who you are.

And finally a big thanks to Stefan Sagmeister for agreeing to be a part of this. So excited, man. I’ve been having a blast designing these cards and we are far from done. Follow GUM CARDS on Twitter for more news, and swing over to that Indiegogo page to check out the pledging awards and additional info. Another card will be unveiled next week, so stay tuned.

Big names. Little cards.

GUM CARDS: An amazing Week 1

It’s Friday afternoon and week 1 of the GUM CARDS fundraising is coming to an end. I launched the GUM CARDS Indiegogo page on Monday at noon and since then we’ve raised almost half of our final $4000 goal. Half! I’m still in plenty of shock over that one. Unbelievable.

From the moment I launched the project people jumped at the opportunity to help out. I saw so many tweets, comments, emails, pledges and blog posts pop up all week as people got behind this little passion project and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I created GUM CARDS because if this set already existed, I’d definitely be collecting it. So to see so many like-minded people jump in to support it really brings a tear to my eye. Thanks so much, gang.

So, not only has the fundraising been going well but I’ve secured the next 5 cards. Everyone I have approached so far has been incredibly enthusiastic to have a card made of them, which was a complete surprise. Just wait until you see the people that are onboard. Big names, man. Blew me away. I’ll be launching card #3 next week, so watch this space. Can’t wait for this one.

Looking forward to week 2. Think we can hit that goal? Time will tell, but you can bet I’ll be working long and hard over here to keep the project strong. Check out that Indiegogo page and give a follow on Twitter for updates.