35 and still screamin’

35 years ago today my parents welcomed a new member into their little posse, and his name was … me!


  1. John

    Happy Birthday James!

  2. Like a fine wine, we are getting better with age!

  3. happy birthday james !!

  4. I thought your name was James, not me… Happy Birthday!

  5. Joey Bergeron

    Happy Birthday Bro!!!!

  6. DUDE! Thanks for spreading your madness (and metal) all over this amazing community! Me and my family wish you all the best and pure berzerkness to your “new-member-of-the-posse” day ;-)

    See you soon buddy

  7. Ryan Edison

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Banjo Mahoney

    Happy Birthday!!! It’s my birthday, too!

  9. Happy Birthday James!
    And Thank You for sharing your many and astounding talents with all of us!

  10. Happy Birthday James ;)

  11. Happy birthday, James! Here’s to many many more! Have a great day. \m/

  12. Hey James, Happy Birthday and all the best! See you at Montreal Meets 2!

  13. Brad Durham

    Happy Birthday!

    Also, am I the only one who sees a phallus here? :p

  14. Kevin Stanton

    Another year of AMAZING design, inspiration, & honesty. Hope there’s at least 35 more still to come. sir!!!

  15. Happy happy belated birthday!

  16. Linda Nisbett

    Happy Belated Birthday :)

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