Burton Kramer Film trailer

You don’t even know how excited I am to see this film. Burton Kramer. The man.

Kramer began working in the late 1950s and his work was prominent at Expo 67, where he designed the wayfinding system, among other contributions. His work from this period shows the influence of Op Art. He has pieces featured in the Smithsonian Institution and the Library of Congress. He is well known for designing the distinctive 1974 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation logo, consisting of a stylized letter “C” (for Canada) radiating in all directions, representing broadcasting. In 1966-67, he worked for Clairtone, including a redesign of the logo and other aspects of their graphic identity. In 1971, he designed the logo and corporate identity for the new Ontario Educational Communications Authority.

Coming in Spring, 2012. O Canada.


  1. Oh man…this looks absolutely fantastic, can’t wait!

  2. Sure – and the entire Kramer legacy was tarnished if not vitiated by his son’s complete sellout to the illegal-billboard industry. The only thing Kramer Design Associates is known for now is illegal billboards and the structures that hold them up.

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