DRIVE poster on the Heidelberg press

• Getting ready to fire up the press.

• The Heidelberg tried to literally define "hot pink" with this small mishap.

Here is a little video I cut together after visiting Bounty Print this morning to sign-off on my DRIVE poster. They fired up the Heidelberg press when I was there so I shot a bit of footage. Amazing to see this beast of a press firing off my poster. The thing is bigger than my house.

The DRIVE poster launches on January 19, one week from today. Details here.

“Nightcall” by Kavinsky from the DRIVE soundtrack.


  1. Thanks for documenting this! Poster is awesome, and I remember thinking the artwork would be the perfect job for you when viewing this movie in theater!

  2. That track would make a blank wall sexy.

  3. Daniel

    That was video is/was hot (pink)!

  4. lamarmotte

    Great video man! It’s nice to see the print job for this poster, a Heidelberg CD-74 with varnish group. Your work and your website is super cool :).
    Cheers from a French printerman-

  5. Great work. I loved the vide!

  6. Awesome stuff, sadly Im too late for one of those limited posters….Any plans for a normal run of posters?

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