E3C May Meet-up poster

I designed a little poster for this month’s E3C Meet-up (Twitter), the monthly gathering of creative people in Halifax. I started this event last year, then known as the Halifax Design Meet until it was taken over by my friends Alison Knott and Peter Greathead to become E3C.

This month’s gathering is on Thursday, May 10 at the Foggy Goggle on Argyle Street. Hit the Facebook Event for more.


  1. LucasG_Once

    Nice color scheme dude.

  2. BigVince

    beautiful work!

  3. If I ever visit Halifax, I’d love to hit up this kind of meet-up.

    Ottawa isn’t the greatest creative hub. It’s mostly all government workers and ministers.

  4. Joey Bergeron

    I love the design and colors of this poster. Fantastic work James!

  5. Are you going to put me in a headlock?

  6. It has a slight Scott Hansen vibe to it, but with your touch and definitely with your colours. I like it a lot.

  7. Reminds me of the Konika Minolta logo by Saul Bass. Nice logo, nice poster :)

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